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Kim Taehyung owner of a famous company in Seoul. A typical Billionaire. The usual rude and cold hearted but in inside he is soft and bubbly. Jeon Jungkook he is beauty with the brain, he's job haunting after getting fired in last job, a boy gotta pay his bills somehow, what a way than to work as the secretary of a multi-billion dollar company owner. But what will happen if the billionaire company owner fall hard for him at first sight???? °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° "I don't want anyone to have your heart,kiss your lips or be in your arms because that's my only place. Remember you are mine only mine!" He said while placing his hands on my waist. "You are too cheesy" I said while laughing. "Think everything but you only belongs to me!" He said placing his lips on mine. °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° A new story! Sorry for grammar mistakes. (Don't copy) Hope you guys love it!!❤️ Started: 24/7/2020 Ended:

Romance / Drama
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Jungkook world turned upside down after his father's death and lost of inheritance now he working as a waiter hoping that he can have a peaceful life. He found out that he is too broken by his father's betrayal believing in love or that he will ever find it.

That is until his friend Bambam forces him to come to an exclusive party as support. But little does jungkook know he will meet one of the most richest CEO Kim taehyung.

The CEO run their family empire.

Jungkook finds a man in his intellectual equal and mere presence has started his heart on a healing path. For, taehyung upon setting eye on Jungkook he finally able feel the 'Click' his mother and father have always talk about, describing it as the moment when two souls one another as their match. It is how his parents met:they clicked on a Subway, and for taehyung a love that like of his parents is all he ever wanted. But falling in love in spam of few hours is the easy part; for jungkook letting go of the pain last year and allowing his heart to heal will be much harder. Can a modern man have a fairy tale style happily ever after??


Hello guys!

Thanks for reading hope you guys like it💜💜

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