Au Revoir

Old Flame

The rain was pouring when I got to Aplin's. Thank goodness I always had an umbrella in my compartment.

Normally, I'd search the building for Jonathan to know what he was doing, but I had no time for that today. Tuesdays were hectic for me because I had all my major subjects.

I needed to get my paintbrushes that I left in one of the art rooms. It was the smallest room in the building and we were free to use it when we wanted. I always went there to paint because it was quiet and I could concentrate.

Assuming that there weren't people inside, I barged through the door. Before anything else happened, I felt a tug in my heart.

And then I saw what was happening.

On one of the benches in the room, sat a man with a familiar black jacket, a girl with red hair, only a bit darker than mine was straddling him and they were kissing feverishly. The girl's hair was braided like the way I always wore mine. She was also pale the like me.

I knew that girl. Breanne Taylor, a girl from my English class. Simon always joked that she was my long lost sister. She looked like me from afar. Only, she was taller and she had hazel eyes.

This was not a sight that I expected to see here. I couldn't speak. My mouth opened to form words, but nothing came out.


My hand clutched the left side of my chest.

It hurts. I thought.

Jonathan must have heard me coming in, but not the girl. Her arms were wrapped around his neck. His eyes flew open, meeting mine while he was still kissing the girl.

I could feel tears welling up in my eyes, but I tried my best not to let them fall. What was he trying to imply by making out with a girl who look liked me?

He was a complete jerk.

Finally, I cleared my throat.

The girl pulled back from Jonathan, but he pulled her back to him and give her a brief kiss before letting her go. She stood up and turned to look at me.

It was really Breanne. Her cheeks were flushed and she was breathing heavily.

"Clary? I...uh..." she stuttered, trying to find words to explain what had just happened.

Jonathan remained, a smirk playing on his lips.

My blood was boiling, not because of Breanne, but because of Jonathan. He clearly didn't feel anything for Breanne, but she does. I could feel that she liked him. Breanne was a nice girl.

I also felt so jealous though I shouldn't. I almost couldn't remember how it felt like to be kissed by him because it had been too long. All I remembered was that I felt contented and safe in his arms.

"It's okay, I didn't mean to interrupt. I just need to get my paintbrushes, I left them here last week," I said, looking away from them.

I went to the spot where I liked to paint, near the window. My materials were on the floor, in a small bag. I hastily took the bag and left the room without a word.

I kept myself occupied for the next two hours to stop myself from what happened earlier.

Today, we were allowed to paint whatever we wanted, but it should have something to do with our dreams.

When I was painting, I couldn't see anything else. I could forget everyone around me while I was working.

I stared at the canvas when I was done. I felt someone tap my shoulder.

"That's wonderful, Clary! Is that a real place, have you been there?" Ms. Nash exclaimed, pointing at my painting.

Ms. Nash was a middle aged woman who had light brown hair that was always in a messy ponytail and she had lovely baby blue eyes. She liked wearing flowy dresses and skirts. She was encouraging and nice that was why I liked her.

My work was an old farmhouse. Beds of bright colored flowers were in the front yard and the house was surrounded by tall trees.

It was also the the house that Jace wanted to buy for us. He wanted to fix the house himself. That was our dream house, the place where we wanted our child to live, and where we wanted to grow old.

It stayed as a dream. We never had the chance to fulfill it.

"I just pictured it, it's from my imagination. It's my dream to live in that place," I answered. It was a part lie and part truth.

"That painting of yours will be hung outside the Dean's office," she said excitedly.

Every month, a painting from the students was chosen to to hung outside the Dean's office.

"Are you sure? Don't you think it's too simple?"

"Simple?! I can't even imagine what your not 'simple' paintings will look like. That painting should be in an art gallery. Many students would appreciate and learn from your work. You paint like you have done it for decades, but you're only eighteen. Clary, you are one of the best students this college ever had." Funny, what she said was kind of true. I'd been doing this for a long time, even before she was born.

"Thanks, I really appreciate it." I gave her a grateful smile which she returned with a bright grin.

Since I was done, I was free to go. I went to the cafeteria to grab a sandwich and a bottled water.

The hallways of this school was never silent. You could always see students playing instruments and singing. Some were comparing their sketches and paintings.

There were only a few students in the cafeteria, how weird. This place was always jam-packed.

It was quiet except from someone who was strumming his guitar. I didn't bother to look at who it was. I really didn't care, I was starving and I had a really big problem to solve.

I bought a tuna sandwich and a bottle of water. I chose a random empty table and then I took a small notepad from my bag. It was where I wrote my agenda involving Jonathan.

The sound of guitar was becoming louder, like it was coming closer to me. I chose to ignore it again.

Then someone began singing 'Green Eyes' by Coldplay. I loved that band like crazy ever since they started making music.

While I was scribbling words on the paper and taking a bite from my sandwich, I was starting to recognize the voice.

He wasn't good nor bad. His singing was okay and I've heard him sing many times.


He was standing on the table in front of me, he was on top of it. He was looking straight at my eyes.

My mouth remained on my sandwich, staring back at him. He was wearing a pink shirt with our picture on it. It was a picture of us he took using his phone during his birthday.

This was embarrassing.

I brought my sandwich down and looked around. The the whole school was practically here. They were staring at us.

I spotted Jonathan and Breanne and noticed that he had an arm wrapped around her waist and her head rested on his shoulder.

Maybe he did really like Breanne and was just messing with me earlier. She could be the one for him this lifetime. I need to know more about her and then convince her to change Jonathan to a better man.

He smirked at me when he noticed I was looking at them. I looked away and brought my eyes back to Simon who was still singing his heart out.

'Simon, stop,' I mouthed him. He didn't understand it at first and just raised an eyebrow. I repeated it again and thankfully he stopped.

Everyone was still silent. All eyes still on us.

Simon began to speak. "Clary Fray, I've liked you for a long time. You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and you treated me so nicely unlike the others. Will go out in a date with me?" He sounded so sincere.

I couldn't hurt his feelings. Damn, he was like a brother to me, or at least I thought. I didn't know that he had mistaken my kindness for love. I did love him, but only as friend.

He was freaking smiling at me, his eyes were full of hope.

"Let's talk outside, okay?" I told him, took his hand and practically dragged him outside.

Murmurs surrounded us as we left the cafeteria. I brought him to the parking lot since the rain stopped and it was deserted.

"Simon, I don't love you more than a friend should. I love you as a friend, as a brother. I'm sorry if you think I led you on. I never thought you liked me that way. I hope our friendship remains the same," I told him as nice as I could.

I heard him mutter things like he should have known it.

"Simon, please, never ever wear that shirt again. Wear the shirt that I saw you wearing earlier," I added.

"Clary, I'm sorry about this," he apologized and pointed at his shirt, "Jonathan dared me to do this. He said he thought you liked me, you know, like more than friends." And he believed him.

That jerk still had something to do with this?!

That jerk that you love so much. I mentally told myself.

"You know what, let's go to my place and watch movies," I offered him and his face lit up.

I didn't notice that I fell asleep while watching 'The Millers' with Simon.

"Jace!" a young woman's voice broke us from our embrace. I pulled away from him to see who it was.

I didn't know her.

She had short black hair that reached her shoulders, brown eyes, and was only a few inches taller than me. She was wearing a simple black dress. That was the kind of dress that I'd only wear in a funeral.

She was smiling brightly at Jace and he just stared.

"Aline," he said briefly.

She walked closer to us. When she was close enough to us, she flung herself to Jace, not caring that I was there.

"I missed you," she said. I could see the stiffness of Jace's shoulder, proving his uncomfort.

"Aline, I think you should leave," he said, pushing her away from him.

I couldn't see Aline's face but I could feel that she wasn't happy.

"I'm your first love, Jace. You loved me first, don't tell me you want that girl more?" She demanded.

"I loved you, and that is in the past. Clarissa is my present and my future, I love her more than anything in this world." My heart melted in his words.

Jace moved back to my side and held my hand. I looked up at him and smiled.

"You are going to regret this," Aline said, her eyes grew darker. The whites of her eyes were gone, they were all black. Her eyes didn't belong to a normal person. It was scary.

She ran and disappeared.

Her inhuman eyes and hear her last words haunted me.

You are going to regret this.


So, what do you think? Why is Jonathan messing with Clary?

I will give more details on why Clary was cursed on the next chapter/s.

Thank you so much for reading!


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