Au Revoir

Epilogue - Chance

Jocelyn and Magnus were back in Idris where all the other white witches resided. For years, centuries, Jocelyn hadn't left this place. She never thought that when she had to, it was to help her daughter end her life.

The connection she had with her daughter died. It was the same when Sebastian was killed by Aline's people. She felt it again, the pain of losing a child. Tears ran down her cheeks and her shoulders shook.

She was about to fall on her knees, but Magnus Bane, one of the few people she trusted caught her. She trusted him to take care of her daughter. Her daughter who was now gone. She couldn't help but blame herself for what happened to her. She wasn't supposed to suffer like that. Clarissa could've lived a wonderful life if she wasn't too late and if she'd been more careful.

There was only one way to fix things up. But could she do it? Could she give up everything she had? Who would rule the white witches? What about the war that the black witches were plotting?

"Magnus, I need you to do something for me," she said in a serious way as she got back to her feet.

"Anything for The Great White Witch," he replied with conviction.

"You're the only person whom I can trust to do this. Take care of Idris. I'm passing all my powers to you. I know you can even become a better leader than I am."

"What are you talking about your highness?"

"I'm giving up my powers and immortality to live again as a mortal. If there was one thing that my daughter taught me, it was to fight for what made you happy. I was a big coward. I should've done this a long time ago."

"Are you really sure about this?" Magnus asked.


One hundred years later…

(Jace's POV)

Moving in and unpacking could be very exhausting especially when the weather was so hot. It was now late afternoon and the temperature had gone down. I needed to get out for some air.

After placing the last shirt from my box of clothes in my closet, I ran downstairs and told my parents that I'd be going to the park for a walk. I saw the place while we were on our way here and it looked quite nice, simple and clean. There was a small playground, a basketball court, shady trees and benches.

When I got to the park, I sat on one of the benches under a tree where the wind blew softly and closed my eyes. I was tired from the traveling and fixing stuff around the house.

I opened my eyes after a few moments and that was when I saw something or rather someone distracting seated on the grass under a maple tree from across me. She had curly bright red hair, pale skin and a small frame. I couldn't see her face, because it was buried in a book. Was it natural to have hair that red? Did she dye it? Not that I care. She was only a girl, why couldn't I stop looking at her?

Something inside me was screaming for me to go to her, asked her name and even her number. What the hell? Girls approached me. It was rare that I do the first move. I was never interested in dating anyway.

Everything happened so fast.

I heard someone shouting pass me the ball. It took my attention from the girl to the guys who were playing basketball. The guy wearing a white shirt and dark blue jersey shorts passed the ball with too much force and his friend wasn't able to catch it. It flew to the girl's direction.

I ran to where she was and pulled her to me. I felt the stiffness of her body as she crashed to me. The ball hit my shoulder hard and I tried not to grunt in pain. It hurt and I might have a big bruise later, but it wasn't broken.

My hands rested on her cheeks which felt warm under my touch. I looked down at her, finally seeing her face. She was beautiful. A kind of beauty that was different from all the girls I've seen. She was in simple clothes and her face was free of makeup. There was innocence and shock in her sparkling green eyes and her naturally pink lips were slightly opened. We stared at each other for a moment and I was lost.

Where have I seen her before? Why does she look so familiar?

Unfortunately, her brother came and I had to pull away from her. He asked me if I was fine and thanked me for saving his sister. He was staring daggers at me. I could feel that he didn't like me because of the position I was in with his sister. What a protective older brother.

I stood up and started walking away from them because things were getting awkward. The girl remained silent. I felt disappointed. I was actually anticipating hearing her voice.

As I was walking, I felt someone grab the hem of my shirt. I stopped and turned to look at who it was. I was surprised to see the girl with the red hair. She looked even smaller standing up.

She spoke to me.

She thanked me and we introduced ourselves to each other. Clary, it was her name. She was awkward, shy, stuttering and blushing as she talked, but I found it cute. Normally, the girls who talked to me were flirty and confident and she was the complete opposite of them.

When we shook hands, I couldn't seem to let go of her hand. It didn't feel soft; instead it was slightly rough and calloused.

I've never been interested in knowing someone this much. I only met her a few minutes and she was making me feel these weird things. Touching her, talking to her, it felt natural, like I'd been doing it for years.

I couldn't help myself anymore. I pulled her hand, drawing her closer to me. Our faces were only inches away from each other. Our eyes met again. She was even more beautiful up close. I looked down at her lips and they were a bit parted. She was breathing heavily, same as me.

My phone rang, distracting me from Clary. She pulled away from me, blushing a deep shade of red. I smiled at her before answering my phone.

"Jace, come home, change and shower. We're having dinner with my old friends. I can't believe they're only living a couple of blocks away from our house. I haven't seen them since college and it'll be nice to catch up. Your father saw them earlier while he was at the grocery. Hurry, okay?" Mom said excitedly.

"Okay, I'll be there in a few," I replied.

I handed Clary my phone and she just looked at it dumbly. "You're supposed to type your number," I said.

"Oh…okay," she mumbled and started punching her number on my phone. "Here." She gave it back to me and smiled a little nervously.

"I guess I'll see you around, Clary. It was nice meeting you."

"It was nice meeting you, too, Jace." Now she had a full smile on her lips and I had to stop myself from looking at her because she might find it creepy.

What is she doing to me?

(Clary's POV)

I couldn't believe a guy as hot as him just asked for my number. When I was finally alone in the comfort of my bedroom, I couldn't stop smiling.

Will he call me? Will he ask me to hang-out with him? Stop being delusional, Clary.

There were still doubts in the back of my mind. How could a guy like him get interested in someone as plain as me? But, he wouldn't have asked for my number if he wasn't, right? And the way he stared at me, so intently like he was staring into my soul. I never felt like this for a guy whom I just met. I liked him more than I should and it scared me.

His gold eyes haunted. It was all I could see whenever I closed my eyes. Where had I seen those eyes? Why did I feel like I'd seen them before when I only met him now?

Aside from reading, drawing was also one of my favorite things to do. I tried drawing Jace's perfect face, but I wasn't succeeding. I couldn't quite capture the angles right. Maybe I needed more practice. It'd been a while since I attended drawing and painting classes.

The intercom in my room started ringing. Yes, I have one in my room. It was my Mom's idea so she could call me without going upstairs. I placed my sketchbook on my bed and answered it.

"Clary, my college friends are having dinner with us. Change into something nicer, like a dress, okay? They're coming in about twenty minutes. Oh, wait, I think the sauce is burning." She put the phone down before I could even answer.

Mom rarely had friends around. I wonder who they were. She almost never talked about her old friends because most of them were also friends with my father. She had moved on from him, but until now she avoided topics involving him. I was already dreading dinner. I sucked at interacting with strangers.

I went to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. I put up my hair in a single ponytail, applied some powder on my face and some clear lip gloss. I rarely used it because makeup made me feel uncomfortable. I wore the green sleeveless dress that I wore for Mom's birthday last month. It was simple and it matched my eyes.

The intercom rang again as I slipped on my black flats. I knew it was Mom calling for me to go down so I didn't answer it anymore and went downstairs instead. While going down, I could hear people talking and laughing. I recognize Mom's and Uncle Luke's voice, but all the others were unfamiliar. The sounds were coming from the dining room so I went there.

There were three visitors in the dining room. A couple in their forties sat across Mom and Uncle Luke, the woman was very beautiful had straight blonde hair and deep blue eyes while the man looked like an older version of Jace except from his blue eyes. Then there was him. Now I knew where got those stunning features.

It hadn't been a while since I last saw him. He gave me a knowing smile.

Jace? I wanted to say his name, but I held back the urge to do it.

"Where's Sebastian?" I asked when I noticed that he was nowhere to be seen.

I sat on the only seat left which was beside Jace. My heart was beating fast and I could feel the heat on my cheeks. Why was he staring at me like that again? Could he stop doing that? I could barely contain myself.

"He's out with his friends. I tried to convince him to stay, but you know how stubborn your brother can be. By the way, these are the Herondales. These are Stephen and Celine with their son Jace," Mom explained. "Stephen, Celine, Jace, this is my beautiful daughter, Clary."

I nodded and gave them polite smiles, avoiding Jace's gaze.

When the food was served, I could barely eat while Jace who was beside me seemed to be enjoying himself. Mom was a great cook and it was a miracle that I was still thin from all the food that I ate.

"Clary," he whispered.

I craned my head to his direction hesitantly. "Why?"

And then our hushed conversation started.

"Why are you ignoring me?"

"I'm not."

"Then why aren't you talking to me."

"Uh…I…I don't know."

"You look really pretty in that dress."

"Thanks." I couldn't wipe off the smile from my face. He smiled back at me.

Our parents were too engrossed in their conversation to notice how we looked at each other. I couldn't help but get lost in those pools of gold again and again and again.

"The Herondales are going with us to the lake house on the twenty-ninth which is in two weeks . This is going to be so much fun!" Mom said excitedly, waking us up from the trance we were in.

I looked away from Jace and back to my food which I started picking again. I tried hiding my blush with my hair, but I remembered that it was tied up. Damn, they would notice that my face was tomato red.

Uncle look glanced at me. "Clary, are you alright? Why do you look flush—"

"I need to go to the bathroom," I said hurriedly and practically ran to the bathroom near the kitchen.

Get yourself together, Clary.

After almost three minutes in the bathroom, my heartbeat and breathing was normal and my face wasn't blushing much anymore. My phone beeped and vibrated, indicating that there was a text message.

It was from an unknown number.

Go back, I'm not done talking to you yet. What do you think about grabbing some frozen yogurt later? –J

I replied almost immediately.

I think it will be nice.

Two weeks later…

It was almost eight when we got to the lake house. The traffic was brutal and I was bored as hell because I forgot my iPod in my bedroom back home.

Jace and I had texted a lot and we also hung out a couple of times with me and my friends. They liked him except from Simon who wasn't very fond of him. He was all I could think of and even my dreams were about him.

After dinner, our parents decided to call it a night since everyone was exhausted. My body was tired, but my mind wouldn't let me sleep. Knowing that Jace's room was just across mine was enough to keep me up.

Talking with him wasn't as awkward anymore. I'd grown accustomed to his remarks and stupid jokes and he made me laugh a lot. It only made me like him more. His carefree personality was contagious. In some way, he was making me comfortable in my own skin.

I was thinking of heading outside for a walk since tonight the moon was full and there were tons of stars. It was quite bright outside.

Then there was the familiar beep of my phone.

It was Jace. Meet me outside if you're awake.

I didn't reply, instead, I put on my cardigan, wore my slippers and hurried outside. I saw him sitting on the porch steps, looking up at the starry sky. I quietly sat beside him.

"Hey," I said lowly, but still enough for him to hear.

"Hi." He smiled, looking at me.

My mouth opened in surprise when he laid his head on my shoulder and he took my hand and entangled it with his. Again, I felt the sparks and tingles at the tip of my fingers and my breathing hitched.

I was feeling warm all over. I never wanted to let go of his hand again. I looked down at him and gave him a smile.

"I like you," he said tenderly while our eyes connected.

"I like you, too," I admitted.

"I feel like I've known you before, I can't explain it, but I recognize your face. I just can't remember where or when I saw you."

"Is it weird that I feel the same way, too?"

"No, and I don't think it matters. What counts is what we have now." And then he leaned in to let our lips touch.

What counts is what we have now.


Sorry if the chap is too simple. I hope I didn't disappoint anyone.

Yes, the first part was Jace's POV of my one-shot, The Words. You can check it out if you haven't read it yet.

So why is everyone reincarnated? It has something to do with Jocelyn's sacrifice.

I had so much fun writing this story.

Au revoir.


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