Au Revoir

The Ring

A week passed since Simon confessed to me. Thank goodness he realized that his feelings weren't as deep as he imagined it was.

He was spending too much time in my apartment though. Not because he wanted to hang out with me, but only because he wanted to see Isabelle. She appeared to be taking an interest on Simon, too. I really didn't know if it was a bad thing. She admitted that he wasn't her type. She usually preferred badass guys, the ones your parents would never approve of, but thought, trying a new 'flavor' wouldn't be that bad.

Jonathan liloed on his antics. He hadn't bothered me since last week. I kind of expected pranks from him, but nothing happened. I still didn't know why he did those things to me. I was confused as hell. I knew he was lying when he told me he hated me because I was a geek's friend.

Anyway, he was still with Breanne. I caught them being all sweet to each other a couple of times these past few days, and I thought it was good. At last, he was taking a girl seriously, or was he? You really never know what Jonathan Lightwood had in mind.

Using my ninja skills, I followed him around the school. Breanne wasn't around. I found out from her friends that she was suffering food poisoning.

Jonathan was on the ground floor where his third class was located. He was wearing a black leather jacket, a black shirt inside and dark washed denim jeans.

He was walking briskly and I was having a problem keeping up. He stopped abruptly in front of the Dean of the Art Department's office.

I watched his actions intently. I knew he wasn't here to talk to the dean because he was a music student.

Something caught his attention and made him stop and it was the painting of the farmhouse.

He moved closer to it, examining it with careful eyes. His long pianist fingers reached for the canvas. He delicately touched the house and then all the other details of it.

The recognition in his eyes was very visible. The expression on his face gave me a spark of hope. Deep down his tough exterior was my Jace. The sides of my mouth lifted up to form a smile.

I wanted to run and embrace him, but realized I couldn't. The only man that I loved was off limits.

The bell rang, distracting him from what he was doing. Hesitantly, he stepped back, looked once more at the painting, and then walked away.

It was almost ten pm, way too late to still be in school and Jonathan was still in school. Normally, Jonathan would have left before eight.

Since Simon didn't bring his car today, I needed him to drive my car to our flat. It was more of a favor for him than a chore because it gave him a reason to see Isabelle. He was totally smitten.

It was just me and Jonathan in the school and it was harder to follow him. One wrong move and he would notice me.

The elevators were down so he took the stairs. Oh my gosh, where was he going? We were on the seventh floor already and my legs were shaking. I was trying not to pant loudly.

He finally stopped when he reached the top floor where a greenhouse was located. He didn't even looked tired after climbing up twelve floors.

The place was dim, only the city lights were illuminating it. He entered and I followed.

Hiding behind a big plant, I watched him take a seat on a wrought iron bench. He stretched out his long legs and closed his golden eyes. He touched the neckline of his shirt and pulled out something, a necklace. He played with the pendant in his fingers.

He looked peaceful. I had never seen him so relaxed before. He haven't had his hair cut for a while which was a mess, but it gave him a bad boy vibe.

It would be so nice to lean my head on his shoulder.

His phone started ringing. He cursed lowly and reached for the pocket of his jeans.

"Isabelle," he answered, irritated.

After a few moments of silence, he spoke again. "Robert attempted to convince me to drop out again and I said things that pissed him off. He freezed all my credit cards. I have nowhere to go. I'll run out of cash if I stayed in a hotel."

So it was the why he was in here. Did he really think of sleeping here? It was cold.

His lowered his voice, making it harder for me to listen. I needed to get closer to him.

Cautiously, I took I step closer to him. I thought it would be easy to hide here, but I was wrong. No matter how careful I was, I still tripped on something like a vine. It made me crouch down. I didn't make much noise, but it was enough for Jonathan to notice.

I heard him say something like he'd talk to Isabelle later.

"Who's there?" he asked.

The lights suddenly flickered open, revealing Jonathan in front of me. I didn't notice him going here.

Damn, what should I do?

I stood up and stared right back at him.

"What are you doing here?" he asked, sounding really pissed.

I thought of an answer fast. "I need to pick up some things from the art room and then I saw you. I mean it's late and I got curious."

"Then why did you have to hide? How do I know that you're not some sort of a stalker?"

"I'm not a stalker!" Well, not exactly.

"You must have heard that a I'm homeless now." He laughed bitterly.

"You can stay with Isabelle." Wrong move.

"Why do you know my sister?" He asked suspiciously.

"We live in the same apartment, she just moved in last week."

Clary, why did you offer him to stay in your apartment? Are you in your right state of mind? The less he notices you, the better, remember? His memories may be forever forgotten, but not his feelings. There's a big chance that they will surface back.

"That sounds better than sleeping in a greenhouse," he admitted, the anguish on his face vanishing.

Because it wasn't dark anymore, I fully saw what his necklace looked like. It was gold and the pendant wad a plain gold band.

The gold ring looked painfully familiar.

"Where did you get that necklace?" I asked, pointing at his necklace.

His shoulders stiffened at my question."It's none of your business."

"Can I take a look at it?" That was a stupid question. He just looked at me, a bit shocked at my question. "I'm sorry for asking you that question. I mean, if it's something important to you, you won't let a stranger touch that, right?"

"No, it's fine." He unclasped the chain from his neck, let the ring slide out of it.

He moved closer to me and my breathing hitched. He took my right hand and placed the ring on my palm.

All I could focus on was his warm hand on mine. It had been so long since he touched me.

"Stop looking at me, I thought you wanted to see the ring."

I nodded, feeling my cheeks heating up.

There was nothing special about the appearance of the ring. It was just a plain gold ring, but not for me. As I remembered, CAF was carved on it. It was my ring.

"Do you know what CAF means?" I asked him.

He shook his head 'no' and then he took back the ring from my palm. He placed it back on the chain, wore it, and hid it under his shirt.

"Let's go," he said sternly.

I told him my address before heading down.

As we went down the stairs, I was still wondering how the ring ended up with him. I thought it was gone.

At the parking lot, there were no cars parked, but there was a motorcycle.

"I sold my car and bought this," he explained before I could ask. "Hop in."

I did what he asked.

"Wrap your arms around my waist," he commanded.

"Do I really need to?" I asked.

"I don't want you to fall, I have no money to pay your hospital bill and besides, I know you want to. You are lucky, so many girls want to be in your position."

"Shut up." I wrapped my arms on his waist.

He started his bike and then we sped away from the school.

He was driving way too fast and it was starting to scare me. I knew I wouldn't die, but I waw capable of feeling pain and I healed like a normal human being. My arms tightened around him and I hid my face on his back.

In this position, I could feel his heart beating and it was fast. I wasn't sure if it was just adrenaline or if it was me.

It had been ages since I'd been this close to him and every fiber of my body missed this feeling.

Fifteen minutes later, we were finally in our flat. Jonathan helped me to get down from the motorcyle.

I noticed a piece of paper on the doorstep.

Do you really think you can be with him? Do you really want him to die?

"What's that, midget?" Jonathan spoke from behind me.

"Nothing," I said and then I placed the paper in my pocket. "And oh, don't call me that."

"But you're tiny, it suits you." He had an amused expression on his face.

"Shut up," I told him for the second time that night.


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