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Behind Bars


Prison guard Jeon Jeon Jungkook's life gets turned around when infamous inmate named Park Jimin gets transferred to his prison.

Adventure / Action
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Chapter One

The sun beamed down hot as hell this one summer morning, several correctional officers stood outside by the gates of the giant prison. Their eyes directly on the long narrow road, searching for the bus that would soon be bringing in new inmates to watch over.

This prison in particular was where the most dangerous inmates were being held, some awaiting death row and some severing out a life sentence.

Jeon Jungkook is the prison's correctional officer supervisor, after working there for several years and showing the best code of conduct he was promoted just last month.

Jungkook took his job very seriously, he made sure the inmates human rights weren't being violated, he devoted his time to providing recreational activities for the inmates to ensure the inmates didn't become more violent due to boredom.

Jungkook was the star employee and nothing could ruin his career, well nothing except this one very inmate that was just a mile away.

"Damn, it's hot as fuck out here! My balls are sweating!" Shouted a guard wiping at his forehead, and adjusting his crotch area on top of his uniform. He earned a few comments and chuckles from the other employees, all of them relaxing their positions and becoming rowdy.

"Settle down! Just a few more minutes, everyone get ready. You never know if any of those inmates are armed. Be on alert!" Jungkook commanded in his stern voice making all his guards quiet down, they stood tall and vigilant watching the empty road in front of them.

Soon after what felt like hours a small, old gray bus began pulling up in front of the prison. Two guards stepped out, each standing on the opposite of the bus, one was holding a handgun while the other held a clipboard taking roll as the inmates followed behind, one by one. Each stating their name and scowling at the guards they were departing with.

Jungkook sighed internally while his eyes scanned them all, he was looking for the one inmate he'd have to watch over like hawk because word around the cells was that they were getting the most violent, dangerous criminal of them all. And lucky Jungkook being the best guard they had was given the job to ensure he didn't commit any more crimes while he was there.

This one inmate has just been given a life sentence in prison, with no chance of ever having the sense of being released which is why he was being transferred to Jungkook's domain. In the folder that Jungkook studied he learned that this inmate killed two guards and 3 inmates in a span of 6 months while he resided at the previous penitentiary he was caged in.

It baffled Jungkook and as he read more he concluded that each one of the incidents seemed to be the fault of the jail for being so careless. They weren't following protocols correctly, weren't carrying out punishments accordingly and Jungkook vowed to himself that he would not make the same mistakes as they did, he was not going to allow for a inmate to manipulate him.

Jungkook was quite upset when he learned that the inmate would have special privileges, his own private cell that really didn't even resemble a cell at all, also he wouldn't even have cellmate he'd have the entire damn room to himself. He confronted the ward that day who simply shrugged and counted the mysterious loads of cash that he held in his hands and at this point Jungkook knew that the inmate arranged all this somehow.

The tall, muscular guard shook his previous thoughts away and resumed his reality, searching for all the possible dangerous men, dreading having to deal with him on the daily. Jungkook saw several men ranging in all ages and sizes, some completely covered in tattoos with delirious look on their faces, some scrawny with timid eyes, half clearly innocent and half very much guilty.

Finally, the last male climbed out of the bus with two more guards towering over his petite figure, they helped him hop off the last step since the tiny inmate was dragging shackles around his ankles. His hands were also cuffed, just like everyone else's, he held a devious smirk on his pretty, delicate smooth face as he spoke his name. "Park Jimin."

"What? That's the Park Jimin? He can't be the dangerous inmate! I could definitely pin him down in one second no questions asked!" Jungkook said to himself, chuckling at the man's unintimidating physique.

A wave of whistles and catcalls could be heard as he walked past the prison courtyard. All the inmates that were outside during recreation time were leaning against the fence, desiring to get their rough murderous hands on the sexy little inmate that was saved for last. Jimin let out a soft giggle, he stopped walking and gave the men a little twirl, showing off all his lovely curves that his tight fitted jumpsuit allowed.

"Keep it moving!" One of the guards shouted, he pushed the inmate forward and Jimin slowly turned his head, a deadly look on his face at first but as he eyed the guard up and down a sly smile spread upon it.

"Don't be mad baby, I know you'll miss hittin this." Jimin teased bringing his leg up, his knee softly brushing along the guards crotch and earning a small groan from him.

Jungkook was perplexed, he watched the flustered guard instantly blush red, and it wasn't because of the hot sun above them it was clear that this inmate had everyone kneeling to his every command. The tall, tan skinned guard cleared his throat and focused his attention elsewhere, "K-keep moving." He stuttered.

"Fine, fine, Taetae." Jimin sang resuming his walk towards the one correctional officer waiting for him at the gates to his new home. He set his eyes on Jungkook, and he found him so damn handsome, nicely polished raven hair, amazing sharp jaw line and those irresistible kissable slender lips. "My next victim." Jimin thought to himself internally.

Jungkook felt his knees nearly give out, his heart was nearly flat-lining when he saw Jimin's plump lips turn upward into a sweet smile, his eyes nearly invisible as his cheeks become more full. "How the fuck is he so beautiful?" The guard whispered under his breath, and almost a little to loud because Jimin released a melodic giggle right after.

"Welcome. Thank you." Jungkook stated, he had his focus on the other guard but his eyes continued shifting back and forth from the two males to Jimin's tiny self standing next to them.

"Yeah, well good luck with this one. There's a whole lot of crazy in him." The flustered guard from earlier said never letting his vision move towards Jungkook because they were dead set on Jimin's backside.

"Don't worry. I don't let myself get manipulated and wont allow any foolishness on my watch." Jungkook declared taking a hold of Jimin's wrist cuffs to have him enter the prison before sealing the doors shut once again.

Jungkook bowed to the guards who bowed back and began escorting the inmate indoors, back into the cool air conditioned setting because he was starting to blame his wild thoughts on the heat.

"He's a goner, ain't no way in hell anyone can resist Park Jimin." The guard named Taehyung exclaimed watching his favorite inmate leave with another handsome, potential prey that the notorious cunning prisoner was about to have his fun with.

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