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Little Secret

By Toto

Romance / Humor

The Secret

Blake sauntered through the mall with ease.

Christmas decorations were scattered throughout the establishment. A tree almost as tall as the ceiling was adorned with ornaments and flashed a brilliant white with a dazzling star placed on top.

Some kids were lined up to meet Santa, but grew impatient. Those children ended up scampering to the side underneath the tree, where their parents kept a close eye on them.

But Blake wasn’t here to admire the scenery.

She was here for only one thing.

The team decided to visit the mall to get each other’s Christmas presents so they didn’t have to try to be sneaky. Certain members in team RWBY *cough cough* Yang, fail in that aspect. The plan is to stick their gifts in a plastic bag so no one could see the prize.

Just as Blake was fed up with searching, a peculiar store caught her eye.

With newfound hope, Blake strode into the crafts store. The air conditioning let a cool breeze whip her hair as she walked in. She appreciated the fact that it was almost vacant, with only a few customers browsing the aisles. She didn’t know what it was exactly she was looking for, as long as it was thoughtful and from the bottom of her heart.

Until something caught her eye.

A beautiful red fabric dangled off a shelf. The faunus admired the glimmering light that reflected off it. She hesitantly reached her hand out to touch the ethereal cloth, not sure if she was allowed to handle such a heavenly item.

Blake gently rubbed her fingers to test the fabric, which was obviously made of the finest silk in Remnant.

Suddenly, an overwhelming urge kicked in.

She glanced over her shoulder and noticed no one was behind her. Her eyes then darted around the store.

The faunus felt relief.

She could do this with no worry.

Sensing it was clear, she swatted the fabric playfully.

This caused the bells the fabric was resting on to ring.

Blake squealed with joy, but quickly covered her mouth to not make such a noise. She knew such an act was inappropriate, but she couldn’t help herself.

The faunus was about to swat it again to satisfy her needs, but noticed a customer staring at her with an expression of shock.

Blake blushed from embarrassment and grabbed her arm to force it down.

‘Stop it... Not here,’ Blake scolded herself. ‘Not now… There’s a time and a place for this, and this is NOT it!’

After her little pep talk, Blake met the customer's stare from across the store to let her know that she didn’t appreciate the weird look.

The stranger raised her eyebrows, unsure if she should say anything or not.

Blake didn’t give her the chance to as she spun on her heel to break the uncomfortable eye contact. She was here for a reason, dammit!

‘I need to learn how to keep myself in check…’ the faunus mumbled in her mind. ‘Then again… I can never satisfy it back at the dorms…’

Blake sulked her way through the aisles, mumbling about how life wasn’t fair for giving her such troublesome traits.

As if fate wanted to cheer her up, the faunus found the perfect present in a nanosecond.

She paid for the items and sped off, not wanting to step foot in that store ever again.

“Blakey!” Yang greeted and waved her partner over. “Are ya hungry?”

“Considering we’re in the food court, I think you’re hungry,” the faunus replied as she took her seat next to her girlfriend.

Blake noticed her teammates had plastic bags underneath their chairs. This meant she was the last one to get the shopping done.

“What took you so long?” Weiss grew impatient from waiting for her team to finish shopping.

Blake put her bag under the vacant seat next to Yang before answering the question.

A faint blush crept on Blake’s cheeks when she remembered the incident. “N-nothing. Are we getting food or not?” she tried to change the subject as soon as possible.

Ruby stood up from her seat and pumped her fist in the air. “Alright teeeeaaammm RWBY! Our second mission today is to get food!”

Weiss calmly stood up and dragged her partner away to the nearest food stand. Blake’s sensitive cat ears caught the heiress chiding Ruby and saying, “Settle down, dunce. Honestly, how can you be so hyperactive all the time?”

The faunus held back a laugh when she heard Ruby trying and failing to stifle a whimper.

A hand was placed on her shoulder. “Come on, Blakey. What are ya hungry for?”

“Fish sounds nice,” the faunus evenly replied.

The blonde had the widest grin on her face. “Whale that sounds fintastic!”

Blake gave no response to the horrible joke, so Yang nudged her. “Eh? Eh?”

Blake rolled her eyes. “That was horrible and you know it.”

“Feisty! I like it!”

Once the pairs found their food of choice, they settled down at the same table in the middle of the food court.

Humans and faunus were bustling about to get last minute Christmas shopping done. To say the mall was animated was an understatement. Blake had never seen it so full at one time. People really needed to learn how to not procrastinate.

Blake enjoyed the scene anyways. She glanced at her teammates and was relieved to see them enjoying themselves. Weiss flicked Ruby’s forehead when Ruby tried to talk with her mouth full.

It was nice to finally unwind a little. The team recently finished a particularly enervating mission and was glad Ozpin gave everyone in Beacon a break to enjoy the holidays.

Just as Blake took a bite of her tuna, she noticed Yang’s gaze settled on her with an expression of concern.

The faunus set the tuna on her plate. “Is there something wrong?”

“It’s just…”

Blake had never seen her partner so conflicted before. Was the blonde hiding something from her?

“What is it? You know you can tell me anything,” the faunus assured.


Blake’s amber eyes never left the blonde.

“Look over there!” Yang pointed behind Blake. “It’s a mouse!”

Blake slammed two fists on the table and frantically darted her head back and forth.


Yang shrugged and tried to speak clearly when her mouth was full. “Itpsh gwone nwoh.”

‘What’s her mouth full of?’ Blake asked herself. ‘She’s done with her food…’

Blake glared at her partner and looked down at her tuna, where a good portion of her lunch was missing. It was clear the bite was hasty and desperate, just like her girlfriend.

The faunus let out a powerful hiss directed at Yang.

Yang threw her hands up in surrender. “Woah, woah, kitty has claws!”

The hiss attracted the white rose pair’s attention.

Weiss scowled. “What did you do this time, you brute?”

“Yaaaaaang,” Ruby whined. “You know Blake only hisses when she’s REALLY ticked off. What’d you do?!”

“I may or may not have,” Yang rubbed the back of her head. “Stolen some merchandise.”

“You WHAT?!” Weiss screeched.

“You could have worded that better,” Blake deadpanned.

“So I took a bite of her tuna,” the blonde waved off. “I just wanted to see why she likes it so much…” she puffed her cheeks.

Was Yang… pouting?

‘Is she jealous… of my tuna? That’s kind of sweet… in a really weird way.’

Blake sighed. “If you wanted a bite, you should have asked.”

“Really?” Yang’s eyes twinkled with hope.

“No,” Blake was all too eager to shoot down her hopes and dreams.

She doesn’t play around when it comes to tuna.

Yang sulked and focused her attention on Weiss. “Well at least Blakey has something good.

The heiress put her fork down. “Are you trying to suggest that salads aren’t good?”

“Leaves aren’t lunch, princess.”

“Like that hunk of meat isn’t any better!” Weiss was referring to Yang’s hefty cheeseburger. “And don’t call me that!”

Ruby pleaded with her eyes at Blake as the two bickered. It was always like this. Sure, Weiss and Yang had their differences, but it always broke out in a fight. The two were both too stubborn to admit defeat, so it usually dragged out for long periods of time. Yang mainly went along with it to see the heiress’ reactions...


“Stop calling me that, princess,” Yang kept her voice leveled.

“The day I do that is the day you stop calling me princess!”

“Ha,” Yang scoffed, “so never.”

“Why you-”

“Guys!” Ruby interjected and briskly tried to change the subject. “Are you done eating?”

“Yes,” Weiss replied. “But-”

“No buts!” Ruby shouted. “We’re done here. Let’s go home.”

...And Ruby was always the mediator between the two while Blake usually opted out and enjoyed listening to their pointless disagreements.

Weiss gently slammed her fist on the table in defeat as she met the smirking blonde’s gaze.

“That was the most heated conversation about salad I’ve ever seen,” Blake mumbled.

The team headed off and just as they were about to exit, they had to pass a mini pet store.

Blake jerked to a stop when she saw tiny hamsters running in their wheels. Her breath hitched when she noticed the rodents were having the time of their lives spinning endlessly.

Blake was too distracted to notice her head was following the wheels in circles.

“Everything alright?” Ruby’s voice reached her ears.

“Y-yes,” Blake snapped out of her trance and struggled to keep her head stationary.

After succeeding the feat, she continued to scan the establishment. Her eyes went wide when she saw feathers on a stick hanging on the wall.

‘Those are meant just for us.’ Blake excitedly thought. ‘I… I NEED one…’

Blake’s hand reached out and touched the clear window, which effectively blocked her grasp.

‘No! You don’t need one,’ Blake told herself. ‘You WANT one.’

“You sure?” Ruby asked.

“C-can we just get out of here please?!” Blake wasn’t sure if she could control her urges for much longer.

Ruby was taken aback by her teammate’s sudden outburst, but shrugged it off. “Of course.”

Yang sensed Blake was still in a daze, so she was happy to help her girlfriend snap out of it.

While smiling, Yang pulled Blake in for a kiss.

Blake’s eyes widened, that sure snapped her out of her stupor.

Yang pulled away. “Ready to go, Blakey?”

Blake was still recovering from the unexpected but not unwelcomed action from her girlfriend. “Y-yeah.”

Yang linked her arm with Blake’s. “Then let’s get out of here.”

The faunus counted her lucky stars that her team didn’t notice something was amiss...

Blake couldn’t let anyone know.

She’d rather be skinned alive than admit...

Blake Belladonna liked to play with cat toys.

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