The flaw in the plan

Chapter 6 - The truth

After the whole department of mysteries fiasco, Bellatrix and all the others death eaters were severely punished. They were not allowed to get out of the Manor for almost the whole year. At the end of it, though, they had to go to Hogwarts to assassinate Dumbledore. Bellatrix hoped she would get at least a glimpse of Hermione, but, unfortunately, she didn't.

With Dumbledore gone, they took over the Ministry and now they were not wanted anymore, but Potter and his friends were. They didn't go back to school and they thought they were hiding somewhere.

The death eaters knew that Harry was not alone because of an invasion of the ministry where Harry and two others (who Bellatrix guessed who they were) went to the ministry for an unknown reason.

About two months later, Bellatrix was staying at the Manor together with Lucius and Narcissa. The others were back at their own houses and Voldemort was overseas.

She was resting on her bedroom and she heard excited voices coming from the living room. "Bella! Good, you're here! Look! I think we got Potter and his friends!" Lucius said excitedly.

Bellatrix then looked at the three people on the floor. They were covered in mud, but she could recognize that face anywhere.

"But this is certainly Granger." Bellatrix said, trying to hide her concern. "Yes! And this is Weasley and that's Potter! They have to be!" Lucius said.

"If that's so, the Dark Lord must be informed at once!" Bellatrix said, pulling up her sleeve to reveal her dark mark, hesitating when she thought about the consequences of summoning the Dark Lord.

Luckily, no one noticed her hesitation because Lucius grabbed her arm.
"No! I was about to call him! I have the right to do it! It's my house!" Lucius said.

She was about to argue with Lucius to try to get more time for her to think about what to do when something caught Bellatrix's eye.

"What's that?" She asked looking at a sword that Greyback was holding. "That sword was supposed to be on my vault!"

"They had it. We just got it from their tent." The werewolf answered.

"Impossible. They couldn't have broken into my vault!" Bellatrix replied, turning to look at the three teenagers. "How did you get it?"

But none of them answered her.

"Won't answer me, huh?" Bellatrix said. "Take them downstairs! Lock them up! All of them. Except... Except the mudblood."

Greyback and two others grabbed Harry and Ron and took them downstairs. Ron, though, was desperate.

"No! Please! Take me! Let her go! Hermione!" He kept screaming.

Bellatrix felt such jealousy that she considered killing the boy right there. Were they dating? Was that the reason he was so desperate?

"Leave me alone with her. I'll make her talk." Bellatrix commanded.

"This is my house, Bellatrix! You can't tell me what to do!" Lucius replied.

"Leave me or the dark lord will punish us all! I need to know how they broke into my vault! Leave and don't interrupt me." The witch said. She was as angry as her brother in law.

Cursing, Lucius left the room with all the others that were there. Bellatrix shot a silence and locking spell on the door and then she looked at the poor teenager sitting on the floor.

She inhaled deeply before beginning.

"Tell me. Where did you get that sword? Did you break into my vault?" Bellatrix asked. She tried to keep her voice cold and threatening, but it was shaking. Hermione interpreted it as anger.

"W-we didn't! We f-found that sword." Hermione lied, afraid of what would happen to her. 
It broke her heart to see Hermione so scared of her. But she had to forget those feelings. Hermione was a mudblood. Mudblood. She kept repeating that word in her mind.

"Don't lie to me." Bellatrix said, pointing her wand towards Hermione.

"I'm not! We found it! Please." She begged.
 Bellatrix knew what she had to do. Closing her eyes, she tried to picture someone else in front of her. "You're lying! Crucio!" The older witch yelled.

The poor girl screamed hard. The pain was horrible. But Bellatrix couldn't keep the spell for long. Hearing Hermione scream in pain hurt Bellatrix so much she almost cried.

"Tell me. Where did you find the sword?" She asked again. "We found it! Please. P-please." Hermione was crying now.

Bellatrix couldn't help herself anymore. There was no way she could hurt the younger witch again. Her heart was screaming at her to let Hermione go.

"Tell me... Don't make me hurt you anymore." Bellatrix whispered to the girl. Hermione looked at her surprised.

"As if you d-don't enj-joy it." Hermione replied. "You're a m-monster. Y-you tortured N-nevile's p- parent-ts. Killed Sir-rius. You probably k-killed L-Lucy too."

Bellatrix crouched and looked at Hermione in the eyes. She could see hatred in them mixed with fear. "Did you like this Lucy?" Bellatrix asked.
 Hermione looked surprised by that question.
"Of c-course I did! S-she was my friend." Hermione answered.

"Really? Weren't you disgusted by what she did to you before she left?" Bellatrix asked. Now Hermione looked really surprised.
"H-how do you...?"

"She was part of the Dark Lord's plan. He wanted her to seduce Potter and lure him to the department. But the Dark Lord decided it would be better to send Potter the visions and summoned her back." Bellatrix explained.

"S-she was working for you? No! She was a student there. You must have used imperius on her. No, it c-can't be. She would have tried to resist, and at least for one moment she would act weird. That means... No! A d-death eater used polyjuice potion?" Hermione asked, horrified.

Bellatrix smiled.
"You really are brilliant, Granger."
"W-who...?" Hermione asked, afraid of the answer.

Bellatrix then stood up and went behind Hermione, sitting behind the young witch. Then she gently grabbed the girl's hand and made a known movement in the air.

"Such a shame we don't have a rat here to practice..." Bellatrix whispered on Hermione's ear. Bellatrix could feel the younger girl shaking.
"N-no! No...W-why?" Hermione asked. Tears were streaming down her face.
"Why what?" The older witch whispered.

"Why d-did you do that to me?! Why did you k-kiss me and l-left wit-thout any explanat-tion?"

Bellatrix gently turned Hermione around so that the girl would be facing her. She took a deep breath and decided to tell the truth. She knew she could never hurt Hermione again. Not even lie to her.

"I never meant to kiss you like that. I just got so desperate thinking that I would never ever have the chance to talk to you and touch you again. I... Fell in love with you. I just wanted to kiss you once."

Hermione never expected to hear that. She was now completely shocked.

"I... I can't believ-ve this." Hermione laughed a bit without emotion. "I've fallen in l-love with a girl t- that never existed."

Now it was Bellatrix's turn to get surprised.

"You broke my heart when you left like that. I thought... I thought I kissed you so badly that you left! I spent the whole week after that figuring out my feelings, I realized that I loved you and when you didn't come back, I started to think the most ridiculous things and now...!"

Bellatrix didn't know what to say. Hermione was crying hard now.

"I... I'm sorry! I never meant to hurt you! I love you, Hermione." Bellatrix said.

"How can you say you love me?" Hermione asked. "You were just torturing me, you played with my heart making me fall in love with a girl that doesn't exist, you hate me just because I'm a mudblood."

"No, Hermione, stop! When I hurt you I felt my heart shatter, when I kissed you... I felt like I could even go against my lord to be with you! I could never hate you! I'm sorry I fooled you... But I'm Lucy, Hermione, I'm her." Bellatrix replied.

Then the older witch conjured a tissue and wiped Hermione's tears. "You are so beautiful... I'm sorry I hurt you. I didn't mean to."

The younger girl looked at the death eater and there was no way to deny the love the student had for that woman. Even if she knew it was wrong. Even after everything the other woman had done.

They were staring at each other intensely, and their faces were getting closer. When their lips were almost touching, Hermione hesitated. Bellatrix could see the emotions on Hermione's eyes. Fear and doubt, but love was there too. The death eater then closed her eyes and kissed the young girl. Hermione's mouth tasted like heaven to Bellatrix.

When they pulled apart, Hermione looked shyly at Bellatrix.

"I... I've never forgotten that kiss. It was my first kiss. And this... Is the second one." Revealed the girl.

Bellatrix smiled at her kindly.

"Are... Are you going to kill me?" Hermione asked, looking down at the floor.

"No! What made you think that?" The death eater asked, surprised.

"I'm a mudblood and a close friend of Harry Potter. I'm sure Voldemort won't accept this."

Bellatrix put her hand gently on Hermione's chin and lifted her face to look at her in the eyes. She wanted Hermione to see how much she loved her.

"That's true, but I don't care. I just want to be with you... If you let me." Then Hermione's expression became very serious.

"I don't think I can forgive you for what you did to Sirius... And I will never get over what you did to Neville's parents. But..."

Bellatrix's heart was beating hard and fast.
"But I love you." Hermione finished, blushing. Bellatrix smiled, relieved, and they kissed once more.

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