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HIS: Doll | Jimin | Book 4


“Doll face, admit it. You like me.” - “I like you. More than you know, I’m obsessed.” Copyright 2018 by HAHA KIM -Completed 3/24/2019 (Reuploaded-2020)

Erotica / Other
Age Rating:

+Author's Note+

+His: Doll+

Dedicated to the one and only Park Jimin.

Rated: Mature

This is a work of fiction, in no way are the people in my stories—if based on real people—actually like that in habit, personality or in action. If there are coincidences or similarities it is only a coincidence. All plot in this story is from my mind and is original.

Hope that the warning is enough, this is a book for a mature audience. My target audience are those who are mature because...this book will contain sex, nudity, lemon, lime, sexual topics, and kinks. They will go into detail.

It may shatter your innocent mind, and I don’t want to shatter your beautiful minds. Please, read at your own risk.

I should not have to remind you again that this a book for mature audience. If you in any way feel uncomfortable with the story, please leave now.

I look forward to meeting you through votes and most importantly comments or suggestion. Talk to me loves!

This fun, smutty series are not done super seriously but is something I wrote for fun, it’s not as stressful as my other books. That’s why short chapters are crucial to this series—I think.

Sincerely, with hope and love,


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