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3 weeks?!? A daisuga story


Suga was crushing on daichi when daichi stays over for three weeks while sugar parents were out on a trip. What will happen?

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

" Koūshi sweetheart we are leaving now " I blushed at the nick name I gulped "o-ok bye mom bye Dad" I heard the door close and looked at my best friend volleyball captain and crush he knew how much I hated to be alone and how it makes my depression worse. He hugged me and asked if he could stay over for the three weeks I agreed instantly and he went home and got his stuff. I figured we don't have school since Corona so I could confess to him but he's the great daichi I'm just suga that one boy who everyone thinks is not going to date any one. "Suga suuga" he called I looked up " huh oh sorry daichi I spaced out. " " um ok where am I sleeping" oh right that. " we have a spare mattress in the basement" I went down to get it but it was gone I remembered that we got rid of it. I told daichi what happened.

I know it is super short trust me they will be longer


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