“Jagiya.. why are you crying?” Jimin asked me worriedly while I quickly wiped my tears, “Are you fine?”

“N-Nothing..” I stood up from my seat, “I-I’ll be back in few minutes.” Without wasting a second I ran towards the restroom.

I don’t know, how long I will able to keep this feelings?

Even if I want to.. I can’t erase.

I splash some water on my face, I hold the edge of the counter.

Baby, come back.

I won’t leave you alone.

It’s hard to go back.

I can’t just move back even if you say that you will make alright.

“Yeona Unnie.. are you fine?” June came worriedly, “Jungkook Oppa told me to look for you.”

“Go. J-Just go.. I’m fine.” I said.

“But.. Unnie.”

“T-Tell him that.. I’ve.. m-moved on. T-Tell him that I.. I don’t n-need him.. p-please, stop bothering me.” I sobbed.

“Why don’t you give one chance to my Oppa? He will love you with his every breath, he will protect you as his own life, he will do anything for you.”

“Stop it, June!” I exclaimed.

“You shouldn’t Unnie.” She turned around to left me.

“June, I’m sorry but I can’t.” I mumbled as I cried out, “I can’t June...”

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