The Clichéd but Still adorable Tales of Evans and Potter

A Sentiment that Shows my Love for You

"Here," James said dropping a folded piece of parchment on top of the open text book Lily was currently reading through.

She looked up at him with an annoyed expression then back down to the book. "It's a piece of parchment."

"That is where you're wrong. It is a sentiment to show my love for you," he grinned crookedly at her.

"You love me enough to show me a piece of folded parchment?" She raised an eyebrow at him. "This has to be the sweetest thing anyone has ever done," she said sardonically.

"Just have a look at it," he said taking a seat beside her.

Lily picked up the parchment and examined it closely. Then she picked up her wand and said, "Revelio."

Messer Moony would like to congratulate you on your feeble attempts to look at this, and also believes you should try a bit harder.

Messer Wormtail agrees with Messer Moony's statement.

Messer Padfoot thinks that you your boyfriend is a complete git for showing you this, but also agrees with the above statement.

Messer Prongs knows you can do better and would also like to add that you look stunning today.

Since she was not known for backing down from a challenge, Lily tried multiple times to get the parchment to show what it really was while James watched amused at his girlfriend's struggle.

Finally, the correct writing appeared. "Messer's Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs proudly present the Marauders Map…" she read. "You four made a map?"

"It's not just any old map, Lily. Take a look at the inside."

Opening it, she noticed the small dots scurrying about and the details of the castle; the hidden passageways, the common rooms, all the corridors and hallways. "This is really, really impressive," she said looking up at him.

"I detect a bit of surprise in your tone. I'm hurt," he said, smiling proudly at the map.

"You fully well know that I don't doubt your magical ability," she said. "How long did it take to make it?"

"Peter came up with the idea for it in second year, and we started it sometime in the middle of third year and we finished by the beginning of fifth year."

"That explains all those times I saw you all in the library back then. I always thought you lot just had a death wish and were interested in Madam Pince fulfilling it."

He chuckled lightly, "No, that was just one of the perks to spending all our free time in there.

"Well, come on then," she told him as she began collecting her things.

"Where are we going?"

"To make good use out of this map," she said with a suggestive wink.

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