Together In The Dark

Chapter 5

After the phone call, Onodera Yuki had to be taken to the hospital to be treated for shock. Onodera Hatake had remained in the same position he had been in during the phone call for good hour after the call. Meanwhile, all the cops were trying to figure out what the Minkan Gunji Legislation was. Those cops that knew people in the government were calling to see if there informants knew what it was, but so far there was nothing about it for the general population.

"Dammit, I've got nothing," Luka cried. The six foot four twenty-six-year old had been combing the internet for something about the legislation, in hopes that anything about it had been leaked.

Detective Sakurai glanced over to the brunette, who had his shoulder length hair tied in a ponytail. "Don't worry about it right now," Sakurai replied. "For now, start analyzing the phone recording. Get me something I can use to track the two of them down. Sergeant Homiura, I want you to come with me. The two men's work just texted me their addresses and apparently they live right next door to each other."

"I'll be right there, I just want to check on Onodera sama," she responded. Shuusei nodded his head before heading out the door to the car. Saya looked over to where Hatake still sat on the couch with his head bowed. She took a deep breath before walking over to him. "Onodera sama, is there anything you need?" Hatake didn't move or make a sound. Saya sighed before crouching down so she could see Hatake's face. "Onodera sama, we will figure this out. You just have to trust that your son will be alright. He knows the other man he was kidnapped with so he's not alone at least. I'm sure they'll be alright. You know your son better than anyone, he'll pull through."

"We don't even know where he was shot," Hatake finally responded looking Saya in the eye.

Saya pulled her mouth into a line before answering, "They said 'they would shoot him somewhere more important next time.' That means where ever he was shot, was probably a non-fatal wound." Saya offered with a half-smile. Hatake simply swallowed before bowing his head again with his folded hands pressed against the scalp of his honey brown hair. Saya knew that Hatake was blaming himself for what had happened. She had seen it in his jade green eyes.

"You'll be able to bring him home won't you?" Hatake's question was so quiet that Saya almost missed it.

She bit her lip before replying carefully, "We'll do everything in our power to see this through." She quickly stood up then and made her way to where Shuusei was waiting.

The car ride to Onodera Ritsu's and Takano Masamune's apartment building was quiet. Just before Shuusei pulled the car into an available parking spot he quietly asked, "Saya, what happened."

"Has Luka found anything on the recording?" Shuusei shook his head. "Do you think we'll find them?"

"We'll do the best we can. Here we are." Shuusei pulled the car into the stall and exited the vehicle. Saya followed suit.

"It's definitely not as lavish as the Onodera mansion," she commented as they entered the building, just in time for Shuusei to see a familiar face.

"Hey I know you," called Shuusei to a certain brunette. "Your Miroku Tashouru, you work with Onodera and Takano san at Marukauwa Publishing."

Miroku whirled around to face Detective Sakurai and Sergeant Homiura. "I, I, ah, uh, I live here," he stuttered.

"So you work at the same company and live in the same building as Onodera and Takano san. Have you noticed anything strange the past few days," asked Saya.

"N…no not really. Uh, listen I have to go, I'm expecting a... a call from my parents soon. They've been overseas and they just got back, so uh, bye." With that Miroku disappeared into his apartment on the first floor.

"Is it just me or does he seem a little off to you," Saya asked Shuusei.

"Yah, he's definitely hiding something. I'll have Luka do some digging into his background, but for now we should really check out the two apartments." Saya nodded and she and Shuusei proceeded to apartment 1201, Takano's apartment.

"Well it's a nice bachelor pad," commented Saya.

"Yah see if you can find a computer. Just because he was kidnapped, doesn't mean he's not a part of it. A computer should give us a list of his communications," sighed Shuusei. Both of them then moved off to different areas of the apartment to look around. Shuusei went to the living room while Saya perused the bedroom. "I found a home computer and fax machine," called Shuusei.

"I think this guy has a friends-with-benefits type thing going," Saya answered in reply.

"How do you know that," asked Shuusei as Saya quickly left the room.

"Let's just say it shows signs of activity and two different sets of clothes. But really there's nothing else there. I'll go check the kitchen."

"Kay," replied Shuusei as he started going through the fax machine's history. "Hmm, it's just all storyboards like what I saw at Marukawa," he thought to himself. He then started pulling the wires out of the hard drive of the computer so he could bring it to Luka before picking it up and walking to the kitchen. "Well, how's it going?"

"There's nothing here as well, but that's to be expected. The target was Onodera so if there's anything to find, it will be in his apartment."

"Alright, onto 1202."

"Holy fuck! How can anyone live like this," Saya asked with wide eyes. They had just entered into Onodera's living room, where they planned to search like they did in Takano's apartment. Only, an overwhelming stench slammed into them. Shuusei had thought it was from a dead body. "Does this guy even own a vacuum or a trash can or really even know the purpose of a laundry hamper? I changed my mind; I want to go back to looking through Takano san's apartment."

"His family said he has a fiancée. I hope he's not planning on continuing this pattern after he's married. Otherwise I predict a very unfortunate and preventable divorce in his future," Shuusei smirked. "Go look in the bedroom, I'll… figure something out about… this." He looked over the mess. There looked to be some type of seating device buried in there, but with all the crap around it, it was hard to determine if it was a chair, loveseat, or couch.

Saya made her way very carefully to the bedroom. With all the shit in the living room, there were bound to be some rodents or other furry creatures around. When she opened the bedroom she noticed that it was still messy, but at least there wasn't a stench. It was all just clothes, papers, and books/manga. Saya picked up and examined one of the shirts lying on the floor. "Interesting! Same size as the shirts in Takano san's bedroom, but Shuusei said Onodera san's got a fiancée. Oh, there is definitely going to be a divorce. Maybe the fiancée found out about the affair and decided to get pay back. But wait, Takano san's kidnapping was pretty much a crime of opportunity, if the fiancée was behind it she would have made sure to grab them both because hell hath no fury like that of a woman pissed at her ex."

"Son of a BITCH, they do not pay me enough for this crap," shouted Shuusei.

"What's wrong," called Saya.

"I sat in… I think rat dropping. Shit." Saya really had to fight not to laugh out loud. "I don't think there's anything here."

"Same for me," answered Saya as she exited the bedroom. "He doesn't even have a home computer but he does have a fax machine."

"I already checked it. It's nothing but story boards, just like Takano san's. We should just take Takano's computer to Luka and find out if he found anything in the audio." Saya nodded and Shuusei followed her out of the apartment.

"Luka, tell me you have something," Shuusei called as he and Saya entered the tech ops center of the precinct.

"Something of what," asked Luka as he removed his headphones and glasses to look at them.

"The audio! Remember, you said you try to clean it up," Saya glared.

"Oh… yah, uh about that," Luka nervously smiled.

"What did you do," Shuusei voiced dangerously low.

"Uh, I haven't started going through the audio yet."

"WHAT," screeched both Shuusei and Saya.

"Wait, just listen to what I found!" Both Shuusei and Saya stopped their movements to wring Luka's neck at this. "I was going through the ATM footage again and I accidentally went forward to far. About thirty seconds past when the van went by the camera the last time. There was someone who walked past. Luka turned the monitor of the computer toward them. "I recognized him from the photos you got from Marukawa about Takano and Onodera san's coworkers."

"No way," breathed Saya.

"So, he was acting suspicious earlier, he works at the publishing company as them, lives in the same apartment building as them, and claimed not to know or have seen anything unusual about Takano and Onodera san's disappearances," Shuusei noted.

"That's because he has got to be working with the kidnappers. He has to be their scout," Saya realized.

"We need to have a long discussion with Tashouru Miroku," said Shuusei has he gazed at Miroku on the screen looking between where the van had past and where Onodera and Takano had been walking.

"What do you mean he's not here," shouted Shuusei to Hatori.

"I mean he went home an hour ago and said he'd come back, and he still hasn't. I've tried reaching him on his cell but it keeps going straight to voicemail," Hatori replied.

"He's rabbiting," Saya noted.

"Dammit," sighed Shuusei who briefly closed his eyes to think. He opened them a second later and began to speak, "Alright, keep trying to reach him and if you get through to him, notify me or Sergeant Homiura immediately." Shuusei then turned to Saya. "We should go back to the apartment to see if we can find anything there."

"Ahh, we were just there, it had better not be another pigsty."

"There's nothing here," cried Saya after having comb through the entire living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

"He definitely left in a hurry," stated Shuusei as he exited the bedroom. "He broke his phone and smashed his laptop. He didn't want to let anyone know who he was talking to or where he had been. I must have spooked him when I first went to Marukawa."

"So, basically… we got nothing."

"Well not necess…" Shuusei stopped talking when his phone started ringing. "It's Luka. I'll put him on speaker." Shuusei answered the phone. "Luka, did you finish the audio?"

"No, no I still haven't started on that."


"This is more important than that. So I was talking to a girlfriend I know who is a secretary to a member of the Diet and I called her up to ask if she knew anything about the Minkan Gunji Legislation."

"Yah, and had she," asked Saya.

"No, she has no idea either; everyone is being really hush-hush about it. But she did know something, so I told her I take her out to dinner if she told me. Man it was not easy because she's not a ramen shop girl, she's a…"

"Get to the point Luka or I swear to god I will jump through this phone and strangle you," seethed Saya.

"Okay, well she honestly has no idea what the bill is about but she does know who majorly opposes having it pass."

"Who," asked both Shuusei and Saya.

"Shoutaru Incorporated. It's a private government contractor."

"Shoutaru? Why does that seem so familiar," asked Shuusei.

"Hang on, the driver, Damon Wes worked for Bell Industries which is an American private contractor. What exactly do they do," she asked Luka.

"I don't know, but I'll find out."

"So we got two kidnapped men, one of whom is the son of a major publishing house, a missing suspect named Tashouru Miroku, the Minkan Gunji Legislation that no one knows anything about, and two private government contractors that are from two different countries: Bell Industries and Shoutaru Incorporated. Now all we need to do is find Onodera and Takano and figure out how all of this is connected," stated Shuusei. "Oh and Luka."


"Get started on the audio."

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