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Untameable (Jimin FF)


DARK ROMANCE Breathing got caught in her throat as she gulped down feeling his breath on her neck. He sniffed her scent making her trembled uncontrollably. Why it's happening. Why. Please let me go. She wanted to shout those words out but her voice was stuck in her throat not able to come out and face that beast. "Do you know how much I missed you? Do you have any idea how much I craved for this? Just to have your scent in my essence. Hmm, how can you do this to me, Tesoro? How." Jimin said as his grip dead tighten around her waist. Her head got pressed against the wall even more as his lips met her warm skin. She knew there is no escape from this monster. I can't escape him anymore. I can. Never. Now he will finally have me. She thought crying in her head. Because she knew now. He will tame her. And she couldn't be able to do anything. "Enough of this cat mouse game. I am done with your games. Now let's get you back where you belong to." He whispered in her ear making her squeezed her eyes. She was finally in his palms now. And now he will make sure she will remain in them. Forever WARNING: Contains Mature content, abusive language .. Harassment scenes, and all fictional romance. Hope you guys be aware. Copyright ©2020 Marwians

Romance / Fantasy
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Author Pov

Y/n sighed as she sat up on the bed and moved her hands to find the glass of water.

She gulped down the glass of water while an unfamiliar and unpleasant feeling raised in her body. She gulped as she shook it away from her mind.

Taking slow steps towards the bathroom. She did her morning routine and went to the kitchen to make something for her but unfortunately...

"Ahh" She yelped in pain falling on her knees badly injuring them. Sighing heavily she ignored the pain and made her way to the kitchen while taking slow but careful steps.

Well, what can we even expect from a girl without an eyesight. Life can be hard but without a heavenly gift of eyes, it can be worst than hell.

Y/n wasn't born blind but the accident which took her parents and her normal life away. She ends up losing her sight. She used to live with her aunt who used to treat Y/n as her own daughter but like people say money can blind people not by sight but mentally can..

Her aunt's friend offered her a handful of money in exchange to marry y/n to her son. Aunt was first cautious but after the offer of money, she forgot her every mother's will and thoughts.

She convinced y/n by emotionally blackmailing her and the poor girl had no choice but to agree. She got married to a person she never met or even talked about. Y/n never met her husband as she was married to him through contract signing.

She heard that her husband never wanted to get marry and he was forced. She once tried to talk to him on the phone but he only after saying " We will soon get divorced and you will be free.." cut the line...

She didn't say even a single word to him. After that, he told her that they only need to be in this marriage for 2 years and then he will divorce her. For him, her acceptance or even consent didn't matter. He ordered her and without hearing her reply he cut the line...

They didn't meet or even talked for a year and y/n was fine...

Until that day.


( The first time y/n and her husband met...)

The door slammed open as a man with complete dark aura entered the house. This was his first time when he entered this house.

His eyes roamed and suddenly got stuck on one particular figure sleeping on the sofa. He scoffed as he took a careful look at a girl.

'Is she fucking my wife' He questioned himself as he looked at the girl in disbelief.

'She's so small' He again chuckled sarcastically as he walked towards the balled up girl. Kneeling down he stared closely at her as she was the most delicious piece of meat that he wants to devour..

He couldn't believe that all this time he was believing in the fake fucking rumors. He always believed that his mother made him marry some gold digger whore. But no.

By the look of her face, it was clear that she's way far from being a whore but still, can he believe her.

Again an innocent face. But this time he would not let her fool him. More precisely he wouldn't be fooled by an innocent-looking girl. Again.

His face hardened when she hummed deliberately opening her beautiful brown eyes. He smirked when he stared at her frozen paled face.

But soon his smirk fade away when she in a flash sat up and scoot away from him rapidly blinking her eyes in fear.

"W-who are You" He frowned at her question but what astonished him was she was moving her eyeballs rapidly while her eyes were dilated in fear.

"You don't recognize your own husband Mio Fiore," Man said with his dark tone as his eyes hardened at the fact that she doesn't recognize him. Her own fucking husband. Is she serious? Did she never has seen him before... (=My Flower)

Y/n gulped remembering that her husband just used a foreign endearment with her as she already knew he lives in Italy. She knew his business was situated in Italy so he must have used Italian words...

"I-I am sorry. I didn't know your coming.." She said but the fear was still evident in her beautiful eyes. He frowned narrowing his eyes when a question came in his mind... Her actions and not making any eye contact were frustrating him. He wanted to stare in her eyes...

"Look at me," He said making her gulp as she held her head up but her eyes were looking somewhere else.. Soon realization hit him. He waved his hand in front of her eyes but got no reaction from her...

"Your. Your blind.." He said in disbelief while y/n nodded blinking her eyes innocently. His heart warmed up as he stared in those innocent eyes who were looking at him without having any idea of how they were affecting him. Maybe more than his liking...

A small smirk appeared on his lips as he roughly pulled the girl towards him. She squealed out when she landed on his shoulder while carried her God knows where...

"What are you doing. Please put me down. " She said in a desperate tone while the Man only chuckled at her fragile attempts of getting away from him... She struggled but he carried her like a rag doll...

A horrified gasp left from her lips when he threw her on something like a bed. Her eyes widened in realization when in the next second she felt his weight on her pressing her small body against his bulky one.

Her hands clamped upon his chest but before they could do anything he grabbed them and pinned them above her head... "What happened principessa. Your husband just came tired you should relax him.. Don't you.. " (=princess)

Hearing his dark tone which was filled with only lust. He proceed his deeds by heaving his head in her crook and sniffed her scent which was unexpectedly beyond hallucinating than his imagination.

His senses got blocked as only her scent invaded his whole essence. He never before smelled something this mesmerizing and that be from a woman...

He held her hands with his one hand while his other one went to her cheeks as he caressed them gently...

So beautiful... He thought as he stared at her sculpture face and dilated eyes filled with terror. Terror for him.. and he loves it... He never felt this much satisfaction with anyone's fear but her. It was different. Her fear gives him a weird strength.

"Please leave me. I don't even know your name yet. Please first let's talk. Please" Her trembling angelic voice hit his ear like a beautiful melody leaving form her cherry-like lips...

Her lips... Damn. He was engrossed in his dirty thoughts that he didn't even try to feel the meaning behind her pleading... He leaned to her ears making her shuddered as his warm breathing was hitting her ear...

"Remember my name carefully Tesoro. Because you have to yell it after some time.." She squirmed under him making him groaned in pleasure as he never felt someone so small under him and to his luck. The girl is his... (=Darling)

His wife. His woman.

"I am your husband. One and only man in your life. Park Jimin."

She was waiting for a guardian fr on heaven but God played her best by granting her Lucifer from the hell.


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