The Charlotte Project


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They had got it. The very thing that they needed. The very machine that would make them defeat Otosaka, Yuu. They had made it, not to mention that it had ruined three power user's life to make it, but it was fool proof, or that's what they thought.

This machine was like a helmet, with a small camera. Any particular person was to be aimed and his power would not work on the person wearing this particular machine. The real thing this machine did was to scan the attack, defence and the references of the powers and to stop them. The only drawback of this particular unit was that it could only stop one power at per use, so for Yuu, Otosaka, it would have been only the first power he would use... And they had to make sure that it was Loot.

Or, else, they had to get a few hits before Yuu decided to use the particular power, and that can be counted as a heavy damage... still... if it prevented the plundering of abilities, then they could make a sacrifice...

But... they could not take any chances, that boy was next to god, with so many powers. They had to first test the machine on him by an individual, and then make the plan of either bribing that boy to join them or else, to destroy him.

But, again, it was easier said, than done. So, the main problem that now remained, was to make up a worthy individual, who could go in front of that boy, Yuu and test the machine... and, maybe... someone with an unworthy power could do the job, and of course, later he would be again made to breathe in the dust of Charlotte, and he would surely gain a power, which can luckily be better than his previous power.

"So, whose's most appropriate in our syndicate to do this job?" The leader of the Japan's and the worlds only syndicate, asked his subordinates. They were currently in the most important room of their syndicate, which was their Conference Hall. Only the people of the highest ranks was allowed here, and now, the rules were more strict.

The answer didn't come as the man wanted, but to be honest, he didn't care, he had to sacrifice for their great plans, and he was ready to do anything... anything except it included in his loss...

"We have to send one of the people who can transform into someone else, there are three of them." was the answer.

"Why? Give me appropriate reasons." Nothing came without a suitable reason. The boss wanted to know every single detail, and when it included such a great power, he surely wanted it.

"Because it would be harder for the person not known by that boy to make him try to use his power on that individual, that too, Loot." The man stated. "Otosaka can suspect something."


"But, if someone of the people he knows asks him to use his ability as an experiment, he would most likely believe him or her." The man paused, he sure would get a promotion after this explanation, " And, most probably your wielder's power isn't at stake as according to our engineers and scientists we have 100% chances, of success, and if it comes to Yuu, then about 90%."

"Very well," The man stated, satisfied, "This to be executed fast."

"Yes, sir!"

"Huh? Medoki?" The confused boy stated, "I can try that power, but, won't it plunder your power? And, anyway, what's that helmet like thing you're wearing?" Medoki had just asked Yuu to use his power to plunder, on her and he was a bit worried.

"I'm chosen to take this risk." Medoki stated, "As, my ability to make someone fall asleep, is the least important of the abilities that remain in our centre."

It was a few days after of the theft of the Charlotte comet, Yuu and Medoki were talking to each other just outside their research centre. The girl had called him when he was with his friends, and had said that it was important, and of course, after hearing his task, Yuu understood that it was important, but why?


"Yes," The girl continued," The 'helmet' like thing that you see is a machine that is created by our scientists, to prevent attacks by power wielders, if they really were the reason for the theft of the comet."

"But brother never told about this!"

"It must be because of the stress... he must have forgotten."

Yuu was perplexed, okay it can be the cause, the past few days have really been a heck, but isn't the experiment a bit too risky? "To stop the use of powers? Even if it stops the powers, then why don't you try it on someone else? Even if something goes wrong, you won't lose your powers."

The girl was ready for this question, "I'm doing so, as I've got a special warning, to ask you to do this as you have the strongest power, and we have to see if it works on that as well. The chances are very low, but, someone else can have your powers, you know..."

"I see..." Yuu stated, if it was necessary, then he would do it. " Get ready."

"I'm ready," The girl replied, adjusting the machine, "Bring it on."

"Okay, here I go!"

Yuu concentrated on the girl standing before him, in turn she switched on that particular machine, or that's what she did, was according to Yuu. It happened like this, that as soon as his pupils turned florescent green, they instantly changed into their original colors. The Loot failed.

It took a while for Yuu to understand that his power to plunder away abilities had just failed. He smiled at Medoki, "Guess that it did work, didn't it?"

The girl smiled, they had finally made a supreme machine which could even stop the strongest power! They did it! "Yes, yes it did!"


"Now you go to your friends, they must be waiting... and I'll go and deliver this news..."

"Okay." Saying this, he turned towards the research facility, today, something good happened...


"Where were you?" A pinkish-orange haired girl asked him as he entered where he was supposed to be, it was Medoki, "Why were you outside? Don't you know that you aren't supposed to be out? There might be power wielders, you know..."

Yuu was shocked, perhaps something bad happened, really bad...

Somewhere far away from where she had just been, Medoki came out of a private car... She had a good news for the boss...

To Be Continued...

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