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NEPENTHE [ksjcentric]


A human born in reality loved the woods, he loved going there to enjoy the scenery around him. Breathing in that nice calm aura around until one day he meets a kid who seemed different not from this world. Once meeting the child and talking to the child he knew, this child or whatever they were was going to show him a whole new world. In a land long before time now of mystical creatures, kingdoms, different realms, and magic power. It suffered for many years due to being destroyed from evil demons, and Demi demons hunters who some how came into this world and lost control. After a lot of repair they became strict and broken down the land into different parts with leaders whom control each part all across the land even in different towns. In the years of living in the land, it has only been controlled by women, who was forsaken as weak at one point before being proven that women can be strong and do what men do as well. Until suddenly a weird human from the earth realm, who proclaims to be male and from reality, what if he was proclaimed as their next leader to save this land and actually bring good too the future for this land. ANGST ©️-KMJIN JIN X BTS copyright 2020, all rights reserved.

Fantasy / Other
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That was something he wanted to scream to the heavens right now. Seeing how beautiful the scenery was here in the woods. The tall trees that could reach the galaxy, the green leaves you could touch with your finger-tips and the ground covered in dirt that stick to the bottom of your shoes. His brown orbs looked in every direction taking in every aspect that these woods could deliver to him. He made sure not to miss a spot.

He took a step further hearing the birds fly above his head, chirping as they meet up with a flock of birds who fly away together.

The human placed his hand onto a tree touching the bark. Feeling the hard outside shell, breaking a piece off before chucking it into the ground. As he kept on with his walk along the trail. He kept looking left and right not wanting to miss anything, as if he didn't walk through here everyday after finishing his long boring lectures in university.

He was tired of being here in the world just to study and work for basically nothing. As to how that's how the economy is making it out to be. You work your long hours, plus study a long time to get a degree with not a promised job to be there for you after all your hard work. People struggle a lot and elders in older generations doesn't seem to understand that and call us lazy but it's not that anyone is lazy it's just harder to do anything since now and days everything cost way more, we barely get paid enough for the work we do, and we don't get enough recognition at all.

He hated it.

He hated this economy.

He hated this world.

He sorta hated his friends, because he knew they truly weren't his real friends.

He dislike his family because they always ignored him and when they do give him attention it's because they just want him to work so he can pay his share of rent, and to study hard so he can get an amazing job and move out.


He kept walking around. Sometimes kicking a rock, before he kicked something bigger like a log. Which wasn't a good idea since it hurt like a bitch. But you know he didn't care at all.

Seokjin always came here to breathe, to just come from reality for just a moment. Just a small moment to collect himself and to release his pain, and struggle here in the woods.

He could hear a small twig snap in two, which made him turn his head in that certain direction of where he heard the noise from. He seen nothing.

must've been a squirrel. He thought.

Until his eyes caught something strange, he raised an eyebrow seeing something white behind a certain tree. He moved towards it only to hear a small tiny bell ring.

Seokjin stopped in his tracks, seeing that the sound of the bell was coming from the direction of whatever's behind that tree.

One, it could be his friends being an asshole.

Two, it could be something that isn't supposed to be here and has came to take the poor boy soul.

or three, it's something he shouldn't worry about and just run away and ignore it at all costs.

The third one sounded the best so he turned around only to trip over a log and fall onto the ground. Which he quickly pulled off into having his hands out in front of him and land into a push-up position. Seokjin quickly stood up jumping over the log quickly. He jogged away before, he heard the bell sound again but only closer like it was directly behind him.


"Bad word, mister!"

"What the fu-" Seokjin jumped turning around to spot a little kid. Brown skinned, curly hair, bruise on her left cheek, a little white hat on top of her hair with a little bell at the end. In a all white one piece outfit that covered her skin, along with her not having any shoes on. Her big doe hazel eyes, staring up at Seokjin.

Seokjin eyes softened at the sight. "Oh my, kid. Why are you here in the woods? Why are you alone? And why do you not have shoes on?"

"I saw you, and came to play with you and I always alone, annnnnd I no like shoes." The little girl said, which made Seokjin giggle but also still worried.

Seokjin noticed the bruise on her face but didn't want to bring it up and traumatize the little girl. "Why do you have a bell on your hat, little one?"

"Oh, I don't know. Mmmm, people find me when I have it!" She said with the biggest smile ever. Seokjin didn't understand but he nodded giving a smile back. "How old are you?"

She held up five fingers.

"Oh wow, you're such a big girl! Can I know your name?"

"I, Minnie." She stated.

Seokjin sworn up and down his heart did a flip. "Well my name is Seokjin, but just for you. You can call me Jinnie."

Minnie nodded, before holding her hand out. Seokjin stood up gladly taking her hand, before picking her up. He held her close as she laid her head on his shoulders. He began to wipe the dirt and mess from the bottom of her feet as he looked at his surroundings.

He noticed the woods looked slightly different, like they were placed in a whole different direction from where they were at.

"Minnie, how did you find me?"

"I found you, because I heard you walk. So, I follow you!" She giggled, which made him smile as he walked towards a tree.

"Jinnie?" Minnie called out.


"Can we play in my world?"

"Sure—wait. . . Play in your world? What world? What are you talking about?"

"My world silly, touch the tree behind you." She told him, which made him turn around to notice a humongous tree that wasn't there before.


"Touch it!!"

"Okay, alright!" Seokjin did as asked before started to freak out as his arm began to sink into the tree slowly along with his and her body.

The last thing he had remembered was seeing her smile, happy that she found someone to play with.


Notes +

REALITY: another word for earth. Earth is a human's reality.

the women who controlled the lands +

➖ i. ASTRIE | QUEEN OF SOULS. Led her lands to safety collecting souls of the people who did her people and herself wrong. Was trained by arch angels warriors, kidnapped by demons at one point before they killed her for running away.

➖ ii. MONA | QUEEN OF WARRIORS. she trains her warriors diligently with no error, fights alongside with them kill any enemy in the way showing no mercy. Banned the Phoenix from her land, due to being on bad terms with her seeing her as a threat.

➖ iii. PHOENIX | QUEEN OF ALL LANDS. Was protector of people overall and made sure to keep everyone safe. She was a lab dog for arch demons who need to do research until she came back and was obtained into being called a traitor because no one knew the truth and didn't want to life. She was known for leading people into learning different systems into surviving.

➖ iv. ALENA | QUEEN OF WOODS. she blends in with the woods and protects all that seeks an entrance through and out. She made trails underground for people being kept as slaves to run away and use to get to safer places. She was kidnapped by the mythical creatures of Guardians, and was changed into a half human, half spider which was brought her death quickly.

ESTHER | QUEEN OF DEATH. She taught spells to the unfortunate to have them learn to protect themselves and led a movement which brought the land into bad terms with demons and arch demons who seemingly came and destroyed the land along with people until arch angels came and killed them all and protected the land to the best of their ability.

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