The Charlotte Project


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They had reached there, just at the place where Yuu had guessed them to go... To the research centre... But why?

"What's the matter?" The confused boy asked, what was wrong? "Why am I here?"

"Sit down, Yuu." His older brother spoke in an even tone, which alarmed the confused boy...

"...Okay." He answered. He was already there, right at the place where he was playing a game with Kumagami, about a year ago, but he did not remember, so, that's a different story.

His brother was sitting on the chair right before his eyes, and they were surrounded by his subordinates... Dr. Tsutsumiuchi was also present there, Something was surely wrong, but... but what?

Yuu looked down on his brother's face... It had been drained from all its colors and now, it laid expressionless, white and pale. His eyes, although cloudy, showed enough evidence to scare the living day lights out of the boy. Something terrible must have happened...

"Where to start?" The oldest Otosaka sibling, stated... "We don't have time, so... to the point, Yuu, it's stolen!"

"What's stolen?" The boy asked. What did all this mean? Something was stolen? From the research facility? How? How could something be stolen from somewhere so highly secured? Even if something was stolen what did he need to do?

"The comet." His brother answered, "The Charlotte comet..."

It occurred to Yuu as this, "What?" he must have heard wrong, the comet can't be stolen. "What?" he repeated.

"The comet is stolen." His brother fixed the line of his understanding, the Charlotte comet was really stolen.

"How come?" Yuu asked in frustration, here he was asking for a peaceful life yesterday, and now, another problem! And it didn't look like a minor one... "How can someone steal something from such strong security?"

"No one knows!" Shichino stated. "We don't even have any evidences. All, that the surveillance cameras show are the sudden breaking of the glass chamber where the comet was kept and it's sudden disappearance!"

"I'm worried that this is a really bad business, Yuu." Shunsuke spoke, "We're ruined, and I'm out of ideas."

No one spoke after that, a stunned silence prevailed. Each one of them tried their best to think up a solution to save them from this problem, but what? How? It was already hard enough to continue to maintain a research facility as big as theirs and let alone the problem of protecting its things, about which they were sure for so many years. But now, this? What would they do?

Yuu was sitting quietly, thinking deeply... This couldn't be the work of normal humans, nor could it be that someone had hacked their system and shown their cameras something else... But it couldn't be that some ability wielder could do it. He had plundered all the abilities from their wielders, of the world, didn't he?

Time is running short. Didn't he get any ability to stop time? He didn't. He had to accept that. But now, what?

"Yuu?" Shunsuke spoke gently... "Sorry to get you involved in a problem again... You already did so much."

"It's okay!" Yuu answered quite abruptly. He didn't care. He had made them all unhappy, he could at least get them all out of this crisis. But, how? "I know that it's insane, but could it be that it's the work of some ability wielders?"

Shunsuke didn't answer for a while, he then shook his head an said, "Shouldn't be. You plundered all the abilities, didn't you?"

"As much as I remember, I did."

Another pause, no one moved a muscle. They were in a do or die situation, but, but what would they do?

Everyone had to rack their brains to the maximum, but was there any remedy to this problem? They didn't think so. It was time to face it, they had been beaten. Beaten by someone who was more experienced than them, no one had been suspecting that there could not be such a man... but how? How did he steal the comet from such high security, and from the cameras, without even been seen?

Anyway, all the people's mind came at a stop and a new hope grew, perhaps Yuu could have a plan? He had so many powers, didn't he?

"Yuu?" Medoki broke the silence, "Any ideas?"

"For the time being, none." Yuu admitted, "But, first of all, I want my friends here."

"Huh?" Shichino growled, he was well known for his quick loss of temper, "Your friends? Here?"

"My friends. Here." Yuu calmly stated, "I want them to make strategies, not me."

"But Yuu," Shunsuke started, only to be cut off by his younger brother.

"I want them here." His tone was serious, dead serious... anyone who had heard that, had to obey, and that's exactly, what Shunsuke did, if Yuu needed his friends, there sure was a reason.

Yuu closed his eyes, more trouble. This life! Why didn't it just end? Anyway, he needed his friends for distraction, not actual help, but who cares? He didn't, he just wanted to try to save everyone once more, and this time, by enjoying it, and not by hurting someone...

"What is jamming sir?"

"You don't know?" the man made is sound so common, though, he himself knew that no one except him and a few knew about it.

The man was crestfallen, was he supposed to know? "Um... sorry sir, I don't."

The man looked at the person standing in front of him, sometimes he felt pity for the people below his level, but again, he was the leader and if he wasn't strict, no one would obey him. "Okay, I'll tell you."

"Yes, sir!" He saluted, he was really lucky to be not getting any punishment after not knowing what seemed to be known by all.

"Listen carefully..." The man started.

The messenger concentrated his mind on the explanation, there wasn't going to be any second time...

"Jamming is the power to bock the radio waves and any possible connection of any thing, from outside, within a 100 metre radius, from a particular point."

You mean that this power stopped Otosaka's power to find wielders?"

"Yes." The man answered, in a dignified manner, "Not that we knew, we had only made him use his power so that no one finds us, but wonderfully, we found out that it was even applicable for Otosaka."

"Yes, sir! Understood!"

"Very well, now go to your work."

To be continued...

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