Spirit Animals: Return of the new beasts


The original great beasts have vanished from existence new beasts have risen but four have fallen. Four children summon them now their futures have been decided.

Adventure / Action
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Tellun stood beside the Evertree silently looking out into the ocean where the outline of Greenhaven was. He stepped forward towards the edge flicking his ear. "Well never expected you to be here"a serene voice said in amusement. Tellun turned his head slightly to Ninani staying silent. He looked back at the outline of Greenhaven.

"We both know this day would come"Tellun replied. He walked over to the Evertree silently and lowered his head to touch a root. "Are you sure about this Erdas will still remember us"Suka asked walking over. "I know that but it's time for a new era of great beasts to take over..."Tellun sighed.

He stomped his hoof the pelt of each new great beast appearing from the Evertree. Snow leopard, Tiger, Amur leopard, Bald Eagle, Dolphin, Orca, Snowy owl, Black bear, Harpy eagle, Komodo dragon, Tasmanian devil, Honey badger, Przewalski horse, Platypus, and Fisher. He stepped back letting each animal appear on a branch of the Evertree.

"Tellun"Ninani breathed amazed. The new beasts stood on the roots of the Evertree each looking majestic in it's own way. "Are you serious"a voice roared. Tellun turned finding Kovo running over with Gerathon. "New beasts"Kovo yelled. "This issn't fair"Gerathon hissed. "Our time has come my brothers and sisters"Tellun sighed.

"The world will still need us"Kovo yelled beating his chest. Tellun turned away from the two angry beasts silently. "The snow leopard shall serve as the new beasts leader"Tellun announced. Thr Snow leopard climbed onto the highest root the wind blowing through his fur.

Kovo roared beating his chest going rogue. The Snow leopard leaped forward growling his claws forward. The Honey badger pushed the snow leopard away taking the punch to its face. "Atlas"The snow leopard yelled watching the honey badger fly right into the Evertree.

The harpy eagle shrieked diving at Gerathon. Gerathon moved swiftly. She wrapped herself around the harpy eagle throwing her into the Evertree. "Basia"The Black bear roared. Kovo roared in pain as the Tasmanian devil got their jaws on him. "Hadwin let him go"the komodo dragon yelled moving towards him.

Hadwin was thrown into the komodo dragon both hitting the Evertree with a loud thud. "Ula! Hadwin!"the snow leopard yelled. He yowled at Kovo attacking in rage. Tellun kicked him right in the ribcage but not enough to harm him. The elk lowered his head charging at Kovo.

Suka grabbed Gerathon in her jaw roaring. The two dragged the rouge great beasts into the Evertree with them. The rest of the former great beasts followed with the new great beasts watching from their spots by the Evertree. "Zeus what now..."the snowy owl asked. "Blizzard that i don't know but for now lets hope our fallen friends will return"Zeus replied.

He turned stalking away into the darkness. The rest of the great beasts went their separate ways walking towards places to call their home. "Come back my friends..."Zeus rumbled. He yowled skyward raising his head. His fellow beasts cried out towards the sky mourning.

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