Au Revoir

Black And White

(Clary's POV)

At exactly three in the morning, Magnus and I should start casting the spell. It was now one. I still had two hours to do anything I wanted.

My phone was dying and my charger was in the apartment. Nobody was around, so here I was, alone in my room, lying on my bed as my phone charged. The place was eerily silent. I wasn't used to the silence. Usually, Maia, Isabelle and I were chatting or there was the sound of the television or the radio. Sometimes Jonathan and Simon argued about nonsense things, more like Jonathan making fun of Simon.

The place that almost felt home to me screamed emptiness. I tried listening to music and watching TV, but I didn't feel like it.

There were so many problems I needed to solve. My head was throbbing, I was trying to ignore it, but now that I was alone, I could feel it intensify. I was almost sure that this was because of over thinking. So many scenarios were playing in my mind and none of them were good.

I closed my eyes and tried to clear my mind.

The sound of the front door opening and then closing startled me from my sleep. Must be Maia or Isabelle. I rubbed my eyes lazily with the back of my hands and stretched out my arms. I never felt so rested like this in a long time.

Pale early morning sunlight filled the room since the blinds were up.

My phone blared from my nightstand and its charger was still plugged. I must have forgotten to unplug it last night.

It was a call from Magnus.

"Hey," I answered casually.

He was unexpectedly angry. "Clarissa! Finally! Where in world are you? I just finished casting. It took me three hours since no one was here to help me. I know who she is, the witch, I mean. I've tried to call you for half an hour and before casting. I tried to track you, but there was something like a block so I couldn't find you."

Damn. I forgot all about the casting. I didn't even remember falling asleep.

Was it possible?

I sat up and looked at my pillows. There were traces of purple dust, the ones I used on Jonathan to make him forget. Who the hell did this? I couldn't remember!

"I'm terribly sorry, Magnus. Someone used purple dust on me. All I could remember was coming here to the apartment to charge my phone and closing my eyes to think," I said apologetically.

"Of all places, why are you there? I'm coming in a few, but I'm calling for help first. The Great White Witch is the only one who can help us."

"I don't understand."

"The witch is in that place, she lives there."

"I really don't...what do you mean the witch lives here?" I asked in surprise.

"Her name's Maia Roberts. She's a white witch, but she will turn dark soon. Her parents made a deal with the Great Black Witch, also known as Aline Penhallow," he explained.

Maia was the one sending me those notes? My best friend whom I trusted so much I considered telling her my secrets. She was the closest thing I had to a sister. She told me so many times that she loved me as one. We had spent so many bonding times together. She never treated me badly. Was she just pretending all those times?

I could hear the closing and opening of drawers in the background, also the sound of zippers. He was packing supplies. This must be something really serious.

"Aline Penhallow is dead, our people burned her alive, and she sacrificed her immortality and powers. So how is that even possible?" I asked, frustrated. My heart still didn't want to believe that Maia was the witch who was sending me threats.

"Aline was summoned from hell by Maia's parents. They were having trouble with conceiving a child after Maia's mother miscarried. They searched for help, but no witch could help them. Aline was their last resort. They made a deal with her, that if she gives them a child, she will claim the child when it turns eighteen. The spell showed me everything from before Maia was born, until now. Aline doesn't have strong powers in her spirit form, but she will regain them when she inhabits another person's body. It will be like she's born again."

Realization hit me. I might be alone with Maia in here. I felt afraid. Now that Aline might be back, what could she possibly do to me this time, or to Jonathan?

Jonathan. I almost dropped my phone at the thought of him.

"Magnus, Jonathan's not wearing the chain with the ring!" I exclaimed.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier? I could've asked Alec to bring something to protect him," Magnus said impatiently. "I have warlock friends in there, I'll ask them to watch him for me. Why do you always forget the important things? It may take me time to contact the Great White Witch. Get out of that place, now. Go here in my house where you're safe and protected."

I stood up and wore my boots. Not caring about how I looked, I headed to door, but before I could get close enough to the knob, I bounced back and my back, thankfully not my head, hit the wall. My phone fell out from my hand as I screamed in pain. I fell without a sound, but hard on the carpeted floor.

There was a barrier in there. I was trapped. I picked up my phone and saw that the call was still on.

"What's that? Are you alright? Is she there?"

"Magnus, there's an invisible barrier in my door, I'm trapped here. I have no idea if she's here," I said, panicked.

"Damn, you really shouldn't have gone there. Wait for me, okay? In case the witch does something to you, remember all the self-defense magic I thought you. They might not help you much with a witch as powerful as her, but it's still something," he said hurriedly. "I'm going to portal so I'm hanging up. Take care of yourself, Clarissa."

"I'm immortal, if you forget," I reminded him.

"But the person who gave it to you can easily take it away from you anytime. Just be careful. Goodbye."

"You too, bye."

And then the call ended.

I felt cold and I shuddered. I didn't know much time had passed as I stared blankly on my bedroom door.

I hate the feeling of being trapped. It was because of what happened to me when I was five. I got trapped in our dark attic for hours. There were rats, spiders and cockroaches. I remembered how scared I was and that was how I felt now, much worse if possible. What I was about to face was larger and more brutal than pests.

My mother came to save me. The door was stuck and even my father couldn't open it. He said he would go down to get the axe and it was when my mother came. She told me not to be afraid because she was going to get me out of there, but I told her I was really scared and there were big spiders on the wall. I was afraid they'd crawl to me and bite me. That was when she started singing.

Brick walls fall
The light I call
Like the waters in the sea
Like the wind, free
No harm done
Safety comes upon
Words from the white
Wash away the fright

The door opened and light poured in. I ran to her and wrapped my short arms around her dress. Her sweet voice made me feel calm and safe. I wish she was here to sing to me again and tell me everything was going to be fine.

My voice shook as I tried to mimic my mother's voice and how wonderfully she sang the words.

Brick walls fall
The light I call
Like the waters in the sea
Like the wind, free
No harm done
Safety comes upon
Words from the white
Wash away the fright

Bright white light burst into the room, hurting my eyes. I squeezed them shut, but I could still feel the heat beneath my lids.

The brightness was gone when I dared to open my eyes. My door was also wide open. Like the day that I was trapped, my mother's song freed me for the second time.

I kept wondering if it was a spell, but my mother wasn't a witch. I shook away those thoughts and went outside. I ignored the sharp pain on my back and butt as I walked. No barrier hit me this time and I walked freely into the kitchen.

There was no sound coming from the surroundings so I took it that nobody was around. I got a bottle of ice-cold water from the fridge and chugged it down. Just as I finished drinking it, I heard the sound of someone clapping.

I turned to see Maia. She looked normal in her favorite pajamas and her hair up in a messy bun. She was applauding slowly.

"Good job!" she said cheerfully, but there was a hint of darkness in her voice, sending chills down my spine.

"Maia?" I said, my lips trembling.

She raised her eyebrows. "Yes, Clarissa?" She never called me that. She didn't know that, that was my real name.

I stood straight and prepared myself for whatever she was about to do. I tried remembering the spells Magnus taught me, but my mind was blank. All I wanted to do was escape from this place.

Her brown eyes were growing darker, almost black. She stared right into me and she smirked. She was a like a predator ready to capture her prey.

"Maia, I know this isn't you. Don't let her control you, please," I pleaded.

"Clarissa, Maia is gone. Well, almost," she whispered harshly, then giggled.

I shook my head. "Maia, please. You don't want this."

Maia's body jerked backwards, as if she was pulled by someone. Her right eye turned back to brown and the left remained black.

She looked terrified.

"Clary, I'm sorry. I can't control her for long, leave now. Hurry!" Maia yelled, her face contorted in pain and the brown eye was slowly darkening.

I rushed to the front door, but before I could open it, I was grabbed by the waist.

"Do you think you can escape me that easily? I came back to finish what I started. Giving you immortality was a mistake. I should have just killed you that day!" Maia or rather Aline hissed.

"Let me go or I swear, I'll kill-"

"Can you hurt your friend's body? She still inside somewhere," she taunted.

She dragged me into her bedroom. Her grip on me was so tight. She might have grown ten times stronger.

A part of me was relieved when I knew that this was different person from Maia and that how she acted with me was the real her. She was possessed by Aline, but I could tell she was fighting Aline because she would jerk every once in a while like someone was poking her.

The sight inside her bedroom struck me. All the femenine touches were gone. The walls were black same as the curtains. Dozens of lit black candles were around the room.

But what shocked me more was the pentagram at the center of the room and Jonathan's body was inside it. Magnus was too late, I was too late. I should've mentioned the thing about the ring as soon as I realized it.

Aline spoke again. "When Jace or Jonathan was four, I was living in this little girl's mother's body since she's too young and weak to have me inside her. I tried to get him. I tried to cast a spell on him I thought it worked because he had my mark, but turns out, it didn't. Thanks to my half-sister or as you all know, The Great White Witch. She had given the blessed ring to Jace's future family. He had been protected by that for years, but not now and I'm going to have him by my side. I'm taking back what's mine."

"He was never yours," I spat.

Aline chuckled and pushed me down on the floor. My butt which was already painful, hit the ground again. Ouch.

"He was mine. You just stole him from me. He was the first person who made me feel loved and important."

"Well, he didn't love you enough to stay. He didn't love you enough to ask you to marry him and spend the rest of his life with you. You are just a jealous psychopath." If I couldn't fight her physically, then I'd better just infuriate the hell out of her.

She raised her hands and the pentagram glowed with yellow light. Jace's body remained still.

"Shut up, he will forget he ever loved you after this."

"From what I've learned from living for so long, you couldn't make someone fall out of love if they really love that person. If I could, I would've chosen to love another instead of suffering like this. You will only make Jace forget about my existence, but inside his heart, it will always be me. He will never love a person as cruel as you."

Like the night she cursed me, her lips started moving in a frantic motioned. No way in hell I was going to make the same mistake again.

I stood up though my knees were buckling with nervousness. Adrenaline ran through my veins as I ran and collided my body with hers as hard as I could.

We both stumbled down the wooden floor with a loud thump, me on top of her. I quickly casted a restraining spell and I wish it worked.

Please, please, don't fail.

"What did you do?" Aline asked angrily as she struggled to move her feet and arms.

I got up and ran to where Jonathan was. The light from the pentagram was gone. He was still unconscious. I needed to bring him back to the hospital.

Jonathan looked okay, like he was sleeping peacefully.

Of course, Jonathan was heavier than me. Unlike Aline, I didn't have supernatural strength and I didn't know what would happen if I moved Jonathan.

I could hear Aline mumbling. It might be something to break the spell I made.

Magnus, please hurry.

"Clarissa, you are just like your mother. You don't only look exactly like her, both of you likes to take things that doesn't belong to you," Aline who was now back on her feet said. Her hair that was up in a bun was now down and wild.

"Why are you involving my mother in this?" I asked angrily.

"Oh, you didn't know?" She laughed that high-pitched laugh of hers that haunted me in my dreams.

"What do you mean I didn't know? What are you talking about?"

"All your life, she lied to you."

"My mother will never do that to me."

"You are just like us, but she kept you. Your father was a mortal like your brother and you are the one who inherited your mother's gift. You are part mortal so you get to choose if you want immortality or not, and I may have helped you in that area." She smiled hauntingly, all the whites in her eyes were gone. She went on, "She was afraid of what I could do to you. She tried to protect you, but she failed. I thought that maybe she had trained you, after all she's known for being an excellent white witch."

Was she telling me that I was a witch? The song that my mother sang to me as a kid was actually a spell. I was right. But why had she kept me from their world? Why couldn't she have just taught me how to protect myself? None of this would've happened.

I was a human and I always wondered why I could perform spells. I asked Magnus about it and he said there were only some of us who were able to do it and I was one of the lucky ones. In my five hundred years of existence I never met someone like me. Magnus knew that I was one of them and he lied to me.

What if Aline was only lying so she could get into my head? I should know better than believing what a black witch says.

"Now that you're in there, it just makes things easier for me," she said while pointing at the pentagram.

"Maia, I know you're in there! I know you can stop her, you're one of the strongest people I know! Please, make this stop."

Aline lifted her arms, agains. The pentagram glowed like it did a while ago. Like before, I couldn't move, and I was trapped again.

Brick walls fall
The light I call
Like the waters in the sea
Like the wind, free
No harm done
Safety comes upon
Words from the white
Wash away the fright

Light filled the room like it did earlier. Aline screamed in pain and strong wind filled the room. Books, pillows and unlit candles flew around us. I used my body to shield Jonathan from the flying objects.

When the strong light was gone, Aline or Maia was nowhere to be seen. On the door stood Magnus and a woman I never thought I'd see again.

Who is that woman?


Get ready for the final chapter. :)

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