Those sharp gazes were enough to say that he didn’t liked this colour. I put the dress back in the rack. I was totally confused now.

How can he glare at me?!

“Jagiya.. didn’t you like pink?” Jimin asked me while I was staring at Jungkook who just smirked at me.

“I-I.. just..”

I wonder if he keeps this behaviour around me, I won’t able to choose a perfect dress for the party.

“Yeona eonni, try this..” June said as she gave me a red dress. She came little closer to whisper something in my ears. “Jungkook oppa told you to try red.” I glance at him, he smiled as he mouthed for you.

My heart was pounding faster, what to do..?

“Jagiya, try this.. June choice is best.” Jimin said as he made me go for trial.

“Yeona, I’m sure you will love it.” Jungkook mumbled sweetly sends shivers down my spine.

After trial when I came out, I only saw Jungkook who was waiting for me. They left me again with him.

“Baby, I know you love red so much don’t go for any other.” Jungkook grabbed my hands as he moved to pay for the same dress.

“I didn’t agreed yet.” I stopped him.

Jungkook encircled his arms around my waist as he took me with him.

“Baby, just be yourself. Jimin hyung is not here.”

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