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The Charlotte Comet

Hello. I'm back. To all the Charlotte fans, I deliver this news that in 23rd March 2016, a OVA of Charlotte is launching, though I think that you already know... Anyway, I thank all the wonderful people who have given me reviews and PMs... Thank you for supporting me, I'll try my best to make this story interesting, hope you all will be reading till the end...

With nothing more to say, please enjoy...

The Charlotte Comet..

A soft, cool breeze passed by his face as he was sleeping... Not peacefully, actually... He had a strange angry look on his face... If only it were some other person, he could have told about the thoughts of him... But, unluckily, it wasn't someone else... It was himself...

"Where's Tomori?"

"Right below us... both of them are in the basement."

"Release both of them right away!"


Sound of foot steps?





"AAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Yuu screamed, sitting on his bed... It was already morning...

"It was a dream, just a dream.", Yuu calmed himself down, if the shock would have activated the collapse, it would have been a great... It is better not to think about it. Nowadays, he dreamed a lot...

But, what was the dream all about? Who were those people? Why was Tomori's name mentioned? Why did he mention her name? Who was the little girl? Or was it a boy? What was the bright flash of light? Why did he or she slice his eyes?

Wait, could it be-

"What's wrong? Brother Yuu?" Ayumi entered the room...

"Its nothing," Yuu quickly answered, if it really was the reason of the ruination of his right eye, he did not need to make his little sister know, or... it maybe, no he was sure that it was not how it was ruined, his eye must have been ruined when he was traveling around the world to gather all the powers...The dream was just a image created by his mind, which included both his physical problems and his lost memories... "It's nothing, Ayu, Good Morning."

"Good Morning!" Ayumi smiled, "Come out, breakfast's ready.. You have to go to school.."

"And.. What about you?" Yuu counter-attacked, he wasn't going to lose to his little sister..

"Ayu is already ready!" The little girl stated, placing her hands on her hips, "Now, Get Up!"

"Yes, Miss..." The defeated boy stated, "Anyway, where's our brother?"

"Brother Shunsuke had to go.."

"Yes... I see..." Yuu gave a sad expression, it always explains, his brother was a really busy person, but he wanted to spend time with him and the others to the fullest... only if his memories... "Anyway, Ayumi, I'm coming," he spoke in a fast pace, "Get breakfast ready."

"Roger!" Ayumi declared, before getting out of the room, while Yuu got up to change his clothes...

"It's the beginning of another fruitless day..."

They were discussing an important matter, anybody who dared to disturb them would have to face a great problem... Now that they have all those powers on their hands, the problems have got a lot more... So, "Do Not Disturb"

"Yes.." The head of a syndicate stated, " And what about the strongest power?"

They were near the coast of Japan, but had never made a debut yet. They believed in making plans before debuts and that's what they were doing now... planning for the future... planning for their victory...

This was a old, very old syndicate... which probably had more information about the Charlotte comet than the research centre that was the main part in saving the world. But, they did not care about the world. All they need is power, lots and lots of power... And probably they had got the key of it.

They had made enough plans on conquering the world by ability wielders, but as no new ability wielders remained, they made further plans and successfully executed them, and now, they lay on their hands, the piece of the Charlotte comet..

"I'm sorry sir, none of the children whom we've made to breathe in the dust of the Charlotte comet have gained the power to loot."

This comet was stolen from the research centre of Japan, the same one which was controlled by Shunsuke, and now they were planning on getting the strongest power, "Loot." Only one person had gained this power, and he was Otosaka Yuu.

"I see." The man dressed all in black continued, "What about our spies?" If they did not get anyone who could stop Yuu or have similar powers as him, they would need to keep that particular person in their limit of sight, if by any chance, that boy gets to know anything, their syndicate would be destroyed within a few minutes... not to mention that he would by now, have known that their comet was stolen...

"Sir, according to them, Yuu Otosaka isn't using his powers, for the time being, our syndicate's safe..."

"It explains..." It explains? He can act all cool in front of the workers, but can face the truth? When will someone with the power to oppose Yuu be made? There's just one reason that he didn't find them yet, if even that wouldn't have been with them, then, there would have been no syndicate under his control.


"Or else, our spies would have been caught a long time ago."

It was just as true as the man said, if their victim would have used his powers, he would have read the spy's mind and would have caught him, they were really lucky that Yuu Otosaka, popularly known as the "One-eyed grin Reaper", was holding on to his conscience and trying his best to keep himself calm and collected.

"What about the other powers? What about "Time Leap" and "Collapse" ? Did anyone get them?"

"Sir, unfortunately no." The messenger paused for a while, he had to keep his words at a check, "The three sibling seem to have the most strongest of powers, and now that Otosaka brat has them all."

The man sighed, "Then, we've to get that Otosaka brat in our group, or else he would become our greatest threat." He had to get that boy in their group, as their partner, or else, if he stands on their way, he would be enough to beat all the power wielders they had now, all by himself... He would just need abut a few minutes to plunder all the abilities, he wouldn't even need to fight.

He didn't even have much time, the person by whom the syndicate is still safe, would lose his power in about a year... By then, he would have to, no, they would have to get an alternate solution... The best thing is to get that boy in the team, but would it be possible?

He smiled, at least he had about a year, "Anyway, who told you that only they have the strongest powers?"


"Why do you think that, that boy has not found us yet?"

"Sir, why?" He did not hesitate to ask this question, he was just a messenger, yet, he had always had a curiosity to know the reason of the safety of their syndicate... Why did Otosaka never find them in the first place? Why not even then, when he was roaming around the world, collecting the powers, when they were so close to him?

"Why, sir?" He repeated.

"Because, our syndicate has one of the other superior powers, maybe not as much as those three, but superior enough," The man paused for breadth, "We have the power of Jamming."

"Yuu, there's no time to explain the matter.. Your brother is already at the research centre, come with us."


As he reached his school, Yuu was taken by surprise by his brothers subordinates, who were standing at the gateway, probably waiting for him. He did not get any time to speak to them, all they wanted was him to come with them. Something very wrong had happened, it was clear, just by look of it... Maybe... this was the reason of his brother's early departure...

Something terrible was going to happen...

To be continued...

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