The flaw in the plan

Chapter 8 - In the end

Bellatrix couldn't feel any more desperation. Where was Hermione? She was running around the halls of Hogwarts, but her love was nowhere to be seen. While she protected the girl from some attacks, she lost sight of her.

She was using polyjuice potion, disguising herself as Lucy again. No one would notice her while so many battles were taking place. She killed some of her old colleagues and kept looking for Hermione.

When she ran outside of the castle, she found Hermione. She was fighting her ex-husband. She sent a killing curse his way, and when he fell, Hermione immediately looked up and found her love's eyes. They looked at each other for a few seconds, when they heard Voldemort announce Potter's death.

Hermione couldn't be more desperate. She started crying and Bellatrix ran to her, to comfort her. "It'll be okay, my love." Bellatrix whispered, holding Hermione.

"Oh, look, if it isn't my former loyal death eater." Voldemort was now looking directly at them. "I knew that you couldn't have been killed by something like that potion, Bella. You disappointed me. All of this so that you could be with this... Mudblood." He looked disgusted.

"Don't call her that." Bellatrix replied harshly, still holding Hermione.

"Oh, so now you are a fan of mudbloods too, huh?" He hissed. "But, I'm so happy today that I will offer you forgiveness, Bella. Come back to our side and you can live. I don't want to waste pureblood lives. I can forgive all other purebloods here too."

For a moment, Hermione was sure that Bellatrix would leave her. But, for her surprise, she only held her tighter.

"Fools." Voldemort was about to cast a spell when Potter suddenly was up and throwing spells at him again.

"I thought you would leave me." Hermione confessed while looking in the eyes of the older witch. "I would never leave you, Hermione." Bellatrix replied.

Then they gave their attention to the battle happening in front of them. Harry's wand was connected to Voldemort's. And Harry was winning.

Soon, Voldemort was down. People couldn't believe that it was finally over.

At that moment, Bellatrix started to turn back in her real form. Everyone was so happy that Voldemort was finally dead, that no one paid any attention to the couple.

"What will happen now, Bella?" Hermione asked.

"Now we will be together." She replied simply.

"But... They will probably put you back in Azkaban." Hermione was fearful.

Bellatrix smiled sadly. "Let's not worry about this now, okay? We will find a way."

She kissed her lover with everything she had. She knew things were going to be difficult. She knew the whole world would be against their relationship. But she would fight. She would do whatever it took to be with Hermione. And she knew that no matter what happened, they would always be together.

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