Together In The Dark

Chapter 14

"Mmm, it's so cold and dark I wonder if sempai is cold," Onodera thought as he squirmed around in the cramped space. "Sempai," he called. "Where are you? Are you cold too? We should get some blankets, since we kicked them off last night." He blushed as he thought of their night of passion with him losing his virginity.

He had to smile though; he was able to do something he thought was impossible with his sempai! It reminded Onodera of England, when he and his friends went out and did some experimentation. His parents would kill him if they found out. "Sempai," he called again, "England's amazing. I left for there in a rush, it was lucky I already had a passport. A friend of mine is named Lucky."

Ritsu smiled, he was lucky to be able to go to Paris and trek across Europe with his friends. They had played rugby, and he was terrible. Cricket was a much better sport. Onodera wished he could hear crickets from his apartment, they were comforting. Olivia made things comfortable for him. Olives from the Cyclades were delicious, but he still loved tempura.

"I love you sempai," he whispered. Those four words filled his chest with so many mixed emotions. Pure happiness for being with the love of his life, agony that he would not say those words again, and fear. He saw a flickering image of sempai. He reached his hand out towards Saga sempai but his hand bumped against something. It was like he was boxed in by an invisible force. "Sempai," he whispered again.

Ritsu had been in the darkness now for who knows how long. It was eerily quiet. Ritsu wished sempai would come back with a light already. "Really how long does he expect me to wait in his bedroom," he thought. "Bedroom? Sempai laugh at me when I was with him in his bedroom. He…he laughed because he didn't love me." Onodera felt tears pricking in his eyes; this reminded him of when Olivia, his best friend back in England had broken up with a jerk. He had felt so helpless as he held her while she sobbed. No one was here to hold him though.

"But then why did sempai say that he loved me on that couch," Onodera remembered thinking of a time when the sun was cruelly shining bright and both he and Takano san were dead tired, drinking coffee. "Who's Takano san?" For some reason, the pain in Onodera's heart reminded him of a painful time with his best friend Olivia.

"Olivia, it will be okay," he soothed as he rubbed gentle circles on Olivia's back.

"He said that I was a boring hag! Who the hell says that to a girl? That word 'hag' is so old! I gave him everything," she screamed.

"Everything?" Onodera asked, anger beginning to rise in his heart as he understood and shared Olivia's pain.

"Everything and he just took it and then got tired. God, I just want to kill him, and make him give back what he took!"

Onodera held Olivia closer as he whispered, "I'll help you hide the body." He kissed the top of her head. "You gave your heart to him and he stomped on it. You have every right to be furious," he whispered as memories of his own rejection welled up in his chest. "But in a way this is a good thing."

"A good thing? What about this is good," Olivia cried.

"Love it's… It's not really real, it never lasts. You have to lay yourself bare to someone else and that thought is completely terrifying. They'll judge you, probably call you disgusting and break your heart."

"You're really not helping," Olivia whimpered.

"The point is, you've learned this at an early age that first loves never lasts and you can move on with your life. You can study abroad, join clubs you never would have thought to join, and focus on yourself."

Olivia sniffed, "But Ritsu, isn't that just running away?"

It was really cold now Onodera realized. He found it as difficult to breathe as he did when he was learning how to pick locks. "Why is it so difficult," he thought as the lock picks fell from his hands. He was able to jimmy open a car in less than a minute, why couldn't he pick a lock.

"It just takes practice," Ritsu's cousin said, as he sensed Ritsu's frustration. "How about we take a break from this? You could break into another car and take it for a joy ride. Where did you learn how to jump start a car anyway?"

Ritsu turned to his cousin and smiled. "You know legal driving age in Japan is 18 and both you and I are nowhere near that age."

"That's never stopped us before," he said as he and Ritsu busted out laughing.

Suddenly, Onodera could hear a siren. It started off faint but gradually became louder before disappearing again. "I must not be buried that deep," he thought, "Wait, I'm buried!? I can't breathe!"

"I don't want you kids digging around in the ground out here," Ritsu's mom yelled. "You will not bring home or show us any more toads!" Ritsu and his cousins all nodded their heads, but it really hurt the stings on their necks.

"Oh my god, what happened to those kids," a random woman cried as she and her husband walked into the lodge of the hot springs resort.

Ritsu and his cousins all looked at one another and grinned, "Aghh, I don't feel good. Bleh, I'm gonna hurl. Nnnn." The collection of voices caused the woman and her husband to turn tail and run.

Everyone looked at each other again. They were going to have an awesome time for the rest of the reunion."

"It's so dark," Ritsu thought. Even when he opened his eyes the inky blackness was still as dark as when his eyes were closed. "I used to be scared of the dark, this isn't helping that old fear." Ritsu just wanted to roll over but every time he raised his shoulder, it would bump into something. Ritsu sighed, well as much as he could. With each breath, it was getting harder and harder to breathe. The only thing Ritsu really wanted to do now was to sleep like he had a few hours ago before being disturbed.

There was rustling, around him. Ritsu wanted to look and see, but his heavy eyelids would not open. Suddenly, warmth surrounded him like a blanket, tightly wrapping around his body and neck to ensure Ritsu would retain heat. It took Ritsu a moment to realize there was strangled breathing near him.

Ritsu felt a hand on the top of his head and warm lips press against his forehead. They held there for several moments before they removed themselves and something else pressed against his forehead. It felt like someone else's forehead.

"I promise you, Ritsu," the strangled voice began. "I will be back with help, so…. so you've got to… to hang on for me. You've got to keep breathing! I promise you, when you wake up, everything will be all right. Just… just stay with me! I love you so much!" With that final statement, Ritsu felt someone else's tears fall onto his face as the hand and forehead were removed. Then, some of the heat left, but Ritsu still felt warm with a comfortable scent wafting around him.

"I know this smell," he thought as something clanged shut.

Onodera felt his eyelids growing heavier as he gasped for breath. However, no matter what he did, he couldn't catch a breath. He wondered where that comforting voice from before was. It said it would be back, but Onodera felt so alone. Sleep seemed to beckon to him more as he remembered something else…

"I can't believe they got Damon," a young, aghast voice cried in English as Ritsu felt rough hands grab him. The air smelt like oak trees

"Yah, well, it happen so get over it. I just want to teach his parents a lesson they'll never forget. We're lucky that other guy didn't bring him with him. Though given how heavy this guy is, I can see why he didn't," a malicious voice answered.

"How did you know he escaped?"

"I set up a motion sensor before we put them in there. It was set to go off if anyone exited the room."

"How'd he get out anyway?"

"I look like a psychic to you? Who knows. Now Ethan go get the camera."

"What are you going to do," Ethan nervously asked.

"Like I said, send his parents a message they will never forget."

There was silence for a brief moment before Ethan answered, "No… you're not… you're not going to do that to him are you? I agreed to kidnapping not murder!"

"Listen you whiny ass piece of shit, you may have agreed to kidnapping, but death was always going to be the end game. Now grow a pair!"

"No! The boss said we just had to get the law pass and then we could let him go and walk away. I mean, Christ, he's only a little younger than me!"

"Ethan," the voice said dangerously quiet, "You will help me put him in or this is it."

There was silence a few moments longer, "No," Ethan answered.

"Fine." BANG! A loud shot rang out. "Then I'm sorry Ethan, but Bell Industries no longer requires your services."

The fog completely clouded Ritsu's mind. He couldn't even feel his body anymore. It kind of felt like drowning, after letting the water into your lungs it's just so peaceful. Ritsu felt weightless, like he was flying in the darkness. Suddenly, a bright light surrounded him, and Ritsu knew then, he'd never have to worry again.

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