Together In The Dark

Chapter 3

Takano woke with a start. It was so dark when he looked around.

The inky blackness of the room surrounded them. Wait… them? Takano wrestled against the restraints to turn his body around and sure enough, there was Onodera lying unconscious. "Onodera," Takano called. "…Ritsu?"

Ritsu didn't stir though. Takano could just barely make out Ritsu's features. He leaned his body forward and pressed his cheek to Ritsu's neck. He could feel Ritsu's steady breathing, rising and falling, rising and falling. Takano sighed with relief. He still remembered when Isaka had called him to tell him that Onodera had collapsed. Takano had been frantic with worry, praying, that after ten years of waiting to finally see Onodera again, he wouldn't lose Onodera again. Takano leaned his body back. At least they were together in the dark, whatever small comfort that was.

Suddenly the door banged open. Takano hadn't even been able to see it. A familiar voice called out to Takano. "Something bad is going to happen."

"What," asked Takano.

"I said," the man came into better view, "Something bad is going to happen."

"M… Miroku," Takano questioned in shock.

Miroku smiled sinisterly. "Something bad is going to happen," he said as he raised the gun.

"Miroku, don't. Please don't." Takano cried out squeezing his eyes shut, just as the gun went off.

BANG! Takano opened his eyes. He was alive. HE WAS ALIVE. Miroku had disappeared but there was a sickly sweet smell in the air. That's when Takano knew.

He didn't want to look. But the dark curiosity inside of him was getting the better of him as he slowly turned his body around. He choked and gagged at the sight. Onodera laid there, with a big gaping hole in his head.

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