The flaw in the plan

Chapter 3 - Detention

A few months after the classes started, Lucy became good friends with Harry, Hermione and Ron. She was trying to avoid being alone with Hermione, though.

She couldn't understand what she was feeling for the girl. She was supposed to hate her! But she didn't. The girl was smart and fun to be around.

How could that be? Wasn't she a mudblood?

She had to stop thinking about that. She had a mission to accomplish.

"Hey, Harry! Your hair looks so nice today. What did you do?" Lucy asked sweetly.

"Oh... Nothing." Harry answered, blushing a little. "It never gets straight. It's all messed up."

"I like it." Lucy replied, smiling. "I think it's sexy..."

Now the boy was really embarrassed, blushing like crazy.

Smiling at the reaction, Lucy hugged him from behind. "I'm sorry if I embarrassed you, but you're hot, Harry." She said.

Bellatrix knew she was being very forward. But that was what she had to do. Harry would fall for her.

He would.

At that moment, Umbridge, the defense against the dark arts teacher, approached them. "It's forbidden to flirt in the hallways. You should know that." She said, smiling that sick sweet smile of hers "I'm going to take a hundred points from Gryffindor for your behavior."

"Hey! That's not fair!" Bellatrix complained angrily.

"You can't talk to me like that! I decide what's fair and what's not!" Umbridge replied. "You'll have detention with me tonight at eight o'clock. Don't be late or I'll take another hundred points."

"You can't do that! She did nothing wrong!" Harry said. Anger was evident in his voice. "You too. Eight o'clock at my office." She said and left.
"That bitch!" Lucy cursed. "Oops! Sorry about that."

"Don't worry. She really is a bitch." Ron agreed.

Hermione stood there watching them quietly. She looked worried tough.

"You guys should be careful. Who knows what kind of detention she will give you." Hermione warned.

"Don't worry. We'll just do whatever she wants and we tell you about it later, alright?" Harry replied.

Bellatrix didn't think that that was a big deal. Just a detention with the frog woman, so what? It couldn't be that bad.

But she was wrong. She got at Umbridge's office at eight with Harry and knocked. The professor answered the door and smiled at them.

"Come in and sit down." She instructed.
 They did as they were told. They saw a feather and a piece of paper. "Now write: 'I must not defy my teachers.'" She commanded.

Laughing internally about that ridiculous thing, Lucy did that. But the moment the feather touched the paper, she felt a sharp pain on her hand. As she wrote, the words were written on the back of her hand as well.

The anger she felt for that woman was growing with every word she wrote. But neither she or Harry gave in. They wrote as many times as Umbridge wanted.

They left an hour later. Her hand and Harry's were bloody.

When they reached the common room, Harry went straight to his bedroom, and Lucy went to hers. When she got there, she had a surprise.

"Hey, what are you doing here up so late?" Lucy asked.
"I was waiting for you. I was worried. What happened there?" Hermione asked.
 "Nothing much. We just had to write some stuff." Lucy answered.
 Hermione looked at her and noticed that the other girl was holding her hand. "What do you have in your hand?"

"Nothing..." She lied.

"Let me see." Hermione said grabbing Lucy's hand.

Bellatrix tried to resist, but Hermione managed to see it. Her eyes opened wild.

"That monster! She can't do this!" Hermione said indignantly.

Lucy felt humiliated. How did she let some stupid witch do that to her? She was Bellatrix Lestrange! One of the most powerful witches of all time! And now the mudblood had seen the humiliating wound.

"We have to complain to Dumbledore! Let's go to the Hospital Wing." Hermione said.

"No!" Lucy replied immediately. She couldn't be more humiliated. "It's okay! I don't want to give her the pleasure."

"Come on, Lucy! She can't do this!" Hermione complained.

"It's okay, Hermione. Let it go." Lucy tried to convince her friend.

The bushy haired girl didn't want to let it go. But after looking into Lucy's pleading eyes, she calmed down and grabbed something from her pocket.

"I was practicing potions and this one is really good to help healing wounds and it eases the pain." She said, opening the vial and pouring some into her own hand. "Here..."

She gently grabbed Lucy's hand and rubbed the potion there. Bellatrix moaned, feeling all the pain go away.

"T-thank you..." Bellatrix whispered.

"No problem. Get some sleep, then. Goodnight." Hermione replied giving Lucy a small smile before going to her dormitory.

Bellatrix gently touched where Hermione's hand had just been.

'Her hands are so soft.' Bellatrix thought. 'Stop it! She is a mudblood. She is scum. And for heaven's sake, she is a fucking girl! A teenage girl!'

But she couldn't sleep that night. She needed to take Hermione off her head.

The next morning, Lucy was feeling like crap because of the lack of sleep. She went to the great hall to have breakfast anyway.

When she got there, Harry and his friends were already eating. They were discussing something.

"Morning, guys." Lucy said.

"Hey, Lucy. What happened? You look like crap." Ron asked.

"Nothing. Couldn't sleep very well. I was worried about a test I have today." She lied. "What were you guys arguing about?"

"They are trashing Harry again on the papers. They are saying he's gone mad or something." Hermione answered.

"I don't understand! Why is it so hard to believe that Voldemort is back? He is back! I saw him! I'm not mad!" Harry said.

"We know Harry, but they don't want to believe he is back. They don't want to live in terror again." Hermione replied.

Bellatrix had to hold herself so that she didn't beat him. How did he dare to call the dark lord by his name?

"I'll be right back." Harry said getting up and leaving the hall.

"What happened?" Lucy asked.

"He's angry about all of this. Who wouldn't? They are calling him crazy because he is telling the truth!" Ron said, still eating.

"Hmm... Maybe I should go and try to calm him down?" Lucy said.

"Hey, Lucy, I don't want to hurt your feelings or anything, but Harry kind of likes another girl, you know." Ron said.

Bellatrix was surprised.

"Another girl? Who?" Lucy asked.

"Cho Chang." Ron answered "She is from Ravenclaw. Harry's had a crush on her for a while now."

Bellatrix was really surprised. She could never have thought that she would have to fight for Harry. That was going to be a longer year than she thought.

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