Together In The Dark

Chapter 4

Takano stared at the scene before him. The scent of blood hung in the air. It was funny how sickly sweet it smelled. Takano looked wildly around for any sign of where Miroku had gone, but there was nothing. "Ritsu… I'm so sorry." Takano cried out.

"Takano san," a voice called.

Takano closed his eyes and shook his head as the tears fell. Ritsu was dead. Miroku was right. Something bad had happened and now there was nothing he could do about. Takano opened his eyes and looked at the body of the man he loved. It only served to drive the point in more. "I'm so sorry."

"Takano san," the voice called again. When Takano turned his head to where the voice was coming from, he saw a bright light.

"What," was all he said as the light enveloped him.

"Takano san, are you all right?" Takano shook his head then and realized he was blindfolded so he couldn't see anything. "Takano san, are you all right?"

"Ritsu?" Takano breathed a sigh of relief.

"No, I'm a shinigami. Who the fuck did you think I'd be," Onodera indignantly and sarcastically cried out.

Takano shook his head again, "Oww," Takano winced.

"Careful, you got a pretty good hit to the head when we were taken last night. You probably have a concussion," Onodera replied.

"Great," Takano sighed. "Are you okay? You're not hurt at all are you? I mean they haven't done anything to you?"

"Uhh, I'm fine. I think they used chloroform on us. Before I passed out, I saw they had ski masks on. They were in here before you woke up and I heard three voices. Did you see anything?"

"No, I was pretty disoriented last night. Are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine. What's with you?"

"Nothing… Just… had a dream. Any idea what these guys want?"

"I couldn't really make out what they were saying before, but I think they said or at least thought you were my bodyguard or something."

"I was a witness and they didn't want to leave a body lying around," Takano bluntly said.


"Of the two of us, they were more likely to go after you then me."

"Why? Because I shorter than you?"

"What? No, are you an idiot or something. I'm saying you're more of a target because your family is loaded."

"Oh shut up, I knew that! Anyways there going to call my parents soon with their demands."

"Any idea what they want?"

"No," Onodera sighed. Takano grunted as he tried to get out of the restraints binding his hands. "I already tried that, they won't budge."

Takano sighed. He began to think back on the events that had led to this situation. That's when he realized something. "I did see something!"


"I did see something. When they were loading us into the van I saw Miroku running towards us."

"Miroku? What in the world?"

"I don't know, but I saw him."

"Well maybe…" Onodera was cut off when he and Takano heard footsteps coming towards them.

"Ahh, so glad to see you're awake. Now listen up," the man said as he grabbed Onodera by the hair. "When I say speak, you speak got it? Otherwise…" he pressed his gun to Onodera's skull. "I'm going to have to prove a point." With that, the man started dialing on the phone. Onodera took a few calming breaths while he tried to remember what he had been taught, before leaving the embassy in England.

The man waited as the person on the other end answered the phone before replying, "Listen closely. If you ever want to see your son again, you have to get the Prime Minister to agree to pass the Minkan Gunji Legislation in the Diet." Onodera furrowed his brow at that demand. He expected a demand of billions of yen not… a political demand. "You'll use your connections if you want him back alive, good…" the man paused again before replying, "You're pushing it." Suddenly Onodera felt the gun pressed against his forehead again. "You say anything bad or anything I don't like, I will put a bullet in your skull and feed your friend here to an incinerator." Onodera nodded his head to show he understood. With that done, the man pressed the phone to Onodera's ear.

"Hello?" Onodera cautiously asked.

"Ritsu? Oh thank god, Ritsu, are you okay," came his father's relieved voice.

"I'm fine dad. Me and Takano san are both fine. We have been given food and water. We are okay." Onodera only hoped his parents would remember the code he had told them about from that hostage class he had taken.

Onodera felt the phone being taken away but still heard his father say, "Listen, Ritsu, we are going to get you home. You understand?"

"I'm sure he does," came the steely voice again. "Get the Prime Minister to agree to the terms and he will live." The man paused again. This time, Takano felt something off in the pause, his dream reappeared in his mind's eye. Takano could feel his heart stop when the man asked, "Are you talking to the police?" There was an aura of pure anger and murder in the air. "Ha, you're lying to me, I said no cops! Do you know what I do when people lie to me?" BANG!

Takano felt as if he had just gone deaf as he called, "ONODERA ARE YOU OKAY!"

Onodera could only moan in pain. The bullet had entered his right thigh. He could feel the blood running out into his pants and on the floor. He felt droplets of blood on his face from the spatter of the blood when the bullet had exploded into his leg. There was a burning sensation at the entry wound while all other parts of his body felt cold. He could just barely hear Takano crying out to him. However he clearly heard the man say, "Next time you disobey me, I'll shoot him, somewhere much more important!" With that the man hung up the phone, "Get them out of here and into the space."

Takano could feel a rough hand grab his bicep and yank him up, but he kept struggling to find Onodera. "Onodera! Onodera are you okay? ANSWER ME!"

"Shut the fuck up," came a foreign voice. "God this one's annoying!"

"Well so is this one, I mean he can't walk!"

"What do you mean Onodera can't walk! What's going on? Where are you taking us?" That's when Takano heard a creaking sound before he was shoved forward. There was another thump beside him followed by a sharp cry of pain. Rough hands undid the restraints binding Takano's hands before disappearing. Takano had just enough time to rip off the blindfold, to see a huge iron door slam shut, before he and Onodera were immersed in total darkness.

"Onodera," called Takano. There was a small moan in reply. Takano stood up and felt his pockets. The kidnappers hadn't bothered to go through the pockets completely! Takano quickly pulled out his new cigarette lighter and flipped it open. Granted it was a crappy light source, but right then it felt like pure gold. Takano saw Onodera curled up in the fetal position in the corner and made his way towards him. "Onodera, let me see." Takano saw Onodera shivering uncontrollably. "Onodera, show me."

Onodera shivered some more before rolling onto his stomach, on the dirty floor, before turning to Takano so he was on his left side. He removed his hands from his right thigh to show the older man. Takano could feel his anger rise. That's when Takano saw Onodera's blindfold.

Takano picked it up and tied it around Onodera's thigh above the bullet wound so it would act like a tourniquet. Takano then slipped off his jacket and wrapped it around Onodera's shivering frame. "Shh, Ritsu it will be okay. I promise you."

"It d…do…doesn't m…m…make any…sense," Onodera whispered.


"M…m…m…my family, w…we…we d…don't have any… p…poli…political ties. Wh…why would… they… as…ask for something… l…li…like that."

Takano tightened his arms around Onodera and pulled him close, realizing Onodera was most likely going into shock. "It will be okay," Takano whispered into Onodera's hair. However, it was unclear if he was saying it to Ritsu or to himself.

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