“Done with your shopping?” Jimin asked surprisingly from my back.

I swiftly free my hands from Jungkook’s hold.


“She needs matching stiletto.” Jungkook said as he hold my hands warmly again. My eyes widen as I watched him in disbelief.

“Jimin Oppa.. let’s eat pizza.” June tug on his arms as she pouted.

First, she wanted ice-cream and now pizza?!

“Jagiya, come and join us.” Jimin said while I felt Jungkook’s hands squeezes mine.

My heart clenched at the feeling.

“O-Oppa.. I--”

“Hyung, don’t worry. I’ll take her with me when we are once done.” Jungkook smiles.

Jimin was confused about Jungkook but let it slip away.

I was totally unsure of the situation which was getting troublesome.

“I love you, my jagi.” Jimin grins as he pecked on my cheeks before walking out with June.

I was totally frozen but soon got snapped out when I felt something brushes against my cheeks.

My eyes widen as I watched Jungkook wiping the same spot where Jimin just pecked.

“Baby, you’re only mine.. and I hate sharing.” Jungkook’s eyes were intensively at me.

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