Together In The Dark

Chapter 6

"That should do it," Takano sighed as he finished tying the bandage around Onodera's leg. Even with his lighter, Takano had been unable to find his blindfold again, so he had taken his jacket and ripped off some strips to help staunch Onodera's bleeding, and then gave the jacket back to Onodera, who was still shivering, to cover up with. Takano sighed, "I'm going to turn off the lighter so it doesn't burn out. Is there anything you need before I do?"

"Do you st…still have your glasses?"

"Yah, why?"


"Okay," Takano replied as he fished them out of his pocket before handing them to Onodera.

"Thanks." Onodera then opened the glasses and broke the entire length of both the earpieces and end pieces of the glasses.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing?" Takano asked shocked that Onodera had deliberately broken his glasses.

"Before you get mad, are you going to be driving, reading, or going over storyboards?"

"What? No, of course not!"

"Then you don't need to worry. I don't think those guys will be coming back in here any time soon, so we need to break out."

"And you need my glasses to do that?" Takano sarcastically asked.

"Yes. I have a cousin who taught me how to pick locks when we were younger. The bare minimum basic are two tools; one to hold in the lock and the other to actually pick. Ideally it's with two sharp thin pieces of metal like hairpins, but in a pinch you can use glasses. I once did it with a pair of my dad's."

"Seriously?" Takano asked incredulously. Onodera handed Takano the rims of the glasses.

"Yes, I just need to get rid of the plastic to sharpen them. I don't really need light to do that so you can shut the lighter off.

With a half-smile on his face Takano wryly said, "Hey maybe after this is over, we can go rob a bank. Ha, ha."

"Hmm, if I ever did something like that again, I think my mom would actually kill me."

"Wait, what? Again? What do mean again?" There was a pause. Takano wished he could see through the darkness so he could know what type of face Onodera was making.

"I used to have a lock picking set, but after a few… misunderstandings, my parents threw it out. Now shush."

Takano could feel an overwhelming amount of questions rising in his mind. What were the misunderstandings? Who was this cousin? What had Onodera done in the past that he wasn't telling him about. However, Takano realized one good thing. With his concentration solely on creating the tools he needed, Onodera had forgotten about his pain and his shivering had stopped. Takano sat down as he listen to the sound of Onodera scraping his earpieces on the floor. He only hoped that those scrapings would lead to their freedom.

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