The Gift of Love


Soaria is a young werewolf who has to marry a cruel and an old Alpha. Being stubborn as she is and never listening to him she gets into a trouble a lot of times. But maybe marrying him wasn't as bad thing as she thought. After all when one night she runs away with her best friend Callista to explore the land she is now living in, they get to a big trouble that is coming their way. A hurricane that has killed most of the Alpha community to get to a killer of his family is now comming to her pack. Named after the king of hell is suited just for him. But what happens when he is ready to attack her pack and she with her friend jumps into the middle of the war. After being shot for her friend the huricane named after the king of hell realizes she is his mate? Will he fall for the mate bond? Or fight it knowing that she will once become his weakness?

Fantasy / Romance
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Part One - The Beginning

Hi, I know I haven’t written anything in a long time, and I am really upset of the way I was lazy and always put my story on this platform on another track, so I took the old story and I will write it as the last story of this series, and made a new start that felt right for me. But a little remark that I want to say, and I hope you respect it. This story is originaly written in my language, and my language is a lot harder to translate into English and translator doesn’t translate it into a perfect English, and then I need to rewrite most of the chapters so the sentences would sound somehow normall. And English is a language I learned to speak in a month but writting is one of a hell problem for me so I am still learning. If my grammar somehow makes you mad then I am sorry I will be trying hard to make it much better but I am not perfect. To the people that respects my problem and they read it without trying to get me to stop writting this just because I don’t have the best grammar I thank you a lot. So I said everytging I wanted and we can go onto the chapter hope you like it and write some comment so I know what do you like or diselike.

I walk down a gloomy corridor next to the lit torches of our winter castle.

Darkness and darkness are the same but different thing. Darkness is a pain that writhes us like a snake and never leaves. It is here with us when we are born and even when we die. You can fall into it and not get out, but you can wake up and learn from it. It teaches us forgiveness but also pain, loss or hope, but above all it puts us ahead of exams. However, not in any tests or even tests of our reason. These are exams to teach us to live. Exams in which we either learn something new or forgive someone and forget about old disagreements and lies. These Trials seem like a good and useful thing, despite the fact that darkness is a lonely and gloomy place for us.

Darkness is here, however, as the decoration in the night sky where it lets millions of shining stars light up on itself just so that someone notices it, as beautiful and respected as her brother the light that receives attention for eighteen hours a day. Since during the evening part of the day, everyone rushes to their beds just to see the light go out the next day, they will not see the moments when the darkness dresses in its starry habit and lets the stars play and chase through their entire infinite space. But no one will make the effort to look out the window during the night and see what a beautiful thing darkness is and what it can do.

My mother believed that there was nothing more beautiful in the world than the night itself during which darkness appeared. She talked about the darkness, until even the last spot of darkness did not go away and let the light shine. It is said that she was born during the deep night when her and my grandmother were wished by the stars and the darkness itself. Apparently the darkness came so close to her that one of the stars that the darkness held as one of the gifts for my mother grabbed her by the hair and slowly lost her radiance, which she gave to my mother as a gift in the form of bright snow-white hair. And so that the darkness would not be jealous, she cutted a piece of her robe and put it on mother’s eyes. The robe, like the star’s glow, evaporated not over her hair this time, but over her eyes. When my mother first opened her eyes, they were said to be so dark blue almost black that darkness itself had reason to look onto something during her lonely nights.

She saw herself in my mother, she saw something so innocent and full of love that she gave her the last thing before light and day could replace her. She made a small crown out of a few moon gems, which was wrapped around my mother’s head. However, at my grandmother’s request, the darkness had to turn the crown into a necklace with one moonstone. And why? My mother’s family was not a royal family, and at the time if someone who pretended to be someone of royal blood, he was punished by the death penalty and the whole family was sent into exile. That’s why she just gave my mother the name “Moon Lady” and after silence she went back to her place in the sky.

I don’t even notice, and I’m in front of the room of my two children, Angela and Damon. I hear them both quietly talking about their plan to steal all the honey cakes from the chef in the morning. I have to laugh quietly at their mischievous plan and knock slowly and quietly. I hear a small rustle in their room during which they try to get into their beds and clean up their mess or better said planning mess. I know that if I entered the bottom as soon as I knocked, I would catch them in the act and I want them to enjoy their childhood as much as possible until they are caught by the duties of the future king or queen of our pack.

When I can’t hear anything anymore, I slowly turn the head of the key and open the loud squeaking door. I can defend them if I would slept and this door would be opening it would wake me up. I enter inward and see how they try to look asleep. Angela chosed a position in which she was holding her blanket in a tight grip under her head. And as I see Damon didn’t have much time, he lay under his blanket so that his ass was built higher than his head and also higher than the barrel of the bed. I have to laugh at this too.

I go to their bed, and the closer I get to them, the better I hear their fast heartbeat, which is so different from the one that can be heard during their sleep.

“I know you’re not sleeping.” I’ll tell them whispering so no one in the house would hear me. They slowly peek out from under their blankets and look at me with a frightened look. “Don’t worry you two, I won’t tell your father anything if you promise to go and sleep now.” I put a little threatining tone at the end for them to realize that what I am saying is true and that there is a possibility that I will tell their father. They lie down quickly on the bed as they always lie when they have to go to bed and look at me with smiles on their faces.

“Mom, will you tell us a fairy tale before we go to bed?” They ask the dwellers with sparks of hope in their eyes and a smile that radiates our whole kingdom.

“Well, troublemakers, I’ll tell you a fairy tale, but promise me you’ll go to sleep then.” They quickly begin to nod with their small heads in agreement, while finding a pleasant place to rest.

“But tell us a story about Grandma!” Damon says with a raised finger to show me the seriousness of the situation. “Damon honey, I guess I told you everything about Grandma.” I would like to tell them something about their grandmother but I don’t know what. I told them what she was like, how she was born, what a wonderful mother she was and what fairy tales she told me.

" How did Grandpa and Grandma meet? “Angela asked with a smile. And I really only now realize that I never told them how Grandma met their Grandpa. I’ll go to one of their libraries and pick a big book.

“So kids, this is a story written by your grandmother about everything Grandma has experienced in her life from her childhood to my birth.” They look at each other and turn their eyes on me again with a begging look.

“But let me tell you, this tale is divided into several chapters. So every night I read you one part of this tale.” Angela and Damon sit down calmly and started listening to my mother’s story.

So this was the first chapter I hope you enjoed it and next chapters will be out next week before I will go on a vacation in my coutry, so I don't risk being infected with COVID-19, and I hope you will have a nice day.

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