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Now was the time for great tests... what was the meaning of all this? What were they going to do now? They were trapped... Trapped in an eternal question... Why? Why had this happened to them?

"It's all my mistake" Yuu finally spoke out. They were currently sitting on the main hall of the research center. Yuu was surrounded with all the members of the lab as well as the student council of Hoshinoumi academy. All was a mess... everything was against them. He had again made a mistake. He was such a hopeless person, pick out a idiot and give him the best role to play... "I should have read that girl's mind, when she asked me to use plunder on her, but her appearance was so identical to Medoki, that I-"

"It isn't your fault and you know that!" Nao Tomori, his supposedly lover and Hoshinoumi academy's one and only student council president cut the depressed boy off his line. She wasn't the type of person who would be interested in mere babbling. She only knew that they were in danger, and just mourning wasn't going to help them.

"She's right Yuu, its not your fault." Shunsuke, took his chance to console his younger brother, Yuu had already done a lot of hard work, he deserved a break... and he was not the one to blame... If there was someone to blame, then it was their facility's poor security and him. Yes, him. Now a days, he relied on his brother a lot... and... this is the fruit. Not that his brother was incapable, no he wasn't. He was more than enough, but Shunsuke had been doing less work now... He had forgotten that his brother had a lot of other work to do.

But, this thought was of Shunsuke only. To others, he was one of the most hardworking and greatest men in the world, who had given away all his own priorities and the luxuries of life for the welfare of others. He had time leaped many times, so many times that it had cost him his vision. But, his enthusiasm had not been lost, he had still made such a great research centre and Hoshinoumi academy, all by himself. He had done enough. Now, it was the others turn to do something valuable, so that they could say that they were worth being Shunsuke's as well as Yuu's partners... but, what would they do?

Time was still the greatest enemy, they had to think fast... but what? They had to plan now... everything in the future would depend on this single plan... but what would they do... and even if they made a plan sufficient enough to win against these odds, who and how would he or she execute it? That too, just according to the plan?

Everyone remained quiet... each fighting their own mental battles... Something was needed at the moment, but what?



Yuu had just said something which was like a fine, he must have meant something, but what? Poor boy, that's what everyone could define their thoughts about Yuu Otosaka. He must be blaming himself for everything.

"What fine?" Takajo asked.

"I will move about in the entire place in search of traces." Yuu answered, his eyes never meeting anyone else's. "In the mean time I would like to be sure that our facility is well guarded and safe... I will leave Ayumi here..."

Ayumi, the Otosaka family's youngest sibling was currently in another room, from where this meeting was being held. She was accompanied by Nishimori Yusa for distraction. They were the only people who were not present at this obvious meet.

"Of course, not!" Shunsuke said, "Any wrong move, and we lose you."

"Agreed." Tomori added, "They have just particularly taken your power's check... believe me... you are the first person whom they would want to get rid off."

Maedomari spoke up as well, "What she says is right... they have created something that can stop your abilities."

Yuu couldn't take it anymore, it sucked, his life just sucked! He stamped his foot hard on the floor, "So what are we going to do?! Sit back and let them play their parts?!"

It was a dreadful tone.

Silence. Just mere silence... No one had ever heard Yuu, Otosaka speaking so violently, not even when he din not lose any of his memories, it was just too shocking. A shock couldn't express their feeling. Was it fear? Maybe...

Yuu didn't wait for anyone to say something, "I'm sorry, I overreacted," He quickly apologized for his foul behavior... he himself didn't understand his own personality, "But, sitting here won't make any progress."

Silence... more silence... what? Would they argue with someone who saved the entire world, never thinking about himself? He did have a point, didn't he? Was it really wise to just sit back?

"Yuu?" Shunsuke calmly spoke, breaking the silence of the room after quite some time, "We just want your protection."

"But is my safety more important that this research center, is it more important than the safety of this world?" Yuu counterattacked. He was not going to lose to his elder brother, not at least this time, he knew that something needed to be done.

Shunsuke had no defending answers, suitable enough to this particular question, "The world's safety is more important." He softly agreed. He was the president of Japan's group of people who ensured the welfare of the common people, he had a role to play, he couldn't just let his personal emotions alter his decisions.

"The safety of the world is more important than your safety," He said out loudly and clearly for everyone to hear. He was sorry, but he had to take tough decisions, even if it meant that his younger brother's life could be at risk, the world was more important. How did he not understand this earlier? His younger brother was only trying to perform his duties, and who was Shunsuke to alter his decisions?

"If this is the only way, then Yuu, I want you to give your best and ensure the safety of everyone." He said, maybe his brother's duties were impossible to deny.

No one had any objections, Yuu was the only one... perhaps...

Medoki stepped forward, "Leave the protection of this place in our hands."

"All The Best!"

"I will." Yuu smiled, he would save everyone, "Just wait and watch."

To be continued...

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