Au Revoir


Five hundred years ago, Clarissa Fray was cursed by a witch. She could live forever, but she couldn't be with the person she loved, Jace Herondale after he was twenty-one.

Mystery / Romance
Ishi G
Age Rating:


It was the beginning of spring, a wonderful season. I had watched flowers bloom so many times, but up until now, I'm still amazed at how beautiful and gentle they were. Things also smelled better and sweeter. Everything was so alive.

It symbolized a fresh start, just like getting married.

He was there, near the altar, fiddling with his bow tie nervously. He looked so damn handsome as ever. I had painted him in a white tux so many times, picturing this moment.

He was glowing like an angel. His gold blonde hair was uncharacteristically fixed in place. His golden eyes, those eyes made my insides melt were fixated on the entrance of the small chapel.

The wedding was very intimate, only close family members were invited.

Everyone in the room looked so happy and excited, except me.

For the ninth time, I watched the love of my life get married to woman who wasn't me.

I was sitting at the very back of the chapel so he couldn't see me. Nobody knew me and I didn't want them to think that I was trying to stop the wedding from happening. I couldn't do that. I couldn't risk it.

This lifetime his name was Christopher Morgenstern. It was a wonderful name, but he would always be my Jace of four hundred years ago.

Finally, the bride entered and the music started. She was wearing a simple champagne gown. It was Trisha Stewart. Her ash brown hair was in an elegant updo, just like a princess. Her white veil was covering her naturally beautiful face. I was kind of jealous of her looks, but I'm more jealous that she was going to have Jace.

I reminded myself that this was what I needed to do, for him.

She didn't only have good looks, but also a good personality. She was also an excellent cook and very organized. She loved kids and dogs.

The ideal wife.

I always made sure that Jace always ended up with a woman who would truly take care of him and love him, just like what I'd do if I could spend my life with him. If he wasn't going to end up with me, then it should be a girl worth of him, not just someone who would leave him in the end.

Just like what I did before.

I could handle getting hurt, but not hurting him. I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if that happened again. I still haven't fully recovered from the last time I hurt him.

I remembered his tear-streaked face when he thought I was dead. I didn't want to do it, but it was for the best.

The ceremony started. I wish I could make myself not pay attention, but I couldn't.

He was looking at her like she was the most precious thing in this world while he was saying his vows. Those eyes used to only see me. He was so sweet. Everyone was in tears as Jace spoke, even me.

When he was done, he hesitantly looked at the small crowd, and unexpectedly our eyes met. Oh no.

The pain that I was feeling in my chest multiplied a hundred times. It was only a few seconds but I could see something like familiarity in his eyes. Of course he wouldn't know me, he had never seen me this lifetime, but there was still a part of him that recognized me.

I could feel the pull and I knew he felt it, too from the look in his eyes.

Without thinking twice, I left the place, nobody noticing it but him.

A hundred and ten years later...

It sucked to be stuck in a body of an eighteen year old forever. That stupid witch should have made me immortal at twenty-two or something. Everyone treated me like a child.

People, I'm more than five hundred years old, way older than your great grandparents, I might have even met your ancestors.

At the moment, I was enrolled in a small college of arts and music in New York. I took up fine arts for the twenty-third time. I never got bored with it because I loved drawing and painting. I tried studying medicine and realized that I'd make a horrible doctor. I couldn't handle the sight of blood and terrible wounds. They made my stomach turn.

So many things have changed since the last century. Who knew things could be so…high-tech? The modern technology was blowing my mind.

Handwritten letters were so gone. Text messaging was what they use to communicate. The internet was also another means of communication. Maia, my roommate forced me to make a Twitter account. She also wanted me to do Facebook, but no way was I going to sign up. Personal information and photos were needed in there.

I wanted to be as low profile as possible.

The thing that I loved most about this generation was their music. They were wonderful, fun, and insane. The bands and singers were awesome and so were their lyrics. My iPod, which was my second favorite thing in the world, contained thousands of songs.

This lifetime, Jace was also enrolled in this college and he was studying music. This was the best place where I could watch him and make sure he ended up with a wonderful girl.

He lived seventy-five years in his last life that was why I had to wait for so long for his reincarnation. It could take years before he was born again.

You must be wondering how I always find him though he was born in different places in different lifetimes.

Every time he turned fifteen, I'd have a vision of where he was. It was part of the curse.

This time, he was born here in New York. His parents died in a car crash when he was four and he was handed over to his mother's sister, Maryse Lightwood. She and her husband, Robert Lightwood adopted him a few years later and now his name was Jonathan Lightwood.

He was unlike all the other Jaces. He was a handful. He always got into trouble, but every time, Maryse forgave him. She had a soft spot for him and all her children. Robert never tolerated his actions. He wanted Ja—Jonathan to take up a business course instead of music because he wanted him to take over one of their family businesses after graduating.

One thing remained the same, Jace's hatred of anything that had to do with numbers. He sucked at Math. Robert was furious when he learned that he applied for music and got accepted, but he couldn't do anything. He couldn't control him like his first son, Alexander.

This version of Jace was also a womanizer. I wasn't used to it. Usually, he took girls seriously, but this one was very different.

I was starting to wonder if some glitch happened and he really wasn't Jace. The witch who cursed me couldn't have been involved in the change because she was dead. I watched her die.

But it was really him. He looked exactly the same as the man who made me fall in love. The only man I'd ever been in love with. Sure, I tried dating other guys before, but it felt wrong. Some of them were actually nice and fun to be with. They made my days bearable. I mean, what to do when you had forever to live?

No, I wasn't a vampire, but I was immortal. I tried killing myself a couple of times, but I never succeeded because every time I do, something happens to stop me. I tried cutting myself on the wrist, but the knife flew away from my hands. I tried drowning myself in the sea, but the water brought me back to the shore. This was the most insane, I tried burning myself alive, but before I could jump in to the fire, it died. Anything from that, I was a pretty normal human being.

One of the worst curses of all time was given to me. I had to watch the love of my life live happily without me.

I actually could be with him until he was twenty-one, but if I stayed with him after the day he turned twenty-one, he would die and would never be reincarnated ever again. I couldn't handle him being permanently gone, I'd go insane. Living forever without his existence was pointless.

Today, I was spying at Jace or Jonathan as usual. He was talking to a girl with fake blonde hair, and also super big boobs that freaked me out. My pair wasn't really something to be proud of, but the idea of injecting or inserting something just so they would look bigger made me cringe. Fake body parts were a big no-no for me. I'm happy with my red hair and small frame.

"Clary, I bought cupcakes. They're from Hannah's, the new bakery that everyone kept talking about. They said their cupcakes were the best." Simon, my closest guy friend and classmate in my English class was suddenly beside me. I didn't notice him coming.

I turned to face him and gave him a big smile. He knew I loved cupcakes especially chocolate flavored ones with strawberry filling or icing. He was sweet, the brother I never had. He had glasses with huge and thick frame that made him look super nerdy. I asked him about using contacts instead, but he said they made him uncomfortable and huge glasses made him see well.

My first class was in fifteen minutes so I still have time to savor even just one of those cupcakes. I thanked Simon and took one. I took a bite of the heavenly thing and finished it in no time.

Because of the distraction, I lost Jace. Damn, that cupcake. His first class was on the floor below with that fake bitch and then he had two periods break. God knows what he'd do with that girl. I didn't even want to imagine because it made my nauseous.

The hours dragged on painfully slow.

As soon as my last class ended, I rushed to the parking lot. I chose a schedule similar to Jonathan's and we had the same dismissal time. It was almost seven in the evening, he should still spend a few more moments here to talk with his friends.

There weren't a lot of students here so there were also just a few cars parked. Mine was parked three cars away from Jonathan's SUV.

When I reached my car, I noticed that there was something wrong. Someone had done something terrible to it. One of my tires was slashed. I'd kill whoever did this.

And then I heard boisterous laughter. I examined my car for more damage before looking at those stupid laughing boys. Luckily, they just slashed a tire and I had an extra. I was so pissed I could feel my cheeks and ears heating up. The jerks who did this were going to pay. In those years that I had practically nothing to do, I learned Taekwondo, Muay Thai and other martial arts.

I walked toward them, sending them death glares. They only laughed at me more. As I got closer to them I realized that Jonathan, my Jace was included in the group and he was the one holding the knife.


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed. :)

- Ishi

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