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Evelin Park
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You had woken up early this morning see as the clock next to read 6:00. You yawn and quietly get out of bed as carful as to not wake up the tried male next to you. You quickly tiptoed to your bathroom to do your morning routine and after made your way to the kitchen. As you walked in you saw Namjoon make himself a cup of coffee a tired look resting on his face. He looks at you and gives a little smile

"Y/n you woke up early today" he said you nodded and made your way to one of the kitchen cabinets to grab the pancake batter.

You open the cabinet only to realize you can't reach for what your looking for. you slowly trun around to Namjoon," hey Namjoon, can you reach that for me please" you ask him pointing at the box he walks over to you and reaches to grab the item and gives it to you. You happily grab the box out of his hand. You grab a pan and chocolate chips and look behind you too see namjoon sigh. You stop unsure of what to do "hey joonie ,you want to help me make pancakes" you look at him as his eyes widen and he smiles " really, put what if I mess them up" you smile and motion him to stand up " don't worry whats the worst that can happen"

That was an understatement.

By the time you two where done it looked like King Kong and Godzilla had dropped by. You slowly trun to Namjoon. his face shows pure horror

As he looks around.

You scratch your neck and let out a chuckle " well let me put the pancakes on the table so we can clean" he nods and runs to the cleaning supplies as you move the pancakes to the table. You look at him as he literally shoves himself into the cabinet, you go up to him and pull him out truning him to look at you as you raise an eyebrow at him "Joonie chill it's not like jin's awake" you smile but it drops as soon as you hear the new comer speak "Who said, Y/N L/N" you slowly turn to your lover knowing your in deep shit as he used your full name.

He holds his oh so threatening pink spatula lightly smacking it on his left palm. You nervously smile at him and push Namjoon out the kitchen and put your hands up and sigh " it was my idea I knew you were tired so I wanted to make breakfast" you mentally plea that he would forgive you and Namjoon.

He walks into the kitchen looking around his eyes widening as he looks around and then at you " Where are the pancakes" his tone a bit cold and stern looking at you dead in the eyes the spatula still in his hands. You point at the table and watch as he slowly makes his way to the table and picks up a fork as he takes a small bite of the pancake his handsome face softening as he tastes the pancake. He looks at you his face soft " you and Joonie made these" you slowly nod look at Namjoon as he peaks from the kitchen door way " yeah we did, do yo like them" you ask a bit scared at his criticism. A smile makes his way to lips " like them, I love them they taste so good , and their soft" he says taking more bites of the pancakes.

you sigh in relief and look at a proud looking Namjoon " go wake the others up Joonie , so they can have breakfast" you sigh and put everything where it's supposed to be and clean the kitchen. As you finishing cleaning you feel a slight burn on your bum , you Yelp and look behind you to see Jin bringing the spatula back down again " just because I like them does not mean I forgive you" he's says hitting you with the spatula each word he says. You groan as the other members laugh at the eldest " I thought you forgave me" you mumble and look at him as he looked like he just won a coupon to his favorite restaurant. You roll around trying to get away from him only for him to pick you up and take you up stairs.

You lightly smack his back as he gets to his bedroom causing his to chuckle and put you down on the large bed giving you a soft kiss as he pulls you down with him " I'll forgive you if you cuddle with me " he says tickling your sides and then smacking you with the spatula again," Stop it, it hurts" you say, grabbing a pillow and throwing it at him. He doges it and raises an eyebrow at you and smirks" oh let it burn, baby burrnn." He laughs and throws his arms around you laying down. You smile and shake your head at his silliness looking at him ," I love you" you say kissing his cheek. He grins and says, " who doesn't love worldwide handsome Jin" he proudly states before smiling and softly wispering in you ear,

" I love you too Y/N."

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