Together In The Dark

Chapter 9

"What the hell was that about," asked Saya as she followed Shuusei out of interrogation.

"Not now! Luka tell me you found him," Shuusei yelled.

"I did! I did it by eliminating all hotels with more than three stars, because he is definitely on a budget. Cross referenced that with hotels in down key areas because he is going to want to keep a low profile and finally came up with a list of seven. I called them all and asked about both names you gave me for him and found that Tashouru Miroku is staying at the Blitz Hotel. Why? How? Because I am freaking awesome! That's why!" Luka held both fists in the air like he was a champion.

"And did you find the other thing I asked you to find," Shuusei questioned.

Luka dropped both fists in defeat then. "Nothing is ever good enough for you! Just give me a minute."

"What do you mean about both names," asked Saya.

"Oh yah, I did, because I am awesome! Shoutaru Incorporated is a family business, still don't know what they do, but I do know who runs it. Shoutaru Kisuke, and yes you were right, he does have a son."

"Son? Wait, what? How does this apply to Onodera Ritsu?" Saya asked very confused.

"It doesn't," Shuusei and Luka replied at the same time with smiles on both of their faces. Shuusei quickly pulled out three profiles out and handed them to Saya.

"I'll explain on the way while we pick up Tashouru Miroku," Shuusei cried as he dragged Saya out to the car.

"What do you see that's similar," Shuusei asked as he drove.

Saya looked down at the profiles. One was of Onodera Ritsu. The other was Tashouru Miroku. Saya looked up with questions in her eyes, before turning toward the analytical part of her brain and examining both. "Both have brunette hair, are about the same height, approximately the same age, work at the same company and have worked there for about the same amount of time, and live in the same apartment complex building."

"Good, now what do we know personally about the two," Shuusei asked.

"Based upon our investigation we know they both take similar ways home from work."

"Excellent, now what do you notice about the corporation and Tashouru," Shuusei smiled.

Saya set down her file on Onodera and picked up the limited one the police had on Shoutaru Incorporated. She looked between the two for several minutes but couldn't see any similarities. She was about to give up when she finally noticed something. Tashouru and Shoutaru were the same letters, just switched around. When she looked towards Shuusei he quickly answered the unasked question.

"Luka confirmed that Shoutaru Kisuke has a son name Shoutaru Miroku. He worked at the company until nine months ago, when he quit. All records of him then cease, but ones of Tashouru Miroku started popping up."

"Wait, your saying that Tashouru Miroku is the son of the head of Shoutaru Incorporated, and that the kidnappers kidnapped the wrong person!" Saya asked incredulously.

"Like I said, Damon Wes and his cohorts fucked this kidnapping up big time. I listened to the pay phone call he made, and the more he talked, the less it sounded like Onodera Ritsu or the Onodera family. Then he started talking about how the kidnapping was going to affect Shoutaru Incorporated's stock options, and that whoever was paying him wasn't giving him enough. With all that he was saying, I started thinking about who runs Shoutaru Incorporated. I also had some coffee and it made a coffee ring on my copies of those two profiles. The ring went around Shoutaru Incorporated and Tashouru on both of them. That's when I realized the letters were just switched around." Shuusei then turned his eyes back onto the road and let the news sink in.

"Shoutaru Miroku open up, its Detective Sakurai," Shuusei banged on the door. Both he and Saya heard rustling from the other side of the door.

"You don't think he'll run do you," Saya asked.

"If he does, I'm going to be pissed. I still don't have all the flour out from before," Shuusei seethed. That's when both Saya and Shuusei heard a crash from beyond the door. "GOD FUCKING DAMMIT! He's rabbiting!" Shuusei turned and ran towards the fire escape at the end of the hall to cut Miroku off while Saya went butch and kicked down the door to follow Miroku directly.

"Seriously, why does everyone run from us," Saya sighed as she hopped out of the window onto the fire escape that was underneath it. Miroku's hotel room had been on the fifth floor, and he was already at the third floor landing. "WAIT," cried Saya. Miroku didn't slow down or even turn around.

Saya picked up the pace and manage to make it to the second floor landing when Miroku reached street level. With a sigh, Saya grabbed the railing and jumped down onto Miroku.

"OWW, shit your heavy," shouted Miroku.

"I am not you asshole! If you're single I can see why! Now I swear to god if you don't stop trying to get away I am going to break your arm for that comment AND I ALREADY BROKE SOME GUY'S NOSE TODAY, SO DON'T FUCKING MESS WITH ME!"

"It's true, I saw his face," Shuusei smirked as he came up behind them. Miroku looked up at Shuusei then.

"How do I actually know you're actually a cop," Miroku questioned. Shuusei whipped out his badge and photo ID and handed them over to Miroku. Miroku examined them closely, trying to see if they were forgeries. When he was done, he looked up and handed them back to Shuusei. "When you showed up at Marukawa and my apartment, I was afraid you were working with those guys. I saw them take Takano san and Onodera san and I recognized them as men who work at my father's rival company. So I knew they were after me not them."

"Right now, we're working under the assumption that the kidnappers don't know that Onodera is not you," Shuusei answered as Miroku and Saya stood up. "Let's talk somewhere more private can you come with us to the police station. Miroku nodded his head and he, Saya, and Shuusei headed towards the car.

"The kidnappers are demanding that a certain piece of legislation be passed in the Diet by the end of the week. They made these demands four days ago, so there are only three days left. So far we haven't been able to ascertain anything about it. Do you know what it is? The legislation is called Minkan Gunji Legislation," Saya explained to Miroku as Shuusei handed him a coffee.

"No, I haven't been privy to any information about my father's business or politics since I left the company," answered Miroku.

"How about this," Shuusei asked, "What exactly does your family business and Bell Industries do?"

"We're a private military defense contractor that works with the Japanese government and other countries. We provide training for soldiers as well as extra man power."

"So, basically, mercenaries," Saya sighed.

"Basically, but we're legal," Miroku defended himself.

"What did you mean about politics," asked Shuusei.

"My dad campaigns all over the world for defense contracts with governments to keep work. There may be a lot of war, but you always have to compete to be able to fight in that war. My dad competes with his top competitors almost everywhere he goes. Bell Industries is his greatest American private defense contractor rival. He, Bell Industries founder, Abel Johnson, and the prime minister go way back."

"Wait, your father, Abel Johnson, and the prime minister all know each other," asked Saya.

"Yah they all went to college together, in fact my dad and the prime minister are best friends," Miroku answered.

"That explains why the kidnappers asked Onodera sama to use his political connections and get the prime minister to issue a public statement," exclaimed Shuusei. "You told us the other day that your parents have been overseas recently, is that true?"

"Yes, but they're coming back later tonight," Miroku answered.

"We need to know what the Minkan Gunji Legislation is, can you call him and ask," asked Saya. Miroku nodded and pulled out his phone. "We find out what that legislation is about," Saya smiled at Shuusei.

"We'll have leverage to use on Damon Wes and find out where they are keeping Onodera and Takano san," finished Shuusei.

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