“Look at me.” Jungkook said sweetly. “Baby look here..” I still looked away.

After shopping we were in the same restaurant, we used to come often in past.

Why did he brought me here?

“Baby don’t be mad at me. I told hyung that you will be safe with me.” His hands moves on the top of mine, “Baby.. are you going to reveal or should I?”

“What are you saying?” I asked.

Jungkook’s fingers intertwines with mine, I tried to pull my hands but he held me again.

“Me and you.”

“There’s nothing--”

“Baby we love eachother. You know that.” Jungkook said in his sweet voice.

I can’t even back away.

I love him.

I was deeply mesmerized in those eyes, his fingers softly traces my cheeks made my breath fasten than before..

I don’t want to leave him.

Suddenly, my phone rings interrupts our eye contact.

I saw the caller and it was.. Jimin.

Again, I fall back.

“No, it’s over.” I stated.

I backed away from him but soon he holds my hands again in his.. those eyes were shone the true love for me.

“You can’t get over me.” His hold tightens around my hands.

My heart was aching painfully but I can’t do anything.

“No, Jungko--”

“Honey.. call me honey again.” The way he begins to ask me, my heart shatter away. “It’s been long baby. I want to hear your voice that wants me.”

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