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Baby Fever (One shot)


A mob boss JK making sure his kitten, Kim Taehyung remains pregnant with his babies all the time.

Erotica / Romance
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Baby Fever

There was nothing in the damn world that could make the ruthless and dominant crime lord Jeon Jungkook mushy except for his adorable boyfriend Kim Taehyung.

No one would expect a mob boss to have sanity left in him and it was true for Jeon Jungkook too. He wasn’t a sane person, no one associated with him was. But the same couldn’t be said for one small boy living, hidden in the confines of his home, taehyung. The lord mafia’s one and only true love.

One would think a criminal like him won’t ever fall in love. Which was kind of true. His love was actually twisted and unhealthy, more like obsessive and possessive.

Jungkook gives no second chances, shows no mercy. He wouldn’t be here if he still had a heart. His soul and the heart that he possessed was all dark. No space for any kind of emotion. All his life he only believed in one thing, kill or be killed.

His childhood was spent in the streets doing dirty little jobs. Stealing from anyone he could. His teens were a turning point for his career when he was picked up to join a small gang. He quickly made a name amongst the small petty criminals. But he wanted more. His life wasn’t meant to be spent doing small thefts. He wanted to score big and so he started taking dangerous jobs. Killing came naturally to him. He wouldn’t bat an eye shooting a bullet through someone’s head. All weak people must die. Only the strongest should survive.

He had some fucked up beliefs and those same beliefs made him climb the ladder of success in the underworld. His dedication to do the wrong was appreciated and acknowledged in the world of crime.

Little by little he was sucked into the unlawful world and there was no turning back. Not like he wanted to.

His connections helped him gain the position he had today. He was the most feared mob boss in the whole country. Every illegal activity was under his command. Politicians would contact him if there was a shady job to be done. Nobody ever saw his face but they feared his name.

Tons of arrest warrants and look outs were sent to search for him but he was never found. No one was ever able to catch him. He had a whole network of terrorists and criminals under him it wasn’t possible to reach him.

Brothels, black market actions, rapes, robberies, kidnappings, human trafficking, drug and arms dealing, every single dark activity had a connection with him.

JEON JUNGKOOK was the ruler of all. He himself was involved and had committed every single one of the above mentioned crime.

How did the most wanted criminal like him found love amongst such chaos?

Well, the little boy he so desperately protects and keeps locked up was dropped in his lap when he was being kidnapped and sold off for human trafficking.

Kim Taehyung was only 16 when he was abducted while he was on his way to home. Jungkook personally was keeping tabs on the mission. Many young boys and girls were brought forward so that the boss could take a look and approve of them. Taehyung was one of them.

He was standing in the line with all the other kids, hands tied up and scared to death. He was clueless of what was happening. He was never introduced to this kind of world before and so he had no idea why he was being scrutinized like that.

The boss was eyeing every one of them up and down, making sure they were in one piece, no defects in his products.

When his eyes landed on the boy who was shaking terribly, jungkook felt something. It wasn’t love, God no. It was the desire to see the boy cry more. Something evil made it’s way to his heart. He was already the epitome of evil, the devil himself but watching that boy so vulnerable and lost broke all shackles.

He decided to keep the boy for himself. This one shouldn’t belong to someone else. The beast found his little beauty.

“Bring him here.” Jungkook instructed his men to bring forward taehyung.

Once the boy was standing right in front of him jungkook could see his stunning looks even more clearly.

“What a beauty you are.” He ran his finger down his face, touching the soft skin.

“Say little kitten, do you want to go home?”

Taehyung kept staring at the scary men with his big puppy eyes.

“Yes mister. Please send me home.” He whispered weakly, letting out small sobs.

“Tch, who made such a pretty kitten like you cry? Tell you what, I’ll take you home myself. Will that make you happy?” Jungkook spoke with an evil smirk that went unnoticed by the naive young boy.

He nodded in tiny. Tears still leaking from his pretty eyes, he was frightened to the core. The man in front of him looked anything but nice.

He was tall, way too tall, well built, dark hair parted sideways, sharp jaw line and piercing eyes. His eyes were darker than anything taehyung ever saw. There were numerous tattoos littered across his arms, disappearing underneath his shirt.

“Cut the ropes.” Jungkook ordered his men who quickly walked towards taehyung and opened the ropes binding his small wrists together.

Jungkook took his hands in his and touched the red marks making taehyung wince. Watching those marks made jungkook want to give him more. He wanted to see that flawless body covered with the bruises given by jungkook.

“Take the others away, make sure the dealings go smoothly.” A loud voice boomed across the hideout, making his men come in action.

“As for you little one, I’ll take you home. Can I know your name pretty?”

“T-taehyung, Kim Taehyung.”

“Taehyung.” He repeated, liking the way the name sounded on his lips.

“How old are you taehyung? You look pretty young.”

“I’m s-sixteen.” The boy stuttered.

“I’m 30. Nice to meet you taehyung.” The older smiled darkly.

Can’t say the same. The boy thought internally.

Jungkook as promised took the boy home, his parents crying from happiness and gratitude getting their boy back, untouched, from the evil world.

What they weren’t aware of was the plan that jungkook had in his mind of getting the boy back in his arms.

One would wonder why jungkook went through all this trouble when he was going to kidnap him back. The reason was simple. He wanted the boy to come to him on his own. Not that jungkook wouldn’t have forced him. He had the choice of keeping him without his consent but where was the fun in that? Everything he ever did was by force and so for once he wanted a little change. For fun of course.

He would eventually restrain the boy, with or without his consent in the future.

Jungkook spent his days organizing crimes while his nights consisted of fucking random people sent to him, threesome, foursome, he never complained as he was the only top. His mind however was always on that small boy who he wanted to ruin so badly.

All in good time. He would tell himself.

A month went by and taehyung fell in jungkook’s arms again.


His parents were dead. Murdered but taehyung doesn’t need to know that.

They died in a car crash and taehyung was left on his own.

He never would have thought that it was intentional. That someone planned all this.

Jungkook came to him like an angel in his dark times, he was a devil all along but again taehyung doesn’t need to know that.

The older helped him recover from the awful trauma of losing his loved ones. He took taehyung under his wing, the younger having no choice but to go with him. He was alone, he had no one to take care of him, he couldn’t survive on his own. Going with jungkook was the only option. Clueless of the fact that jungkook was actually a crime lord he went with him. Poor boy not having any idea that once he steps in jungkook’s lair he won’t ever step out.

Jungkook kept him in the dark, away from the outside world. The mansion jungkook lived in was huge enough to disappear. Taehyung was kept on the top floor where the evil won’t reach him.

He was provided with every luxury he could ever think of. A month after he started living with jungkook the man decided he had given enough time to the younger to heal. It was time to step up their relationship.

The younger never saw jungkook something other than a ‘stranger turned brother’. But jungkook had something else in mind.

He lured taehyung by manipulating him emotionally and the naive boy had no choice but to give in. He didn’t wanna be alone after all and jungkook was his best shot. If it weren’t for jungkook he would have been on streets right now.

So without much thinking he handed over his heart, body and soul to the devil. The older ravished him all night, not giving him a chance to breathe. Tainted and tarnished him without any remorse. The little boy was inexperienced and scared but nobody was there to save him from the clutches of the devil.

He belonged to him now.

Taehyung had cried all week after losing his virginity. Pain didn’t let him sit or walk properly. Jungkook took care of his little kitten throughout his sufferings. Making him get use to his abuse and love making brainwashing him into believing that it was natural for lovers to indulge in these kind of activities.


A soft voice made jungkook look up from the file he was holding. His little kitten was standing near the bedroom door, wearing only a big pink sweater and cute panties that were hidden under the fluffy sweater.

“Baby where were you? I remember telling you not to leave the room unless I called for you.” The older spoke in a calm but authoritative tone.

“I-I was hungry. Sorry kookie.” The kitten ran upto him and bumped into him quickly hiding his face in the older’s chest.

It had been two months now since taehyung started living with jungkook. He still feared him and avoided doing anything that could get him in trouble. His boyfriend never raised his hand on him but he would still show his anger in other ways. Sometimes by yelling, sometimes by gripping him a little too tight and most of the time by taking him against his will. The boy had no idea it was considered as rape. He thought it was a way to discipline him and that jungkook as his boyfriend has every right to.

The older took advantage of his innocence and unawareness.

“I told you not to run here and there carelessly. You’re pregnant, you have a responsibility of taking care of my babies.” Jungkook spoke running his hand smoothly on taehyung’s back.

“I was hungry koo.” The younger’s lips wobbled indicating that he was about to cry.

“Hey, shh. It’s okay. Koo’s not angry. Just call the maid whenever you need anything, you know that bub.” Jungkook picked the boy up and settled him on his lap.

“You’re not mad at me?” The smaller male asked looking at him with big round eyes.

Jungkook chuckled at his cuteness. He would have been angry if it weren’t for his boy being one month pregnant. Jungkook had fucked taehyung every night since he took his virginity. Plugging him up to keep his seeds inside him. He wanted nothing but to see the boy full of his babies. And his wish came true when only a week later taehyung was expecting.

The boy’s tummy was swollen a little. Nothing too much but with time he will grow and jungkook can’t wait to see the visible baby bump.

“Go to bed now kitten. You need rest. Daddy will join you later.” Jungkook ordered kissing taehyung’s round cheeks.


“No buts taehyung.” The elder warned arching his eyebrow. He controlled every aspect of taehyung’s life and the younger wasn’t able to question anything.

“Don’t pout like that kitty. Otherwise I’ll have no choice but to shove my cock in your pretty little mouth.” Jungkook smirked and kissed the adorable pout several times.

“Nu, I’ll go to bed. Night kookie.” Taehyung quickly got off his lap and went under the sheets, not wanting to give the older a blowjob.

Jungkook was always rough on him during blowjobs. Not giving him the air to breathe and controlling the movement of his head. Taehyung hated it but was forced to do it eventually.

Jungkook stood up from his bed, picked up the file and left the room, turning off the lights.

Taehyung closed his eyes and fell asleep but it wasn't for long when he woke up in the middle of the night feeling as if someone was inflicting pain on him. He opened his eyes blinking slowly and immediately understood what was happening.

Jungkook was fucking into him. Again.

He involuntarily let out a moan when he felt his prostate being abused.

“Oh did I wake you up baby?” Jungkook fake pouted.

Taehyung remained quite, knowing jungkook doesn’t really wanna hear the answer.

“You’re still so tight baby. Even after all the fucking we’ve been doing.” He thrusted harshly, groaning at the tightness squeezing his dick.

The younger only let out whines and whimpers from being used like that. His body jolting from the way the older was pounding into him.

A hard slap on his right ass cheek made him open his eyes, scared.

“Don’t tighten around me that much, relax.” Jungkook growled, not stopping his brutal movements.

Taehyung tried relaxing, his muscles were stiff but he didn’t want another spank on his butts. It was painful.

“That’s it baby, doing so good. Letting me pound your tight cunt. You like it right? Say that you like it.”

He bit into his neck when taehyung didn’t answer.

“I like it I like it!” The younger shouted, crying at the rough treatment.

The sound of skin slapping against each other was loud and clear. The moans and groans coming out of both the males could be heard by anyone walking outside.

Jungkook picked up the speed, ramming into his velvety walls, thrusting as deep as could go. He was too big and thick for the crying male. Almost 9 inches. Fitting it into a tiny hole was the hardest task jungkook ever had to do. But he managed. Forcing it in him, rearranging the insides of the small boy.

“Uh uh uh uh.” Taehyung chanted like a mantra. Giving jungkook the pleasure of hearing his sleepy voice.

Taehyung came with a loud moan of jungkook’s name. He started thrashing around trying to get away from the male, over sensitivity making everything hurt even more but the firm hold of the strong male didn’t let him move even an inch.

“S-stop. Hurts-,” Taehyung tried telling jungkook but he cut him off by kissing him feverishly drowning his pleads and moans.

Increasing his pace once more he chased his own orgasm not caring about the crying male underneath him. After a few more powerful thrusts he finally came inside the tight heat. Filling him once again to the brim. After catching his breath he took out a plug and inserted it in taehyung avoiding his cum from spilling out.

Taehyung was breathing harshly, his legs still spread open, trembling.

Jungkook helped him close his legs then picked him up a little laying him on his own chest.

"Sleep tight my little tiger." Taehyung heard before he fell asleep, exhausted.


Taehyung started eating a lot resulting him in gaining a little weight. Not that jungkook ever told him to stop. On the contrary he liked him all chubby and cute. His ass and chest were developing more and only stupid people would complain about that.

Currently they both were sitting on the sofa, more like cuddled on the big comfy sofa, taehyung was watching some anime while jungkook was drinking milk.

More specifically Taehyung's milk.

The younger had started lactating a while back and why would jungkook let that opportunity go? He would drink from him any chance he could get.

Taehyung looked like a teenage mom breastfeeding a big baby.

That was exactly the case though. Taehyung was only a teenager while jungkook was a full adult. Way more older than the adorable child.

Jungkook was making loud suckling noises deliberately, enjoying his feeding time.

Taehyung was caressing his hair while his attention was on TV. It was a routine that he was made to adjust in.

"Ouch." Taehyung screamed a little, wincing when jungkook bit his nipple.

"Sorry mama, got a little carried away." He apologized, not sorry at all. He again got back to licking and sucking on the pink bud.

"Kookie aren't you done drinking? You've drained me all." The tired male asked, closing his eyes.

"No baby you still have a lot left, see." He squeezed the round chest making taehyung wince again.

"Don't do that koo. It hurts." The smaller pouted making him look extra cute.

"Then don't tell me when to stop kitten." He spoke then attacked the other nipple, latching on to it and making the same loud suckling noises. Taehyung watched how his cheeks would fill up with milk and he'll gulp it all down.

It was a weird sight to see but taehyung had seen worse. He didn't realize when his eyelids started closing and he fell asleep in the arms of his boyfriend.


8 months went by quickly, taehyung still kept away from the world jungkook ruled. If he ever asked about jungkook's line of work the elder would shut him up telling him that the kids should stay out of it.

It was soon the time to deliver the baby and taehyung was in a panicky condition.

It was his first time to deliver a whole ass human being and he was shitless scared.

Why did jungkook have to get him pregnant! He was crying and screaming, cursing his boyfriend while jungkook calmly stood next to him, holding his hand telling him it's gonna be alright.

The childbirth was a nightmare. After pushing for several hours, opening his legs as wide as he could, giving everyone in the room a front row view of his ass he finally delivered a healthy baby boy.

He passed out as soon as the baby was out. Jungkook took the baby from the nurse after he was cleaned and smiled down at him. He was so tiny and cute, the mafia boss couldn't believe he was a father now.

A week later taehyung was able to get back on the routine. He nursed the child, took care of him and made sure he didn't get sick.

"Why do you poop so much binnie?" The younger asked his baby while changing his diaper.

"You're such a naughty boy giving your mama so much trouble. Your life is easy I'm jealous of you. Eat, sleep, poop, repeat." He continued talking to him. The baby answering back in gibberish.

Taehyung picked the dirty diaper up and threw it in the bin. He then proceeded to clean the soft tushy with baby wipes, picking the tiny legs up to make sure no spot was missed.

"I'll eat your feet." Taehyung kissed the little legs and feet of his adorable baby.

"I see you're having fun." He heard jungkook's voice who was standing near the door.

Taehyung smiled at him making him melt at the spot.

The older walked towards him capturing his lips in a wet kiss then sit beside him.

"Our little baby is all active right now. Don't you wanna sleep pumpkin?" He spoke placing soft kisses on his baby's soft skin earning small giggles from him.

"He didn't let me do anything today. Clung to me like a koala. I'll feed him then put him to sleep." Taehyung said taping the diapers in place after sprinkling a lot of baby powder on his cute butts.

"He smells so niceeee. Mama why is he so cuteeee??" Jungkook whined nosing his baby's neck, inhaling the natural baby scent and the baby powder both.

"Did we really make him?" He asked looking at taehyung who rolled his eyes then picked the baby up putting him on his lap.

"Time to feed baby. Please sleep after this."

Soobin latched on to the nipple easily, drinking happily from his mama.

"You'll have to feed me too after him." Jungkook spoke watching his small baby.

"I know." Taehyung replied closing his eyes and resting his head on the headboard.

Later at night jungkook had taehyung on all fours, making him submit to him easily. He was eating him out, making him scream from pleasure.

The more he would scream the more jungkook tongue fucked him, inserting his finger along with the wet tongue.

Jungkook spread his cheeks apart watching the hole clench around nothing. He blew on it and taehyung whined from the hotness.

"Baby your hole is the tiniest thing I've ever seen. How did our baby come out of it?" Jungkook asked, wondering genuinely.

He only received loud whines in return from the younger.

He continued tasting the sweet slick, eating messily. His face was covered in slick and drool. Thrusting his tongue in and out making loud obscene noises he took his time in eating him all.

Taehyung was in another world, the feeling of his boyfriend's long tongue inside him was something he could never get tired of. He never knew adults had so much fun. An year back he was just a clueless virgin not knowing anything about sex. But now his possessive boyfriend has shown him every pleasure of the sex world. Taehyung can't say he hate it. Especially the way jungkook eats him out. Yes blowjobs are not his favorite and sometimes jungkook makes sex hurt but that is only to punish him, discipline him and he deserves that. He's thankful that at least he's not beaten by him.


Taehyung breathed heavily. His mind was all mushy from the intense heat in his lower abdomen.

Jungkook after eating his little boyfriend out for half an hour released him and he fell on bed with a loud thump.

Jungkook crawled to him and laid next to him, both facing each other. He watched the fucked up expression of his cute boyfriend, his lips red from all the biting and eyes filled with tears. He looked so small compared to him and jungkook wondered if his parents would have ever agreed on him getting an older boyfriend.

Nah who cares. They’re dead anyways. The man chuckled.

Taehyung was his and only his.

He leaned a little and kissed the kitten's plump lips once again.

They both were tired and taehyung wanted nothing but to sleep.

He pressed closer to jungkook and placed himself in such aa way that the older's mouth was near his chest. He then guided his nipple in jungkook's mouth who opened it without a word and latched on the cute bud.

Taehyung closed his eyes wanting to sleep while the other sucked the milk like a hungry little baby. Jungkook closed his eyes too, feeling the warm taste of his favorite liquid. He knows he'll sleep peacefully now that he has his boyfriend's nipple in his mouth.

Taehyung woke up first. The sunlight hitting his make making him squirm.

He looked down and saw jungkook still sucking lightly and pouting in his sleep.

Carefully he took his nipple out of the big baby's mouth and kissed his pouty lips.

Making his way out of the bed he quickly washed himself then made his way towards his baby's room who was wide awake, laying in his crib playing with the stars hanging above.

Sometimes taehyung finds it hard to believe that he's a mother, that he has a baby. He never paid much attention to it when he was in school. Always thought kids were not in his to do list until late 20’s. But look at him now. Almost 17 and with a tiny baby boy, not to mention a 31 year old heavily dominant boyfriend.


“I want to go to school.”

Taehyung blurted out when the couple was eating lunch.


“I want to continue school.” Taehyung spoke, not making eye contact with the older, knowing full well that he’ll force him change his mind with the piercing gaze.

“No.” Came a one word answer.

“Wha- why?!” The younger shouted.

“Taehyung! Don't raise your voice at me.” Jungkook shouted louder then taehyung making the younger flinch.

“You aren't going anywhere. You won't ever step out of this house. Take care of the baby and if you’re bored I’ll give you another one. Maybe then you won't have time to think about nonsense.” Jungkook’s voice had no hint of softness. He was angry and it was showing.

“I don't want another baby, I want to go out. I have been in this house for over a year now. You said you love me but you never let me speak up against you. I miss the outside world.” The younger was crying, speaking in a soft and tired tone. He was tired of doing everything that jungkook said.

The older watched him with an intense gaze. He knows it's not fair to keep taehyung all locked up but what can he do? If anyone gets to hear about his secret boyfriend they won't spare a minute to capture him. He sighed and rubbed his palm on his face, thinking of what to do.

“Fine. You can go outside but only on condition.”

“Anything.” Taehyung agreed, desperation in his voice.

“I’ll assign a bodyguard with you. You won't go anywhere without him.”

“Why would I need a bodyguard?” The younger asked genuinely confused.

“Don't question my decisions baby. Do we have a deal?”

“Yes.” Better then nothing.

“And you won't neglect your duties towards my child.” Jungkook spoke to him again.

“Why would I? He's my child too.” The younger pouted.

Jungkook chuckled and instructed him to continue eating.

Even though he agreed on letting taehyung go out for a while. He’ll make sure the outside world knows not to mess up with him or his cute boyfriend. He’ll let everyone know that taehyung belongs to him and he won't hesitate to kill anyone who tries to hurt his kitten.


“We need to supply these guns to the south group. They paid in advance so there's no reason to delay anymore.” Jungkook spoke to his men, carefully picking up the guns and watching the weapons shine brightly in his hands.

“Good quality. Are they gonna plan an attack or something?” The leader asked one of his men.

“From what I heard they're going to rob a big bank. Needed the best weaponry so contacted us.”

“Hm. Make sure our weapons don't disappoint them.” Jungkook answered putting the TaurusPT840 back on the table.

“I want you Jackson to personally carry out the mission to deliver these safely. Shoot anyone who gives you trouble.”

“Yes boss.” Jackson straightened up.

“Boss, Mr Jung is here.” Another one of jungkook's men came inside the room informing him of the arrival of another criminal.

“Seat him up in the living room. Offer him champagne, I’ll be there in a few.”

The men nodded and went outside.

“Have a seat Mr. Jung. Boss will be here soon.” Max, one of jungkook's men guided Jung Hoseok towards the comfy sofa handing a glass of expensive champagne to him.

Hoseok quietly drank the alcohol when he was interrupted by a soft sound of footsteps coming down the stairs.

“Sir, you're not suppose to be here. Boss would be angry if he sees you on this floor.” Max hurriedly went towards taehyung knowing well that jungkook would kill them all if he catches taehyung roaming on the ground floor. The younger was strictly instructed not to leave the top floor as all the illegal activities were held on the ground one and jungkook didn't want him to know about any of it.

“I-I want to see kookie.” Taehyung spoke a little frightened now when his eyes darted over all the bulky armed men at every corner.

“Sir plea-

“And what do we have here?” Hoseok stood up from his place and walked towards the small male who looked like he belonged in a candy land but the underworld out of all the places.

“Max, who is this pretty little thing? Is he jungkook's younger brother? Not that I’ve heard of any.”

“No sir.” Max tried his best to sho taehyung away. The kid had no idea he was standing right in front of one of the biggest drug lord.

Hoseok saw the lost expression on the puppy's face. It amused him a lot. The boy was so pretty with long exposed legs and tiny white sweater that downed his small frame.


A loud voice jolted them all from the awkward conversation. They turned towards the owner of the voice who had fire in his eyes. His fists were clenched shut and he looked like he was ready to kill everyone present in the room.

The leader walked up to the three of them and turned to Max. “You have 2 seconds to tell me what he's doing on this floor.”

Hoseok watched the scene with amusement, sensing the tense atmosphere. He lazily made his way back to the sofa.

“Boss, h-he-

“I came on my own kookie. I was looking for you.” Taehyung spoke in a whisper.

Jungkook took deep breaths trying to calm himself down. He knows if he doesn't then he'll do something to taehyung that he'll regret later. His hands were itching to slap the younger in front of him but he controlled himself for now.

“I’ll deal with you later tae. Go back to your room and wait for me. You'll be punished severely this time.” Jungkook spoke through clenched teeth.

The boy not wanting to anger his boyfriend anymore immediately hurried off to the top floor.

“Jungkook. What a pleasant sight that was.” Hoseok spoke once jungkook took the place on the sofa opposite him.

“Let's talk business.” The leader ignored the comment about his kitten and proceeded with the important matters.

Taehyung was sitting on his bed, scared out of his wits. He knows he shouldn't have gone down when he was strictly told not to. He got himself in trouble and he was shaking slightly thinking about the consequences.

The door to the room opened and a furious jungkook walked in.

“Strip.” He ordered in a second and taehyung didn't move a muscle, frozen at the demand. Nothing ever good happens when he's told to strip by an angry jungkook.

“Do I have to repeat myself?!” He shouted and he younger flinched shaking his head sideways, quickly taking his clothes off. He couldn’t hide the tears that were building up in his scared eyes.

Once naked, jungkook instructed him to lay down on bed.

“Open your legs wide and don't move.” He heard the older say to him.

Jungkook took a soft cloth out of the drawer and bound taehyung's wrist with it attaching it to the headboard. He then covered taehyung's eyes with another one, robbing him of the ability to see.

“J-jungkook..” Taehyung let out a whimper. “I-I’m scared.”

He got no reply in response, only the feeling of the bed dipping between his legs.

“You went against my orders taehyung. You made me very angry today. I tired to hide you from all the evil but you just had to disobey me!” Jungkook yelled the last sentence delivering a harsh slap on the unprepared hole.

Taehyung screamed at the stinging sensation. His asshole throbbing.

“You’ll have to bear the consequences now.” Jungkook's voice was so dangerous that something ugly stirred up in taehyung's stomach. This is not the first time taehyung has seen him angry but this is the first time he's seeing him this angry.

Without giving taehyung much time to ponder on his thoughts jungkook picked up the bullet vibrator he had bought previously for his kitten.

He brought it near taehyung's pink hole and started the vibration.

“Ahh..” Taehyung squirmed not expecting the vibrator to torture him like that. He tried closing his legs but jungkook sat in between them denying him any movements.

The older continued tormenting taehyung by increasing and decreasing the vibrations, pressing it near his rim.

He could tell that taehyung had started crying.

It can't be helped. He needs to be taught a lesson so that he doesn't go against his orders anymore. He started pushing the vibrator slowly inside the tight ring of muscles earning a gasp from the younger.

Taehyung clenched his hole unintentionally. He was scared and not being able to see what was happening was making everything hurt ten times more.

Jungkook forced the vibrator inside making it disappear inside the small hole, only the white string was visible now.

Taehyung thought it was over until he felt something else being pushed inside it.

“W-what's that jungkook?” He spoke a little too loud.

“Another vibrator. One isn't enough.” He was replied back with a lazy tone.

And just like that another bullet vibrator slightly bigger than the last one was forced inside him. Jungkook kept thrusting it in and out making the first one go deeper in him.

Taehyung's whole body was shaking and he was pleading to jungkook to let him go but his words fell on deaf ears. He could feel the first vibrator in his stomach and followed by the second one.

Once jungkook pumped both the vibrators completely inside he turned the vibrations on once again, making taehyung scream loudly.

“Jungkook..Jungkook too much..” The boy screamed wetting the cloth with his tears.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry.” He repeated again and again.

Jungkook spanked his hole once again pushing the vibrators further down his hole.

The younger's body was spasming badly, shocks filling his while body.

Jungkook turned the vibrations down a little to let the younger breathe. He doesn't like hurting his kitten but he deserved this one.

“I’ll be back once I feel like you’ve learned your lesson.” The older kissed his lips and left the boy to cry alone, two vibrators up his ass.

An hour later, taehyung heard the door open again. He was in a sleepy state his head falling one side and sometimes the other. The constant abuse to his prostate wasn't letting him go into dreamland. He felt the vibrations stop finally and the cloth being removed from his eyes and hands.

He blinked his eyes a couple of times to clear away the tears and watch his boyfriend who was busy in taking out the vibrators from his now puffy hole.

He winced at the touch, sensitive from being abused.

Jungkook took out the bigger vibrator but left the smaller one in.

“Keep it inside you.” He ordered without giving any reason.

He carefully closed his legs and covered his bare body with a silk sheet placing soft kisses on the boy's cheeks.

“Sleep little one. You’ll feel better tomorrow.” His voice was gentle, nothing like it sounded a few hours before.

Without saying a single word the younger closed his eyes exhaustion finally catching up to him.

The next day Jungkook took care of taehyung like a small baby. He bathed and dressed him up himself, fed him breakfast and refrained him from getting up from bed. The poor boy's legs were still weak from lasts night’s activity and so jungkook didn’t let him move a lot. He brought Soobin to him and placed him on his lap so that his little boyfriend could breastfeed his little baby.

“Kookie?” The boy looked at jungkook sitting right in front of him.

“Yes kitten?”

“I’m sorry for yesterday. I shouldn't have disobeyed you.” He bit his lip so that he doesn’t cry again.

“Shh it's okay. No need to speak about the past. You wanted to know what I do that is why you came downstairs right?” The older asked looking gently at the soft male and his baby drinking milk quietly.

Taehyung nodded, curiously getting to him again.

Jungkook spent last night thinking a lot about whether he should tell taehyung about his job or not. He decided to go for it, sometimes ignorance is not a bliss.

If taehyung comes to know his line of work he might hate him forever but at least he'll know that he need to be careful around new people as anyone could be his enemy. Besides it's not like taehyung could run away from him. He has a child with him and escape is not an option. Jungkook will catch him even if he ends up on the other side of the world.

“I need you to listen to me very carefully baby. Don't interrupt me and let me finish alright?” Jungkook made taehyung listen to his every word with full attention.

“Have you ever heard about jeon jungkook the most wanted criminal in this country?”

Taehyung shook his head furrowing his eyebrows. Why was jungkook talking about some criminal all of a sudden? Jungkook's lack of response made taehyung uneasy and realization dawned upon him.

This can't be. Jungkook's playing a joke on him.

“Y-you're…you're not him right?” He asked, his heartbeat a little fast.

“There are a lot of jeon jungkook’s baby but only one JEON JUNGKOOK. The biggest mafia boss. And you’re looking right at him.” The older replied proudly as if it was an achievement.

“You’re so naïve baby boy you didn't even realise that the first time you met me was because I was holding you hostage along with some other kids, waiting to be sold off. You thought I was some petty thief stealing you from your parents and then returning you back. You were so pretty when I first laid my eyes on you, you still are.”

Taehyung was completely frozen upon the revelation.

“I heard your parents died and there was no one to take care of you so I took you under my care. I gave you everything you could ever wish for.” Jungkook told him everything except for the information that he was the reason his parents are dead.

“You k-kill people?”

“Yes baby. You don't have to worry though, I will never hurt you.” Jungkook fake pouted at taehyung's fearful expression.

“Uh huh, look you’re scaring our cub.” He pointed at soobin who was sucking into air as taehyung unknowingly moved making his nipple slip out of soobin's mouth. The little baby was about to cry missing the feeling of warm milk on his tongue. Taehyung didn't make any effort in moving he was so shocked to the core hearing that jungkook is a criminal who has kidnapped, killed and probably raped too.

The older chuckled at his expression and touched taehyung's chest bringing the pink bud into soobin’s mouth again, the baby fidgeting but calming down immediately.

“Now now don't cry kitten. I told you, you don't have to be scared. I know you must be thinking how you let a criminal take your virginity and bless you with a child but it's alright baby. Don't think too much. I’m still your kookie.” He touched taehyung's cheeks wiping the tears that were dripping out of his eyes.

“I love you taehyung. You must keep this in your mind. You and our child is my responsibility.” Jungkook spoke with a serious tone now.

Taehyung understood that he could never get away from jungkook. He is tied to him in ways more than one. The biggest thing tying them together is their son. A 2 month old baby who they both love to death. He knows he won't be able to make it in outside world without jungkook. He has no education no work experience nothing. He closed his eyes, sighing, accepting his fate. It's better to just stay out of jungkook's way. He wished he was still kept in the dark, at least this way he wouldn't feel guilty of being with a criminal but not everything turns out the way you want.

“I love you too.” Taehyung replied looking down, sealing his fate with jungkook forever.

The latter smiled brightly at the confession, leaning in to kiss those tasty lips.

“You hear that son? Your mother loves me.” Jungkook turned to his son, who was peaking at him while still gulping down milk. “Drink baby, you’re so greedy. I’ll have my fill once you’re done.”

And just like that taehyung willingly submitted himself to jungkook.

“Jungkookie…”, Taehyung's whiny voice broke jungkook from his thoughts. The man was sitting in his office thinking about his latest deal when a sweet voice came from the door.

“What is it kitten?”

The younger was now allowed to roam on the first floor. Jungkook's men were strictly told to keep an eye on his boyfriend making sure he stays away from trouble.

Taehyung ran towards him holding a small stick in his hand. He sniffled and looked at him with teary eyes, red nose.

“What's the matter baby, who hurt you?”

“I’m pregnant jungkookie.” He full on sobbed now, hugging his boyfriend's solid chest.

Jungkook broke down into a big bunny smile. His kitten is pregnant with his baby again.

“That’s such a good news baby. Congratulations to us.” He picked him up and twirled him around the room.

“I’m too young to have another baby. And binnie is still two months old only.” Taehyung cried, his face all red.

“There's no fixed time for having a baby tae. You should be happy that binnie will have a sibling to play with.” Jungkook emotionally manipulated him.

The younger calmed down when jungkook told him about how teenagers get pregnant all the time and never complained.

A complete lie but taehyung won't ever know.

“You’ll look so pretty all round and cute with my baby in your small tummy.” Jungkook spoke caressing his stomach gently.

That night jungkook made love to him again. Thrusting in and out of him gently at first but eventually picking up his pace.

Taehyung blessed him with moaning directly in his ears, panting harshly with the way jungkook was hitting his prostate dead on.


His words got stuck in his throat when one particular harsh thrust made him scream in pleasure.

He squeezed the big cock moving inside him, clenching and unclenching around it.

A loud groan from jungkook made him chuckle and tighten himself more.

“Baby you’re playing with fire.” Jungkook warned grabbing his legs and putting it on his shoulders, ramming brutally now.

Loud moans and harsh breathing sounds resonated the whole room. The lovers making love all night. Jungkook filling him up with his load countless of times then pumping the buttplug in him to push the cum deeper.

He plugged him up nice and good and finally let the younger sleep peacefully.

2 years later

Taehyung sighed, sitting in the garden of his house, sipping the chocolate milk and watching his 2 babies playing with a nanny that jungkook assigned especially for the kids. The third one in his own lap. A few month old. Soobin, Yeonjun and the smallest Beomgyu.

And here’s the thing. Taehyung was pregnant for the fourth time. He was 18 and already a mother of three, fourth one on his way. Jungkook wanted him to stay pregnant all the time so that everyone could see that he belongs to him. Taehyung couldn’t complain. He himself started to love the feeling of having a baby inside him. As soon as taehyung delivers a baby and recovers from childbirth, he is fucked again and planted a baby inside. He sometimes whines and act bratty in front of his boyfriend telling him that he uses him as a baby making machine, to which the older never denies instead fucking him again.

It wasn't easy taking care of 3 babies but with the help of two nannies and jungkook he somehow managed it.

He often complained about his nipples hurting from feeding all three babies and an adult, jungkook himself. But he never made any effort in pushing the older away. The feeling of having jungkook suck the milk out of him at night helps him sleep peacefully.

Fucked up if you ask me. But as long as the couple is happy who are we to complain?


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