Together In The Dark

Chapter 7

"Problem," called Luka as Shuusei walked into the tech ops center, the following day after discovering Miroku had disappeared.


"The kidnappers called again and set a deadline. If Onodera sama hasn't convince the prime minister to pass the legislation by the end of the week and publicly announce it, they are going to kill Onodera and Takano."

"What! When was this?"

"They called early in the morning, at around 3am."

"Did Onodera sama ask to talk to his son again?"

"He did but the kidnappers refused to let them talk to one another."

"Dammit," sighed Shuusei. "We know he was shot! For all we know, he could have died between then and now!"

"For now we just need to think positively."

"Yah your right. So, did you look at the audio?"

"Well…" Shuusei started glaring at Luka with that starting remark, before Luka smiled. "I'm just screwing with you. Yes, I did. I actually looked at both the ransom call and the deadline call. Both have the same auditory footprint so I know they were made in the same general area. The ransom call however, had very little to very poor quality external sounds. Hear listen." Luka quickly unplugged his headphones and turned up the speakers.

Shuusei listened closely; thankfully Luka had removed the voices of the kidnappers and the two Onoderas. As he listened though the only thing he could make out was a faint clanging noise. "What is that? A bell?"

"I didn't get it either when I listened, I think this phone call was made indoors. But the deadline call had much better quality. I think it was made outside." Luka started playing it.

This time Shuusei heard a very distinctive clanging noise. "I thought maybe it was a church bell but... no... that noise is definitely from a buoy." Shuusei stated.

"Yup, so they're somewhere around Tokyo Bay," Luka half-smiled.

"Really, Tokyo Bay? You have any idea how big that area is?"

"Hey, it beats looking through the entire city of Tokyo," Luka defended himself.

Shuusei quickly realized his mistake, "Oh no, nothing against you, I was just hoping for once that it would be easy. I mean look at the evidence and all the unanswered questions we have! I mean we still don't even know what the Minkan Gunji Legislation is, let alone what Shoutaru Incorporated does or how it relates to Bell Industries."

"Well maybe this will cheer you up. I was looking into Damon Wes, the guy who drove the van, and let me just say he is well traveled. His passport indicates that he's been to Afghanistan, Russia, Nigeria, Sudan, Colombia, Iraq, Israel, and almost all the countries in Eastern Europe. I also looked into his credit card statements. Apparently before the kidnapping, he was frequenting all the strip clubs and bars in the area, I figure he was just blowing off steam. However, it seems that over a four day period he frequented this cosplay café called Kosu Purekissa every day."

"Four days? Hmm, how long was he in the country before the kidnapping?"

"Three weeks, but what's really interesting is that he the fourth day he's gone to the café was just yesterday," Luka wryly smiled.

"You mean, he's still going there?"

"His credit card was used there yesterday around two twenty."

"Luka, I could kiss you right now!"

"Get in line… no wait actually do you know what restaurant I can take that secretary from the Diet too? Or better yet, will you pay for it?" Shuusei stared at Luka for a good minute before turning his heel and walking away.

"So the card has been used here every day since the kidnapping," Saya questioned Shuusei as they peered out the window of the plain clothes car at Kosu Purekissa. "Has it been used yet," she asked turning to Shuusei, who was fiddling with a laptop.

"No not yet," he looked up at her. "Hey don't forget to take a picture of everyone who goes in or out!"

"Yah, yah I know," she stated as she raised the camera back up to her eye to snap a few shots. "So far though, I haven't seen this guy other than from the traffic camera."

"Hold on," Shuusei said, which caused Saya to turn to him. "Yup, the card was just used to pay for… wow that is a lot of sweets. Anyway, let's go." They quickly exited the car and entered the café. Saya took a seat next to the door while Shuusei went up to the register.

The café had a very Wonderland meets Dungeons and Dragons-esc feel to it. All of the waitresses were dressed in Renaissance dresses with cleavage to spare showing. All of the waiters, meanwhile, were dressed like knights. Saya couldn't help but feel this was a terrible cosplay but the café seemed to be doing well.

Shuusei made it to the register and asked, "Have you seen this man," showing the cashier the passport photo of Damon Wes. The cashier simply shook her head. "But his credit card was just used here!" He showed her the credit card number and she pulled up the purchase and then looked around before pointing to a young man of about seventeen sitting next to the window.

Saya stood up when she saw this and walked over to the teenager. "Hi, is this seat taken," Saya asked while batting her eyes obnoxiously.

"Uhh, sure," the young man answered. Saya sat down and smiled. "Hi, I'm Homiura Saya. What's your name?"

"Oh I'm Kuchimari Sasuke," Sasuke smiled.

"I just love this place. The food is so delicious, I see you like the sweets. What's your favorite?"

"I like the cake," he answered but his eyes were following something beyond Saya's shoulder. Saya quickly looked over her shoulder and noticed Sasuke was looking at one of the waitresses. "So, is she the reason you've been coming here every day for the past four days?"

Sasuke quickly lost the small smile that was on his face. "H…how did you know that? Who are you?" Sasuke moved to get out of his chair.

"Now, now let's not do anything hasty," Shuusei said grabbing Sasuke's shoulder and shoving him back into the chair.

"Wait, wh…who are you?" Shuusei quickly reached into Sasuke's pocket and grabbed his wallet.

"Ahh, here it is. You know this credit card belongs to a man who just committed a kidnapping. You using his card, makes you an accessory after the fact. Young kid like you, I guarantee you wouldn't do well in prison. However, Sergeant Homiura and I are running a special today, tell us when and where the man who owns this card gave it to you and we'll let you walk out of here with no charges."

Sasuke had nothing but pure fear in his eyes, but after a second to think he started talking. "The guy didn't give it to me. He was yelling at someone on the payphone near this hotel. The guy didn't even notice when I brushed up against him and stole his credit card. The food here is expensive and I've just been trying get my nerve up to talk to her."

"Do you remember the area," asked Shuusei. Sasuke nodded his head.

"You know, because he used a payphone, Luka can pull the phone log and we see who was talking too," Saya whispered to Shuusei.

"Make the call," he said to her as he grabbed Sasuke's arm and dragged him to the door.

"This was the area," asked Saya. The three of them were outside the Tokyo Grand Hotel.

"Uh huh. He walked out of the lobby and straight to the pay phone across the street."

"All right, thank you. You can go," Shuusei stated while opening the door. Sasuke didn't need to be told twice and quickly left.

"We should show Damon Wes's photo to the concierge and see what room he is in," Saya said. Shuusei nodded his head and they made their way to the hotel. Shuusei immediately went to the concierge while Saya looked around the lobby. It was massive. There was a crystal chandelier and ornate carvings from the different eras in the ceiling. The walls were painted burgundy orange with intricate little designs that seem to catch the light of the sun and set the room ablaze. Clearly this place was pricey.

As Saya turned again to head towards Shuusei, the elevator dinged. She glanced over and noticed a certain someone exiting the lift. Shuusei noticed Saya and followed her gaze towards the elevator. Damon Wes started walking towards the lobby doors.

Shuusei reached him just as he exited the building. "Damon Wes," Shuusei called flashing his badge. Wes took one look at him and started booking it. "Son of a BITCH! Don't make me run, you asshole," Shuusei cried. Shuusei didn't even notice that Saya was already in the car when he started running after Wes.

Wes and Shuusei were halfway down the block when Wes suddenly ducked into a restaurant. Shuusei quickly followed as Wes headed for the kitchen. Wes was tossing carts and chairs, pretty much whatever he could get his hands on, at Shuusei.

Shuusei, luckily, was nimble enough to dodge most of the crap, but then he got a nasty surprise when Wes ended up chucking flour at him and blinding him momentarily. This allowed Wes to exit the kitchen via a side-door. "SHIT! This stuff will never come out," seethed Shuusei as he wildly looked around after clearing the flour from his eyes.

Damon Wes meanwhile, had ducked into an alleyway and was about to turn when something suddenly slammed into his nose. "OWW, fuck," he cried in English. Saya, on the other hand, grabbed a handful of Damon's hair and slammed his head into the wall. As he fell, Saya pulled out her gun and pointed it at him.

"Damon Wes," Saya said in perfect English. "You are under arrest!" Shuusei then finally caught up to them and started panting heavily. "Hey, aren't you hot in this weather? You look like a snowman, be sure not to melt." Saya smiled with a humorous gleam in her eyes.

"Oh, ahh huh, ahh huh, shut ahh huh, up," Shuusei panted. Saya just laughed as Shuusei cuffed Wes.

"Hey guys I was able to pull audio from the payphone," Luka called to Saya and Shuusei.

"What," the both cried.

"Yea, turns out that there is this racketeering case and a yakuza group likes to use pay phones, and the pay phone Damon Wes made his phone call on was tapped. We have his entire conversation."

"That's great! The guy already called a lawyer, so we should be able to use it to get answers," Saya smiled.

"I'll listen to it while you scare him," Shuusei told Saya.

"Why do I have to scare him?"

"Because you already broke his face, might as well cash in on that," Shuusei replied. "Luka, have you been able to find anything about Bell Industries or Shoutaru Incorporated?"

"Still a work in process," Saya heard Luka say as she headed towards the interrogation room.

"Listen, gorgeous, this will all go so much better for you if you tell us where the men you kidnapped are located." Saya smiled at Damon's face which now featured two black eyes surrounding his honey eyes and tape around his broken nose. His chocolate brown hair was now shaggily hanging all over his face instead of being its usual slicked backed self.

"Sergeant Homiura, I'll thank you not to talk down to my client and I have made it very clear that he is not talking. All you've got is a photo of my client running a red light, not of him committing a kidnapping."

"He resisted arrest," Saya pointed out.

"He's a foreigner. He's heard stories about people dressing like cops and then committing crimes against foreigners. He was scared he would be victim to that," the lawyer calmly replied. "Face it, you have nothing, so either charge my client with something or we're leaving," he stated standing up.

Suddenly Shuusei walked in. "Hello everybody," he smiled. "Oh hey, nice face," he said to Damon.

"What? Are you here to charge my client?"

"Yes, with kidnapping! But I'm also here to tell him something important," Shuusei replied before turning his gaze to Damon. "You're a dead man," Shuusei quietly said, causing Damon to look up at him and the lawyer's and Saya's eyebrows to furrow. Shuusei smiled slightly before continuing, "You and your cohorts majorly fucked this kidnapping up."

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