The Clichéd but Still adorable Tales of Evans and Potter

He's Now Your Cat, Not Ours

"I hate your cat, Lily," James said walking into the living room of their flat.

The red head looked up from the book she was reading. "What happened to Charon being our cat?"

"Look what the bloody beast did to my hand!" He took a seat beside her and held out his hand for her to see the multiple scratches on it and what looked to be a deep bite mark.

She sighed and placed a bookmark in the book, "You shouldn't antagonize him."

"He did this to me completely unprovoked!" he insisted.

"James, the scratches aren't even bad, I don't see why you're making such a fuss about it."

"He's a monster." Lily shook her head at her boyfriend. "Sirius agrees with me, too."

"Well Sirius is more of a dog person, isn't he?" she replied.

"Funny," he said.

She rolled her eyes, "So, why did Charon scratch you?"

"I was looking for my wand and he was lying on it. So, I gently pushed him away from it and that's when he did this to me!"

"I think we may have different definitions of gently," she replied.

"I nudged him off the bed," he elaborated.

The black cat the couple had just been discussing came trotting into the room and jumped up on the arm of the couch. He nudged Lily's arm with his nose asking to be pet.

"You were the one who got him, James. Don't act like it's my fault we have him," she said, rubbing below the cat's chin as he purred contently.

"I think he's plotting my death," he commented, watching the cat closely.

"Sleep with one eye open," she smirked.

"You're a terrible girlfriend. It wouldn't surprise me if you were helping him."

"You caught us," she laughed.

James watched the two with a look of disgust on his face a for a few moments. "Will you mend my hand, please?"

"Why can't you do it?" she turned from the cat.

"Because, I'm rubbish at healing spells. Besides," he added, "you're much better at them."

"Kissing up isn't going to get you anywhere," she sighed dramatically. "Let me see your hand."

"Thank you," he grinned extending his hand.

"Yeah, yeah," she replied before mending the scratches and bite. "Better?"

He pulled her away from her seat and into his embrace. "Much," he answered, sending a smug look in the direction of the cat.

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