The flaw in the plan

Chapter 2 - Friends

Bellatrix, as Lucy Prentiss, went to the train station the next day by herself. The girl's parents were already dead too.

Lucy was a very beautiful girl. She looked a little like Bellatrix herself when she was that age. 'I have to find Potter and find a way to talk to him.' Bellatrix thought, looking around.
 As she got closer to the train, she took a sip of the polyjuice potion.
That’s when she found him. He was talking to his friends while entering the train.

Smiling, Bellatrix followed them. The trio entered an empty cabin, so she pretended to be looking for one herself, but she came back a few minutes later, suppressing a mischievous smile before entering.

"I'm sorry. There aren't any other cabins that are free. May I stay here?" She asked as politely as she could, with an innocent smile on her face.

The redhead blushed a deep shade of red and mumbled something incoherent. Potter smiled gently and nodded. The bushy haired girl looked at her redhead friend and rolled her eyes.

"Yes, sure! Here, have a sit." The girl answered, smiling gently and pointing to the seat next to hers. "Thank you!" Bellatrix said, sitting on the offered place.

They stayed silent for a few seconds.

"Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't even introduce myself! My name is Prentiss. Lucy Prentiss. Pleased to meet you!" Bellatrix said.

"Hi, I'm Harry, Harry Potter." Harry smiled.

"R-Ronald W-weasl-ley!" Ron said, still blushing.

"Hermione Granger! Nice to meet you!" Hermione answered.

The trio looked uncomfortable with her there. She pretended not to notice that. She had to stay and become close to them.

"So, you're from Gryffindor too, right?" Bellatrix asked.

"Yes, we are. Are you from Gryffindor too? I've never seen you before." Harry replied.

"Yeah, I'm in the last year now!" Bellatrix answered.

"Really? That's fascinating! Congratulations! Do you know what are you going to do when you graduate?" A very excited Hermione asked.

'Kill the three of you.' Bellatrix thought "Oh, I don't really know! There are so many options!" She answered.

"Yes, I know what you mean! I'm not sure either. But I've got a lot of time. You too, right? You still have the whole year to decide." Hermione said, smiling gently.

'I can't believe I have to talk to this mudblood. Oh, but I do everything for my lord.' Bellatrix thought.

They spent the rest of the trip talking. Ron, after some time, finally got back his ability to talk and joined the conversation. The trio liked the new girl, not aware she was a dangerous death eater.

When they arrived at Hogwarts and went to the Great Hall, Lucy joined them again.

"Welcome! Welcome again, old students and just welcome, new students!" Dumbledore said "Now, I won't keep you too long because I know you want to eat the delici..."

At that moment, somebody made a very strange noise. It sounded like a cough.

Dumbledore and all the people that were in the hall looked surprised. A woman that looked like a big pink frog stood up and smiled.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, professor Dumbledore, but I want to say something." The woman said. Her voice was really annoying.

Then she started to say a lot of things. Nobody really listened. Bellatrix only listened with half of her attention. The other half was on the girl in front of her: Hermione. She was paying attention to every word the woman said. That intrigued her.

An hour later, when the pink frog finally finished talking, they started eating. They all looked very happy that they could finally eat, but Hermione had a big frown on her face.

"Hey, Hermione, what happened?" Harry asked, looking at his friend.

"Didn't you hear what she just said?" Hermione replied, sipping her pumpkin juice "The ministry is interfering in Hogwarts..."

Hearing what Hermione just said, Bellatrix got really surprised. The girl sounded pretty smart. But that couldn't happen. She was a mudblood. She could never be a good witch.

But soon she found out she was very wrong. As she talked to the people there, she discovered that Hermione was the brightest witch of her age.

She started to hang out with the trio and it all became even easier when she found out by reading the girl's diary that Lucy was also a bookworm. But, unlike Hermione, she had no social life at all, and had no friends.

"Hey! Hermione, why are you up so late?" Bellatrix asked one day when she spotted the girl sitting by herself on a table at the corner of the library.

"Oh, hey Lucy!" Hermione greeted her "I was just studying for a transfiguration test we have tomorrow. I was practicing the spell to change a rat into a table. I still can't get the right color, though."

"What do you mean?" Bellatrix asked.

"It turns yellow for some reason. It should be brown, like real wood, right?" Hermione asked, sounding frustrated.

"Hmm... But I don't think this spell is for fifth years. Is it?" Bellatrix asked.

"No, it isn't. But I thought it would be interesting, so I was trying. Let me show you." Hermione said, getting a rat and putting it on the floor.

She cast the spell and the rat was immediately transformed into a yellow table.

"See? It turns yellow!" Hermione said, angry and frustrated.

"Yes, this spell is very tricky. Here, let me show you." Bellatrix said.

Lucy did a complicated movement with her wand and said the spell. The rat turned into a perfect brown table.

"See? You have to do it a little bit faster. Just a little, your spell is almost perfect." Bellatrix said.

"Thanks. Let me try again." Hermione answered, concentrating hard.
 The table turned green.
"Bloody hell! Why can't I do this?" The girl was almost on fire now.

Bellatrix chuckled softly and went behind Hermione.
"Here, let me help you." Bellatrix said, grabbing the girl's hand.

When she touched the girl, she felt like electricity was running through her body. Trying to ignore that, she did the movement holding Hermione's hand.

"Did you get it?" Bellatrix whispered in the other girl's ear.

"Y-yeah. T-thanks..." Hermione answered, her face still a little red, but now for another reason. Bellatrix let go of Hermione feeling really confused. What did she just do? What happened? "W-well, it's late. I should go to the common room." Hermione said, gathering all her books. "Yeah, I should go too. Shall we?" Bellatrix said.

The walk back to the common room was awkward. They were both thinking about the moment they just shared.

But Bellatrix was even more confused. She was not feeling disgusted or anything for touching the mudblood. She was not finding any difficulty to befriend the girl.

'What's happening? I felt like I needed to touch her. She looked so cute. Wait! What the hell am I thinking?' Bellatrix thought, already on her bed. 'She is a mudblood. I'll kill her after I get Potter. Right now I only have to think about my plan. I need to seduce potter, date him and take him to the dark lord.'

Thinking about that, she fell asleep. But she dreamed about a certain bushy haired girl.

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