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HIS: Baby | Namjoon | Book 3


"I got one daddy and I call him papa." Copyright ©️ 2018 by HAHA KIM -COMPLETED 9/22/2018

Other / Erotica
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Author's Note

Welcome to the third book of the HIS SERIES, <Baby>!

The third book is dedicated to K.N.J of BTS. If you have not read the other two books, go ahead and read it for your enjoyment. The books are standalone but they are interconnected in slight ways. You will see other members in this books.

This is a fan fiction and a work of fiction, created from a random person’s mind—me, in no way are the people in my stories—if based on real people—actually like that in habit, personality or in action. If there are coincidences or similarities it is only a coincidence. All plot in this story is from my mind.

Rated: Mature.

Continuing on, this book will contain sex, nudity, lemon, lime, bondage, and kinks. There will perhaps be a tiny bit of bdsm. If this is not preferable, this particular book may not be for you.

Once again, take heed. If you in any way uncomfortable with the story, please leave now. I do not want to cause unnecessary discomfort, which is why this note is here before the actual chapters. Readers, please read only if you wish or you are curious.

If you wish to go further in...please do! And please enjoy.

I look forward to meeting you through votes and most importantly comments!

Comments! I love comments. I love hearing from you!

Sincerely, with hope and love,


Thank you so much for your love, support and care!

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