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HIS: Bunny | Jungkook | Book 2


She was my first love.

She was my only love.

She was the only one that made me like this.




She probably didn’t know how I was. The me that she remembers me by is probably too young.

The last time she saw me was when I was twelve...thirteen.

I was twenty three , turning twenty-four soon.

Ten years.

Ten long, f-ing years had passed since I saw her face, her luscious body.

I knew it was luscious. How could I not?

I have eyes, and I have the pictures from old times when she was in high school.

She was twenty eight.

Five years had seemed so difficult to reach but it would finally happen. I was done with college. I had been in a school band and from that I was scouted by an entertainment company as a singer.

That was four years ago.

The reason I came back to my home town was to live quietly. That and to get away from crazy fans. In addition I had too many girls that I had scandals with, the company thought it best for it to die down.

They all thought I was abroad studying. I’ll study of course, acting and what not but I had other things I wanted to study up on.


The woman who started everything.

The one who started my puberty in a sense.

The one I had wanted to take. The only one whose virginity I had wished to claim but had been too late for.

All because of age.

Rejected because of a number.

Not anymore.

She...did not have an excuse any more.

She had no reason to not accept me.

Look at me.

I wasn’t a child anymore.

In age nor body.

If she thought differently, I had ideas to change her mind.

She was here. I knew.

Made sure she was here in this small town in the rural area of this town with few tourists at time.

She was here, her body, sweet and luscious, ready for me.

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