Together In The Dark

Chapter 13

"What do you mean you gave him a tranquilizer," asked Shuusei. The male nurse and receptionist that he was talking too, looked at each other.

"Sir, he was causing quite the scene. He was wet and looked like he hasn't slept in days. He's just some homeless person who wandered in here. Nothing more," the nurse replied while the receptionist nodded her head looking bored.

"Tell me exactly what he said," Shuusei hissed dangerously quiet while his eyes narrowed. The male nurse gulped and the receptionist finally stopped looking bored.

Saya stared down at Takano. The hospital staff had put him in a private room and had him restrained to the bed. They had given him the tranquilizer twenty minutes ago. It was mild so it should have started to wear off. Saya sighed as she looked down at Takano He had a bruise on his cheek and several other places, assumingly they were from the kidnappers but Saya wasn't so sure. When she visited the hospital security room, they had not been willing to hand over the tapes with the incident recorded on it.

"Nngh, Ritsu…," Takano groaned as his eyes fluttered open.

"Well… you certainly took your sweet time waking up. You look like hell," Saya smirked. Takano looked at her for a second before bolting upright, or as much as he could.

"ONODERA! Please you need to help, he's hurt badly. I left to go get help but… WHY THE HELL AM I TIED DOWN TO THE BED!"

"I think you can focus on that when you're filing your lawsuit against the hospital. Right now, my name is Sergeant Homiura Saya. My partner and I have been looking for you and Onodera since your disappearance five days ago. Now I need to take your statement."

"You need to go and get Onodera. He needs help!"

"Einstein, I can't do that until you tell me where you were. That's part of taking your statement." Takano calmed down at that. "Now, I need you to tell me everything that happened from the moment you were kidnapped up until right now."

Takano took a breath of annoyance, "Can't you at least take these damn things off," he said nodding toward the restraints.

"Those idiots," thought Shuusei as he stormed his way towards Takano's room. "When a guy comes to you saying he needs help, you shouldn't judge him based on the appearance of being homeless! The fuck's the matter with them; the homeless need help too, more so even!"

Just as Shuusei reached the door, Saya exited, walking right into him. "Hey watch it," she cried. "Oh, it's you."

"He awake," Shuusei asked.

"Yah, I just took his statement. He said that Onodera was shot in the leg and the wound is infected and that they were at the docks, which is where we thought they were. He remembers exactly where he came from so he should be able to lead us right to Onodera. He also said he didn't see anyone around but he also didn't see who kidnapped him and Onodera so when we go, we should use extreme caution. Also, if Onodera's wound is as bad as he says, it will probably be a good idea to bring a Paramedic with us."

"Have you called the station to get a tactical team ready go?"

"I was just about to make the call," she answered.

"How did he get away?"

"Apparently Onodera fashioned some lock picks out of Takano's glasses and told Takano what to do in order to pick the lock."

"Wow! How'd Onodera know what to do?"

"No idea, now if you don't mind," Saya motioned to her phone. Shuusei nodded and shut up so she could make the phone call.

"Are you positive this was the place," Shuusei asked as he turned to Takano. Takano nodded his head as he gazed at the warehouse. Shuusei turned to Saya then, "It's so damn foggy that we won't see anyone sneak up until it's too late!"

"Takano said he didn't see anyone when he snuck out so we can only hope that luck's on our side and they've stayed gone. Luka working with Damon Wes to find the other two kidnappers as we speak, we've got tactical here, and a person who knows exactly where Onodera is. We should be okay," Saya replied before hopping out of the car to join the tact team leader, leaving only Takano and Shuusei in the car.

"I heard their ransom demands, well me and Onodera," Takano started. "Onodera said his family didn't have any political ties. Why… How… What was their reason?"

Shuusei sighed, "They, the kidnappers, made a mistake. They were hired to kidnap a coworker of yours, but mistakenly took Onodera for him."

"Mistake," Takano asked before realization crossed his face, "They were after Miroku, weren't they, but why?"

"He's the son of the CEO of Shoutaru Incorporated. It's a private military company."

"You mean they're like mercenaries in nice suits. Who hired our kidnappers? They mentioned some law, what is it?"

"They were hired by Shoutaru Incorporated's top competitor, Bell Industries. They were hoping to use Miroku as leverage to get the Minkan Gunji Legislation passed."

"What the hell is that?"

"It is legislation that is in the Diet right now. It's a regulation law. It would prevent private military corporations, like Shoutaru Incorporated, from taking contracts from foreign powers. If a law like that were passed here, it would be worth billions to Bell Industries. That's why Shoutaru Incorporated has been fighting not to have it pass."

"But if the CEO's son were kidnapped, it would be enough leverage to ensure that the legislation would pass," Takano finished, realization written all over his face.

Shuusei nodded. "We think, because Onodera is still alive, that the kidnappers don't know they grabbed the wrong person." Suddenly there was a knock on the window. Shuusei looked out to see Saya giving the "let's go" sign.

"This is the room," Takano quietly said. The tact team quickly moved into position around the door. Takano was forced to stay back. Saya and Shuusei stood in front of the door. Shuusei put his hand on the knob and looked to Saya. Saya raised her gun, ready to shoot any hostiles, and nodded her head.

Shuusei nodded as well and quickly opened the door. He, Saya, and the tact team flooded the small room and looked around. "Uhh, isn't Onodera supposed to be here," Saya asked. Takano hurried in and looked at the last spot he had seen Onodera. There, on the floor, was a DVD.

"What do you think is on this," Shuusei asked as he picked it up. There was only stunned silence.

"We have to find him," Takano cried as they walked into they walked into police headquarters.

"Takano san, we are using all of our resources to find him. Please do not worry," Shuusei answered.

"No, you don't understand! He's hurt really bad; I was so scared he was going to stop breathing when I was with him! We have to get him to a hospital!"

"Takano san, I understand, right now though, you need to let us do our jobs," Shuusei noticed Luka walking into the room then, with a grim expression on his face. "Luka, please give me good news."

Luka pressed his lips together before answering, "You're going to want to see this."

"Luka, what are we looking at," Shuusei asked as he, Saya, and Takano san looked at the black screen of the big screen TV. Luka simply pressed play to the video.

The camera shook as a voice started to speak, "I warned you about involving the police! But you still got one of my partners arrested," the camera moved to a giant box. "You know I thought about shooting your son again, but then I realized that if the first shot didn't help you cooperate, then a second probably won't either," the camera moved to the opened lid. Onodera lay there so still and unconscious, but you could see him still breathing, barely. A hand touched his face and turned it to the side. "So I decided to give you a lesson you'll never forget. That bodyguard you hired really should have taken him with him. Aww well, at least you'll have someone to blame," with that the lid closed on the box. The last thing Shuusei, Saya, Takano, and Luka saw, was the shovel dumping dirt on Onodera's grave.

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