The flaw in the plan

Chapter 5 - The Ministry

About a month later, Voldemort decided it was time to act.

He sent Harry a vision where he was torturing Sirius at the department of mysteries, so Bellatrix and almost all of the death eaters went there and waited. They saw when Harry arrived. They didn't know there would be that many people there though.

When Bellatrix saw Hermione her heart skipped a beat. She would have to fight her and the girl would probably get killed.

The moment Harry got the prophecy, Lucius immediately came out of hiding and confronted him. "Give me the prophecy, Potter." Malfoy ordered. 
The group immediately looked at him with their wands up.
"Where's Sirius? "Harry asked holding the prophecy.

"Where's Sirius? " Bellatrix repeated mockingly. "Oh, you stupid fool."

"Where's him? I know you have him here! I won't let you kill him! You've already killed our friend Lucy, you won't kill anyone else!" Harry said angrily.

Bellatrix was surprised. They thought that they had killed Lucy, and that was the reason she didn't go back to school.

"Yeah, we really killed her. But was she your friend? Really?" Lucius laughed. "Now give me the prophecy."

Bellatrix looked at Hermione. She looked so afraid. She just wanted to hug her and tell her everything was going to be okay. But she couldn't. She had to... kill her.

"Tell me where Sirius is." Harry repeated.

"Oh, still thinking about it?" Lucius mocked. "He is not here! You believed in that illusion and came here! So, Potter, hand me the prophecy and we let you go."

"You are lying! I saw it!" Harry replied.

"You are a fool, Potter." Lucius laughed. "Give me the prophecy and everyone can go peacefully."

"Now!" Harry screamed.

All of the young witches and wizards there shot spells at the prophecies on the shelters and ran. It was chaos.

Bellatrix tried to follow the students but they were fast and they were shooting spells all over the place so it was very difficult to see them.

She heard Lucius screaming something about not hurting the boy. She didn't care about him. She just hoped Hermione would be fine.

After a long chase, they finally got them. They got trapped in a room and there was nowhere to run to. "Now, Potter. Give me the prophecy." Lucius said.
 At that time, Bellatrix realized that the boy next to Harry was Neville Longbotton. 
"Oh, you're Longbotton, right? I've met you're parents, kid." Bellatrix said with an evil smile.

"I'm sure you did." He answered. His voice was full of anger.

"So, how about I give you a taste of what they felt? Or Potter could just give us the prophecy." Bellatrix said.

When they didn't answer, Bellatrix stepped forward. "Crucio!" Neville then fell on the floor and started to scream in agonizing pain. "Give us the prophecy." Bellatrix said when she stopped the spell. "No Harry! Don't give it to her!" Neville screamed.
 "Shut up! Crucio!" Bellatrix yelled.

At that moment, Bellatrix's eyes found Hermione's. The girl looked scared and really disgusted by her. The older witch also noticed she had blood on her face and on her body. She could only hope she was not severely hurt.

"Give me the prophecy or you will see your friend go mad before he dies." Lucius threatened. Seeing no other choice, Harry offered the small ball to Lucius, who reached out to get it. "Stop right there!" Someone said.

Some of the order of phoenix members arrived and started attacking the death eaters. Bellatrix started to fight her niece first. She had never even met her, but she knew who she was. When she finally hit her and the young auror fell, she moved on to Sirius, her cousin.

"Is that all you can do, little cousin?" He provoked.

Bellatrix got mad at that and shot a killing spell that hit him straight in his chest. He fell into the veil and vanished. She looked around to try to find Hermione and see if she as okay, but she couldn't see her.

She started to run to the other side of the room to try to spot her, but she heard footsteps behind her and realized she was being followed. She looked back and saw Potter running after her.

"Oh, baby Potter wants to kill me? Just because I killed your dear godfather?" Bellatrix mocked, still running.

"Shut up!" He screamed.

Bellatrix started to lure Harry out of the room, and when they reached the lobby of the ministry, Bellatrix stopped and looked at Harry.

"Oh, poor Potter. Lost the last of your family?" Bellatrix said in a baby voice.

"Shut up! Crucio!" He yelled.

Bellatrix felt a sharp pain for one second, but then it was gone. She was really surprised that the boy tried to use an unforgivable curse.

"Oh, Potter, you don't know how to cast an unforgivable curse, do you? You need to mean it, you need to really want to cause pain or you won't be able to do it. Justified rage is not enough." She said, her voice normal now. "Let me show you how it's done. Crucio!"

But the boy was fast and dodged it.

"Give me the prophecy Potter!" Bellatrix screamed between spells. "It broke! It doesn't exist anymore!" Harry screamed back.

At that moment, Bellatrix almost fainted. If that was true, she was screwed. The dark lord would kill her.

"You're lying!" She yelled.

"No! I'm not! And he knows! He is not happy!" Harry said. 
Then Voldemort appeared. He was really angry. Bellatrix threw herself at his feet. 
"My lord! Please! Forgive me! I couldn't prevent him from destroying it!" Bellatrix apologized.

"Bella, you really disappointed me." He said. "Go back and I'll deal with you later."

"But, my lord..." Bellatrix tried to argue.

"No, Bella. Go." His voice was dangerous.
 So she did as she was told and went back to the Manor.
 Yes, she was really screwed.

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