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Rise Of A New Age


A continuation of Dawn Of A New Age. Several years have past after the death of Baldur, the clan of Bloodmaw are having to survive much like everyone else. As the world around them continues to change, they also change in their views. The danger has grown greatly over the several years that have went by. The blind beasts are not the only issue, for the conscious of mind can prove that they are even more dangerous than the blind. Life is even more precious, and many individuals have to be careful on who they can trust. One simple mistake can be the difference in life or death.

Adventure / Action
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In this changing world of ours, we see many things. When we first open our eyes we see beauty, and take in our first ever breath. The sky is the first thing we see, the light blue color is so welcoming to us. Though we are invited into this life, we soon realize quickly that we are not welcomed here. Not for long.

In a split second our life can be taken, it matters not how strong you are.

Hatchlings are the first to realize this barbaric nature, being young and helpless does not help you survive. It makes you a target. Yes, it is rather cruel. Some see it as a abomination.

How is it a abomination? Well, think about it?

So many creatures who we live with, who we call blind, senselessly kill and they keep killing. It matters not if you are a male or female. Young or old. Herbivore or carnivore. To them you are a target, and like targets you are sought after.

This world is indeed cruel, but we have learned to cope with it. We had to adjust.

The sounds of the pterosaurs were loud in the humid air, the trees branches move soundlessly to the breeze. The sky held a bright light blue hue, the sun completely enveloped the lands below for it was giving off light as well as warmth.

Blind herbivores were making calls to others of their kind, the lands were clearly full of life.

Bloodmaw stood up tall within his clan, he was looking around keeping watch. His size was formidable, just like the crown upon his massive cranium. For many moons, he had led his clan with strength and wisdom.

The clan of Bloodmaw was thriving thanks to Bloodmaw and his strength. He looked around as everyone worked together to keep the clan up.

Dreadtooth's clan had really showed their strength, for no blind were able to come around Bloodmaw and his people. If anything, this was a peaceful time and they had Dreadtooth to thank for that.

Though, Bloodmaw still didn't trust Dreadtooth.

So many years went by like a simple breeze, and after all this time Bloodmaw still did not trust Dreadtooth.

The brute looked at Lesion who was a teen, his size was much larger than Swiftscale now. Grim did very good in teaching Lesion, for the teen could kill blind herbivores on his own.

Bloodmaw couldn't help but smile, he was proud of his son. Though Lesion still didn't talk to him. It was upsetting to see your child so closed off from everyone, but it couldn't be helped. Maybe one day, Lesion would forgive him.

Harmony smiled looking down at her two children who ran around playing, both girls of course. Lockjaw was a overprotective father, as to be expected from a large brute.

Swiftscale was teaching the new generation, like he had done with Lesion and Jr.

Bloodmaw smirked as he watched Swiftscale chase after the two daughters of Harmony and Lockjaw. The baryoynx was a teacher as well as a friend to the youth.

The wedding was slowly approaching, Bloodmaw knew this thanks to Dreadtooth who came by last night.

This wedding was going to be a big deal, he knew this because of how excited Dreadtooth was about it.

Was this going to be a good thing?

That he didn't know.

Bloodmaw looked over at Scarface who was returning from a hunt. That he of course snuck out too. Ruby simply didn't like Scarface going out on his own, she was worried that something would happen to him.

Of course Bloodmaw believed in Scarface, since he was an expert in hunting.

Ever since Jr had left to stay in Dreadtooth's clan, Bloodmaw has become increasingly worried about him. It was natural for him, being a father and all.

But leaving his son with Dreadtooth was something that he felt uncomfortable with. The brute was a hard character to read, but his views were drastically different from his own.

To simply see their own people as items was something so distasteful and horrible. Bloodmaw doubted if he could ever trust Dreadtooth.

Gambit had a good amount of herbs and Belle helped in that.

The raptor was a savior, his knowledge of wounds was what kept many of them alive. Belle was also very good at reading how many felt, just by looking at the eyes of one not feeling well she can determine what herb is needed and let Gambit know in advance. However, Gambit still hangs around Nina and almost always he gets stepped on by Adder.

Adder was helping in hunting, and he was very good at it. Grim, Lesion, Adder, and Scarface made a remarkable hunting team. They had captured a lot of food thanks to their skills.

Devastate was still at Bloodmaw's side, he helps watch over the clan.

Helm and Dingo were still scouts and on occasion Ebony will join them.

Bloodmaw looked at his clan with a great pride, things were good. For now.

With the wedding on the horizon, Bloodmaw didn't know how long things would remain good.

Heavy calls came out of the marsh, Sharpclaw's clan was stronger than ever now. Smaug was still leading the clan with Sharpclaw, and he still protected it from harm. The blind population was still high, but they haven't been attacking the clan as much.

The teen rex they had captured finally spoke up after a long time in trying to break him. He was not much of a teen now for he has grown up into a young adult. Sharpclaw decided to make a deal with him, and what was surprising was that the rex accepted the deal.

Dreadtooth had sent him there to spy on them, by spying would he get a good idea on how to attack Sharpclaw and his clan. Sharpclaw released the rex from being a hostage, the deal was that he must fight for them in exchange for his life.

The rex agreed.

Dreadtooth did send others to spy on the clan, but Smaug killed them.

The rex known as Vallun had shared all that he had known about Dreadtooth. Apparently, Dreadtooth had a cave that held creatures. Creatures that no one has ever seen before. Just this news made Sharpclaw frown and rethink their battle strategy.

No doubt Dreadtooth would use these creatures during their so called war.

Vallun still had his bark brown colored hide, but on top of his cranium was white feathers that stopped directly behind his neck. He wore armor from Sharpclaw's clan with a strange pride.

His body was fairly muscular which means he could hold his own against the blind as well as other threats.

Sharpclaw flexed his claws as he wore more armor than before. Knowing about this clan war, he has told his people to get ready for the day that they would be going into battle. That day was slowly approaching.

Cobalt looked at her father with concern, "Hopefully, we don't lose many of our people."

Sharpclaw looked at her with a small smile, "I am confident in the strength of our people. But if the worst thing were to happen, I want you and everyone else to be safe."

Cobalt looked at him with a small frown, "What about you?"

Sharpclaw looked at her and chuckled, "Don't count me out just yet!"

Cobalt gave a small smile before looking at Smaug who was approaching. She looked away shyly but jumped to her fathers words. "Smaug my boy! Have you finally decided to take my daughter as a bride?"

Smaug looked at her with a large grin, "Well?"

Cobalt looked between the brutes fast, "Wait! Am I missing something!?!"

Sharpclaw laughed at her reaction, Smaug smirked as he let out a amused chuckle.

Cobalt huffed looking annoyed, "Why must you tease me!"

Sharpclaw waved his right claw at her with a sly smile, "I ain't teasing! I want you to marry him!"

Smaug looked at them with a smirk, while Cobalt flustered up really bad. "I-I...!"

Sharpclaw smirked at her before looking to the side, he gave a pitiful look to Cobalt. "This war will be happening quite quickly, so I want to see my daughter married before then. I want to at least live long enough to see my daughter be happy with a proper husband."

Cobalt moved by her fathers face looked at him with a sincere expression. She clearly was unaware that he was doing this to make her feel bad. "O-okay! I get it! Stop using that face please!"

Smaug looked at Sharpclaw with a raised eyebrow, he knew what he was doing

Sharpclaw smiled at Cobalt as he nodded, "Good! You marry tonight!"

Smaug blinked a little surprised while Cobalt flushed being completely red. "T-Tonight!?!"

Sharpclaw's laughter rang out through the camp as he began throwing orders. "We are having a wedding tonight! Flaay get the food ready!"

Smaug and Cobalt watched as the clan came alive with positive energy, this was a sudden event but a warm hearted one.

Marriage was just as rare as mutations.

Of course marriage was a wonderful thing, it just never happened often.

That was the difference between the conscious and the blind. The conscious will do anything to increase morale, and they will use anything in their disposal to lighten moods and have fun.

Where as the blind just goes out and mates with many of their own kind.

Seeing the world differently sure does have its benefits. At times.

To live your life in fear was not living, by making the most of the time you have is what matters. Survival was important, but that wasn't fully living. So many individuals will tell you, make the most out of your life and never have regrets.

Cause if you have regrets, that will slowly eat away at you until there is literally nothing left.

Do you want to live with regrets, or would you rather live your life with those that you cherish?

This choice is what many go through every single day.

The sounds of footsteps and the voices of many individuals completely filled the camp of Dreadtooth. All of the rexes that have resided with Dreadtooth were definitely ready for something to happen. In a matter of a few days, all of the rexes had gathered more bones to be placed on them as either a weapon or a extra piece of armor.

Jr was properly adorned with a trike skull to symbolize that he was going to be the future leader of Dreadtooth's clan. His body was properly covered with thick bones and heavy armor of that of a ankylosaurus that was skinned and placed on his muscular back. This skin was pinned with sharp bones that are attached to different places of his armor.

He looked at Fiala who looked at him with a sweet smile, she was definitely taller than him but her frame was feminine. She was a beautiful looking teen, who was no doubt ready to be married. Upon her own cranium was a pachyrhinosaurus like skull, that had a variety of different colored leaves and wild flowers tied to the skull.

"Are you ready to be married?", she asked Jr with a smile.

Jr gave her a little grin as he replied, "I guess?"

Fiala looked at him curiously as she giggled, "Father trained you hard didn't he?"

Jr nodded at her with a small smile before he looked at Dreadtooth with a blank stare.

For so many moons, Dreadtooth had trained him. Trained him to the very bone, which was rather tiresome but he learned what he needed to keep him alive. Jr didn't like Dreadtooth, only cause the brute forced him to be the one to marry Fiala.

Lesion would of been a better spouse to her than he was. He had been thinking about that so much, and it was because of Dreadtooth that his family was torn apart.

Jr dreaded this wedding to happen on so many levels. After all this time that he spent with Dreadtooth, he had heard talk from the others who reside here. They spoke about a war, and that they must be ready for it.

What war? He never heard of a war.

Was Dreadtooth planning something?

Jr looked at Dreadtooth with uncomfortable eyes, he looked at Fiala who seemed to be oblivious about the whole thing. Was she oblivious about it or did she choose to not say anything to him?

Jr didn't want to be a part of a war, and if that was really what was about to happen then he must tell his father about it.

How would he though?

His eyes shifted to look at all the bones they had gathered, he slowly looked at the others in the camp. They were all ready for this war to happen, the more he thought about it. The more he became uncomfortable.

Was this war going to happen after the wedding!?!

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