Au Revoir


(Jonathan/Jace's POV)

"Wake up," a familar voice, the one that I always loved to hear, whispered in my ear. She giggled. "I know you're awake, you're smiling. You'll be late for work."

I held her tighter to me. My arms were wrapped around her and she had her hands on my face.

Slowly, I opened my eyes to meet her forest green ones. She looked so beautiful though she just woke up. Her red hair was a mess, she had no makeup on, but it didn't matter. I'd still love her no matter how she looked.

I leaned down to her until our faces were inches apart. Our lips brushed gently and I could feel her smiling. I kissed her forehead before pulling away. This became my morning habit. I'd never get tired of waking up to her every morning.

"Morning," I mumbled.

"Hi," she said and smiled shyly.

"You're so beautiful," I said, returning her smile.

"I look nothing like beautiful especially in the morning," she huffed, "I know you're just saying that becau-"

I interrupted her with another kiss. "Happy anniversary, love."

"Happy anniversary," she said lovingly. "I love you."

She was glowing. She was happy and I felt the same. I'd live to see her look at me like that, like I was the most important thing to her, because she was to me.

My stomach growled.

"I'll make us breakfast, if you let go of me," she said.

"I don't want to. I'll never let you go."

"Okay, as much as I love hearing that, I'm starving," she said and pointed and looked down at her stomach. "And the little guy is hungry, too. We need food. Fooood." She pouted. Damn, she knew she'd get me with that.

"Okay. I don't want my wife and baby to starve, I'll cook." I let go of her and she rolled out of bed.

She was wearing a sheer white nightgown, revealing her baby bump. She was on her sixth month and she was really showing.

"What?" She gave me a look. "Quit staring, I know I look like a snowman, far from the girl you married."

I shook my head. "You are sexier now that you are carrying our child and I love you."

She grinned. "I love you, too."

I carried her bridal style downstairs to the kitchen. We cooked her favorite fluffy chocolate pancakes with strawberry syrup, bacon and scrambled eggs.

We talked about our plans for later as we ate. She ate way more than she used to before since she was eating for two. She had a heavenly expression on her face with every bite. She was too cute.

I was planning to surprise her tonight. All she knew was that we were going to have dinner.

I hated leaving her alone in the house, but I have to go to work. I was supposed to have the day off, but my substitute teacher had flu so I had no choice. I worked as a music professor in a university. I used to be a musician, a pianist in an orchestra. Yes, the pay was larger, thrice or more of what I was receiving now, but it required a lot of travelling and I couldn't stand being away from my wife.

"I'm sorry we can't spend the day together," I told her.

"Stop frowning. I told you, it's fine. We still have tonight and I can't wait."

She didn't know that I'd leave work early to prepare my surprise with her.

Everything was set.

Numerous scented candles were lit around the treehouse. I was the one who built it because my wife liked to have one. The walls were murals painted by her. Picture frames were hung on the walls. Some were taken when our relationship just started, some wedding photos and just recent ones. There was a mattress in the middle with a soft bed cover. I scattered red rose petals on it. The food which I bought from her favorite restaurant was carefully placed on a tray on the floor.

Many times, we spent our afternoons here until the sun set. It was our special space.

It was late afternoon and the skies were looking grey, like it was going to rain. The weather had been like this for the past few days, but it didn't really rain. I'm sure it wouldn't, the skies couldn't fool me. My plan was on.

Time to fetch her.

I pressed the button for the doorbell twice and waited for about three minutes before she answered the door.

She looked stunning as usual. She really prepared for tonight. She was wearing a green floral sundress that reached her knees, it also matched her eyes. Her hair was down and in loose curls. She only wore a small amount of makeup, just enough to enhance her beauty.

"Hey, how did you get dressed? You are supposed to come home after an hour," she said, confused.

"Well, that's a nice way to greet your husband," I joked.

She launched herself to me, almost knocking us both. She had her face buried on my neck.

"God, you're heavy," I teased her.

"But you love me, no matter how much I weigh," she stated. It was true.

"Yes and I'm glad you know it. Let's go?"

She peeled herself away from me. "Let me just get my shoes, okay?"

Before she could take a step inside, I carried her. She squealed in surprised and playfully hit my chest.

"You won't need them."

"Where are we going?"

I didn't answer her, instead I locked our front door and brought her to the backyard where our treehouse was. Lights surrounded the tree. It was sparkling.

I watched her face's excited expression. I grinned proudly, my plan was a success.

"Oh my gosh, it's so pretty. How did you set this up? I didn't notice you working on this." She was still looking at the tree.

"It's not important how I did this. What's important is you liked it and it makes me really glad." She faced me to give me a peck on the lips.

I helped her climb the stairs until she was inside the treehouse.

"Love, this is just...wonderful." She was in tears, wiping the sides on her eyes with the back of her hand.

We sat on the mattress and she was still crying from happiness. "Happy anniversary. Stop crying, I made this because I want to see you smile."

She sniffed. "I'm just so happy and hormonal. Pregnancy does this to you."

"I know, I know, you told me so many times."

"Thank you, you are the best husband and I'm sure you'll be the best Dad." She was now smiling. I wiped the remaining wet spots on her cheeks with my hands.

"I wish you gave me time to get the camera. We need to capture this memory."

"I can get it for you. Just wait here, okay?"

"Okay, but hurry."

I kissed her forehead before going down and rushing to the house. I used the backdoor. I was running upstairs to our room when the thunder roared and the rain fell hard.

Damn, it was raining.

I got the camera and an umbrella. It took me more time than I thought because I forgot where I last placed the camera.

There was a sound of something exploding. I was trying to find where the sound came from and I realized that it was from outside.

The rain turned into drizzle. There was a strong smell of burning woodn and plastic.


I ran outside and saw that the treehouse was burning. The fire was too big and the ladder was burnt. How did it happen so fast?

My heart was beating fast, I couldn't breathe and think properly.

"Jace! Help me!" a muffled voice shouted.

There was no way I could climb up there. The fire got bigger and bigger. My feet were glued on the grass.

"Jace, please, where are you? You said you'll come back. Help me. I can't breathe." She was sobbing and her voice grew weaker.

That was it, I ran to the burning treehouse.

"Clarissa! JUMP!" I shouted.

She peaked through the window and nodded. Her panicked bloodshot eyes met mine. But it was too late. Before she could jump, her dress got caught on a burning wood and fire crept up her body.

"Jace! Help!" There were so much pain and panic in her voice.

I saw everything. I saw as her skin turned from red to black, as her hair burned, and as she lost conciousness. The fire ate her wholly. I could smell the burning flesh and hair, making my stomach turn. All I could do was stand as my wife burned alive.

This was all my fault. I killed the only woman I loved.

I am a murderer.

(Isabelle's POV)

Three days passed and Jonathan haven't opened his eyes yet. The doctors who were monitoring him said that he was doing fine. His wounds were healing and his vitals were normal. They mentioned that he could wake up anytime, but there was still a possibility that he might not because of the injury in his head.

I wish my brother had been less stubborn. If only he didn't get into so much trouble. Drinking too much and then driving? He should've known better. But he was Jonathan Lightwood and he did anything he desired though it was stupid. He was troublesome and he liked to annoy me, but I loved him. We might not be related by blood, but he was still my brother.

In middle school, when guys bullied me, he was the one who defended me. When my heart was broken in high school because my boyfriend cheated on me, he had beaten up the guy to a pulp. When I get into trouble with my parents for doing something stupid, he'd tell them it was his idea and he'd be the one grounded.

I'd never forgive him if he left me. He could do anything to me, just not leaving like this. I wished he wakes up soon. I hated waiting.

Simon had been going here after his classes. He even stayed with me last night. I really needed to sort out my feelings for him. I was still confused of the things he was making me feel.

Clary hadn't been around. After knowing the truth about her, I expected her to be here for Jonathan. He needed her, she knew that.

Mom and I were in the cafeteria, eating tasteless hospital food. I didn't have an appetite, but she insisted that we eat. She looked older because of worrying and there were dark bags under her eyes from the lack of sleep.

"Jonathan's friend haven't visited him again, the one who fainted," Mom said before taking a sip of her coffee.

"She's Clary, she has school so she must be busy," I lied. I doubt Clary could go to school. I wonder where she was. I went to our apartment earlier to take a quick shower, but only Maia was there.

"Is she really just a friend? The way she acted, it's like us, like she's about to lose someone really important."

"She's special to Jonathan. She cares a lot about him. They're kind of more than friends, but not lovers. I don't know how to explain it, but what they have is special."

Before Mom could ask more questions, Alec together with his boyfriend, Magnus sat with us.

Alec was my older brother. He was the complete opposite of Jonathan, but they were close. Alec followed Dad and Jonathan never listened to him. They'd been best friends for forever. Though Alec was always travelling, they kept in touch. Jonathan was the first one to know about Alec's gender preference and treated him just the same, the way he accepted him after all the things he did.

Mom nodded at the couple, acknowledging their presence. Magnus greeted her and she only smiled weakly.

From what I read in Clary's diary, Magnus Bane was warlock, meaning he had magic powers and he was immortal. I never believed that such creatures existed until I read it in her diary. Did vampires and werewolves existed, too? Did Alec know what he was?

When Alec mentioned that he was going upstairs to see Jonathan, I thought I could talk to Magnus since he'd stay here. I told Mom and my brother that I'd just buy something from the convenience store outside and I'd be with them in a few minutes.

So Mom and Alec went to the ICU and I was left with Magnus.

Unlike my brother who dressed simply, Magnus Bane was sparkly. He was wearing a gold blazer, a plain black shirt inside and black pants. He had several gold rings on his fingers and a thick gold necklace. His black hair was streaked with different colors. He also had piercing cat eyes.

"You want to talk to me, Isabelle Lightwood," he stated.

Could he also read minds? Was that a part of being a warlock?

"Yes," I responded. "It's about Clary, do you know where she is? I'm really worried about her after what happened when we got here. I haven't seen her."

"And why should I know where she is?" he asked tauntingly.

"You're her closest friend," I answered simply.

"You shouldn't go through other's stuff. I told Clary I can make you forget, but she refused. She said it's good you know. I don't understand why she thinks a normal human being knowing ancient secrets is good. Sometimes I don't understand how that red head of hers works." He let out an exasperated sigh.

"So, where is she?" I demanded

"In my house, sulking. She's blaming herself for what happened to your Jonathan. She says she shouldn't have left him that night when he not so directly told her what he felt for her. She's crying herself to sleep and she barely ate. I'm thinking about a spell that can lift her spirits up. I hate seeing her this sad, I mean she's never been truly happy, but the life in her eyes are gone. It's worse than when she attends the funerals of your brother's past lives."

"It's because she loves him so much. How can she be so stupid? It was an accident. Who wants to see the person they love the most dying? "

"I agree. She's still lucky, though."

How could Clary be lucky when she was cursed?

"Lucky? How?" I asked.

Magnus chuckled and answered, "Because if ever Jonathan dies, which I hope he doesn't, he will still come back no matter what. He will be reincarnated and she will see him again."

I didn't how and why, but I found myself saying these words, "Unlike you, when Alec dies, you will never see him again."


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