The Clichéd but Still adorable Tales of Evans and Potter

The Wedding Speech

"Excuse me everyone," Sirius Black called, rather loudly too seeing as only a small group of people were there. "I, as the best man, have the duty of making a speech about the groom and his blushing bride." He said standing up on a chair for everyone to see him.

"James," Lily murmured to her new husband. "Should we be worried?"

"Relax, Mrs. Potter," he grinned. "He isn't going to say anything too bad."

"You've been waiting to say that all night haven't you?" she smiled pecking him lightly on the lips.

"James here had been in love with Lily for a very long time. It was quite pathetic, really. He's a nice looking bloke and could have dated any bird he wanted. But, no he decided to spend his days obsessing over Evans."

"Maybe I was wrong," James murmured.

"Hush, I want to hear this," Lily whispered.

"Evans, hated him of course. Prongs became quite familiar with her bat-bogey hex. She isn't very subtle when telling someone to get lost."

"You did hex me a good amount of times."

"Should have buggered off when I asked politely," she replied.

"You know one time, I caught Prongs doodling L.E. over a piece of parchment is charms. That was in sixth year…"

"Did you really?" Lily asked, trying to hold back her laughter.

"Yes," he muttered sheepishly. "In my defense though, I was sort of in love with you."

"I didn't really like Lily until sixth year or so. I thought she was kind of a bitch…"

"Gee thanks," she said under her breath.

"But, one day she caught James and me trying to turn the Slytherin banner hot pink. Instead of giving us detention, she actually helped us out. I decided then that she couldn't be all that bad."

"I should have stopped you two and given you detentions. Then, I wouldn't have had gotten caught along with you," Lily said.

"Oh come on, you had a blast scrubbing floors with me."

"Then, those two started dating. Took them long enough too. They spent nearly a year just ignoring the fact they wanted to snog each other senseless. Though, I'll admit, I did miss the times when I could walk into our dormitory without catching them in a heated snog…"

"James, say something!" she whispered, blushing.

"I guess what I'm trying to get at here is that they love each other. Their two fantastic people and in times like these we could always use a little more love in the world." He turned toward the newlyweds "So Prongs, Lily congratulations, I'm happy for you guys. I love you both."

Lily felt the tears well up in her eyes. Coming from Sirius, that as really sweet. Lily walked over to him and pulled him into a tight hug. "I love you, Sirius."

When she pulled away, Sirius spoke once more. "I also hope you two have a fantastic night as a newly married couple," he finished raising his eyebrows suggestively.

"You could have kept that last part out," she glared. It was hard though when she couldn't stop smiling.

"Nah, I couldn't have."

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