Au Revoir

New Mission

Jace promised me that he wouldn't do anything to hurt me. He swore to protect me with his life no matter what.

He had never done anything rude to me purposely in my entire existence. I couldn't believe at what he just did.

All I could see was him, laughing with the boys with the knife in his hand.

My heart was pounding, reminding me of who I was staring at. My heart still recognized him though he'd changed a lot from the guy I knew.

He was so not the type of guy that I would date. He was too mean and I never really liked bad boys. They were full of drama. I'm more into the romantic type guys. Sounds cliché, but I love hearts and flowers.

I finally found my voice after a few seconds. "What did you do that for?" I asked, pointing at my slashed tire.

"I don't like your nerdy boyfriend. You're way out of his league," he said while playing with the small knife he was holding.

"He is not my boyfriend. I still don't get why you slashed my tire. Wait, did you do something to him?" If something bad happened to Simon because of me, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself.

I hate it when innocent people were involved in ridiculous things like this. I thought pranks like this only happened in high school. College students should be more matured, right?

"Maybe, I'm just bored and no, we haven't done anything to him…yet." The boys laughed again.

The next words that came out my mouth were something I didn't expect. "You know what? You are all pathetic, especially you, Jonathan."

I looked at all their faces. They were stunned. Some guys had their mouths opened. Jonathan was staring at me with a stern expression.

"Oh, you know my name. I get that you're interested on me. Don't worry; you need not to be embarrassed about it. I'm used to girls fancying me." He smirked.

"You really have no respect on women. They are things to you, not human beings. You think it is fun bullying those who are smaller and weaker than you? Oh please, you all are just a bunch of cowards." With that, I left and took care of my car.

I could feel his gaze burning on my back, but I ignored it. I could feel the familiar pull, the invisible string that connected me to him, but I ignored it, too. I was too pissed to care.

Gosh, this version of Jace had to be the worst one. Sure, all the other versions had different personalities because they grew up in different eras, social statuses, and families. I wonder what made him that mean.

It would be hard to find a decent girl who would like a man like him. He was nineteen so I only had barely two years, to search for a girl. I couldn't let him destroy his life. My goal was that he should have a life that was worthwhile.

He looked like he was going to turn out as the man who was always in clubs to get drunk. I didn't want him to wake up with different girls in his bed every morning.

I needed to create a new plan.

New mission: Find a woman who will make Jonathan Lightwood change for the better.

Finally after almost two hours, I got into our apartment. I pressed the doorbell twice and waited for Maia to answer the door.

She had an outburst as soon as I got inside.

"Clary! Oh my gosh, you got me worried. You never came home this late. You left your phone again." Maia's chocolate-brown eyes full of concern. I felt bad for making her feel like this, she was my soul sister and my best friend.

Her brown hair was pulled up in a messy bun and she was wearing her favorite purple pajamas. She had natural tan skin which I was jealous of because I was pale.

"Some jerk slashed my tire so I had to change it and the traffic was insane," I answered as I took off my jacket.

"You're okay, right? Did he do anything to you? Hurt you?" she asked worriedly.

"Seriously, you need to chill. You know I can handle myself. Black belt in taekwondo, remember?" I gave her a reassuring smile. "Thanks for caring about me."

"You know I love you, Clary, my sister from another mother." She returned my smile.

"I love you, too, Maia." I'm lucky I had her as a friend. Her words made me feel better after what happened tonight.

I sent a quick text to Simon when I got to my room. I told him to be careful around Jonathan because he was a lunatic.

I had no appetite so I decided that I'd just rest. I'm mentally, emotionally, and physically drained. Maybe tomorrow, I could think more clearly.

I washed my face, brushed my teeth and changed into my pajamas before going to bed. I fell asleep in no time.


The curse that the witch gave me was slowing making its effect. Jace was feeling horrible, he was sick. He looked pale, he had lost weight and hadn't slept properly in days. Tomorrow, he'd die if I didn't leave.

This was the worst way to say goodbye, but I had to do it. My brother, Sebastian helped me with my plan. He was the only one who knew about the curse. Even my parents didn't know about it and it pained me to leave them, too. I was practically leaving my life behind.

Last night, he burned the tree house that Jace built for us and told him that I was inside while it was burning. He said the only thing that was recovered from the fire was my ring, my engagement ring.

I knew how hard he worked so he could buy that simple gold band. His family wasn't rich. He was working in a farm and it didn't really pay well.

Not too far, hidden in the shadows, I watched as Jace sat in front of the burnt tree. There were so many memories made in that place. It was where we spent most of our time together.

Jace was on his knees. He was crying, his eyes were bloodshot and his breathing was ragged. The sight broke my heart and I couldn't stop my own tears from pouring. In his right hand was the ring he gave me.

"Clarissa, you promised me you'll be with me for eternity. Why do you have to leave so soon? We will never get married, never have children, and never grow old together. Just know that my heart will forever be yours, always yours." His body was shaking. I wanted so badly to wrap my arms around him and tell him that I was still here, but I stayed where I was.

I ran away without looking back. Being away from him was better than him disappearing forever.

Years passed and Jace married a wonderful woman. They had kids and lived in a beautiful house. He became rich by working hard and I was so proud of him.

Unfortunately, he died of sickness when he was just forty-two. I attended his funeral. I made sure that I didn't look recognizable because some of his relatives knew me. I blended in with the crowd to avoid attention.

My red hair was pulled up in a bun and covered by a large hat. My pale skin was a bit tanned because of the long hours I spent under the sunlight. I stayed in a small house near the beach and I liked being outside and watching the sea because it gave me a sense of relaxation.

His wife did look beautiful. She had red hair like mine, but she had grey eyes and her skin was fair. She also had a small frame like me.

I couldn't help but think if she reminded him of me?

She was crying softly as they lowered his casket to the ground.

Now I know how he felt when he lost me. It was more than painful. I wish I could feel numb, but all I could feel was the pain in my chest. I tried stopping myself from crying so I wouldn't draw others' attention, but I couldn't help it.

I could taste my bitter tears as I cried silently.

I left before it ended because I couldn't take it anymore.

How many times do I have to watch that happen to him? How many funerals of Jace am I going to attend?


My alarm clock was blaring, indicating that it was seven-thirty a.m. and it was time to get up. My classes didn't start until one in the afternoon, but I liked getting up early to work out. I didn't do it because I wanted a perfect body. It helped me release stress and tension.

For a moment, I thought I was back in the past. I could feel the wetness on my cheeks just like in my dream.

Past is past. What's done is done. I told myself mentally, but it still hurt to remember those days.

Maia had gone to school. She also attended the same college and like Jonathan she was taking up music. She wanted to be a famous violinist. She was amazing and I know her dreams were not impossible to happen.

I had a small bowl of fruits for breakfast and then I started working out.

I was in the treadmill when the doorbell rang. I looked at the time and it was almost nine-thirty. I thought everyone must be at work or in school at this hour.

I walked to the door and looked at the peephole to see who it was.

There was a girl with straight raven hair and blue eyes. She was beautiful. She was wearing a dress that showed her perfect body, curves in the right places. The boots that she was wearing had deadly looking heels. She looked about my age.

I noticed that she had a couple of bags with her.

Oh, I almost forgot. Our new roommate was supposed to move in anytime this week. She must be the Isabelle that the landlady was talking about.

I opened the door and greeted her. I probably disgusted her, I was all sweaty.

"Hi, you must be Isabelle, I'm Clary. I'd love to shake hands with you, but I'm really gross right now. Come on in." I gave her a bright smile.

"You can just call me Izzy. I can sense that we are going to be close friends, I like you," she said as she entered with her bags.

I lead her to the empty room beside mine and left her to unpack. She was really nice though sometimes she was sarcastic. The way she spoke reminded me of someone.

I stank of sweat so I took a shower.

I met Isabelle later in the living room. She was munching on the strawberries and yogurt that I offered her earlier.

"I went here last week and met Maia. She was cool, too. She had mentioned that you are studying in Aplin's College of Arts and Music. What a coincidence, my brother also attends the same school," she said.

"May I know your brother's name, maybe he's one of my classmates."

"He has a not-so-good reputation so there's a big chance you know him. Maia knows him."

Don't tell me that she is his sister. Please. I thought.

"What's his name?" I asked anxiously.

"Jonathan. Jonathan Lightwood."

Oh no. Living with Jonathan's sister wasn't part of the plan.


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