Au Revoir


"Jonathan? What are you doing here?" Isabelle asked when she answered the door.

She was wearing a black silk nightgown that barely reached her knees and her raven hair was in a high ponytail.

She saw me, gave us a questioning look, and crossed her arms.

"Clary invited me," he answered, sounding nonchalant. It was the first time I heard him call my name.

"I invited you and you said no, but when Clary asked, you said yes?" She shifted her gaze to me. "Is there something going on between you and my brother? I thought you knew better than dating that frog."

"Isabelle, I'm not dating him. He's not my type, so please let us in. It's kinda cold here," I said. He wasn't my kind of guy, but he was still Jace.

"You swear?" She looked unconvinced.

"Don't make her swear things, Izzy. We never know, she might change her mind." Jonathan smirked and I rolled my eyes on him.

Isabelle moved away from the door and allowed us to go inside. Maia was shocked when she saw me with Jonathan. She gave me a we'll-talk-later look and I nodded.

Jonathan said that he was fine with sleeping on the couch, but it was too short for him. In the end, Isabelle and I agreed that we would share a bed and he'd stay in her room.

Maia ordered pizza for late snack and we ate in the living room while 'Beastly' was playing. Simon came a few minutes later bringing the root beer that he promised.

Isabelle and Simon sat beside each other, Jonathan on the smaller couch, and Maia and I sat on the carpeted floor.

I could see Jonathan giving Simon death glares, but my friend didn't seem to notice. Isabelle's head was resting on his chest and his arms around her as they watched the movie.

"I'm not surprised if Jonathan ends up like the lead guy, he's so conceited," Isabelle suddenly said and then laughed. Simon joined in, but he didn't say anything when he saw how Jonathan looked at him.

"I'm going to bed," Jonathan said and left the room.

Later, when the movie ended and Simon left, Maia and I went to her room.

Her room was painted mint green and most of the furniture were white and beige. Her room was cute, and it reflected her personality.

We sat on her bed and began to talk.

"Explain why you are with Jonathan Lightwood," she demanded.

"I was on my way home and remembered that I left some of my things in the third floor art room so I came back to school. I saw Jonathan," I lied smoothly.

"And then?" she asked eagerly.

"And then I got curious because he was still in school when it was that late. I followed him to the rooftop and heard him talking to someone on the phone, saying that he had no place to stay. He caught me listening. I thought he could stay here with Isabelle since she's his sister." Now, that wasn't really a lie.

Maia was grinning and she shook me excitedly. "This is the start of a love story, I can feel it, Clary. It's like a movie. You even rode with him on his bike. That's so romantic."

I removed his hands from my shoulders and made a gagging sound. "Ew. I don't think of Jonathan like that, and riding his motorcycle was no romantic experience. He was driving so insanely fast, I thought I was going to die."

"Clary, I can see it in your eyes when you look at him."

"Maia, please, for the record, I'm not interested in him."

I gave her a brief hug, said good night and left her bedroom.

(Isabelle's POV)

Clary's room was very girly. It was painted pale pink and the curtains were a deep shade of purple. She had a huge wooden dresser, a white wooden desk where her books and laptop rested. Her bed was queen size with floral sheets.

It was very late, but my classes were in the afternoon so I could still have a long beauty rest.

I had a wonderful time with Simon tonight. He was sweet and nice unlike all the other guys I dated. He was different and he cared of what I felt. I reminded myself that I couldn't let myself get attached because love didn't last. Later, he'd get tired of me and then he'd leave me.

I sat on Clary's bed. I was taking off my slippers when I noticed something in her bed.

There were drawers installed on them. You wouldn't notice that they were there until you get a closer look. It looked like a secret compartment. I knew because I had them in my bed at home.

I know I shouldn't mess with her things, it was rude and she might get angry, but I still did. I pulled one of the drawers open. There was a sketch pad and I took it.

I opened it and a familiar face greeted me. I scanned the pages and saw the same face, just in different clothes and places. I almost dropped the sketch pad, but I managed to return it back from where I took it.

I wondered what all the other drawers contained, but before I could see for myself, Clary opened the door.

(Clary's POV)

I've had two nightmares in just a span of three hours. Both of them werehh about Jace's death.

My heart was pounding and my forehead wet from cold sweat. Isabelle, on my left side was sleeping like baby. I was tired from these sleepless night. I envied the way she slept.

Maybe a glass of warm milk would help me sleep better.

Silently, I got up and headed to the kitchen. Maia insisted on having a night-light in the kitchen, for when one of us needed to go there in the middle of the night.

The kitchen was dimly lit. I took my cup, got milk from the fridge and placed my cup in the microwave. I waited for a few moments and when it dinged, I took my warm glass with a potholder .

I sat on one of the stools and took a sip of the warm milk. I was enjoying the warmth of my milk when I saw Jonathan leaving Isabelle's room. He was walking toward my direction, but he had his eyes closed.

Was he sleep walking? It was kind of creepy. I'd never seen someone doing it until now. He was wearing his jeans, but he had no shirt, showing his lean muscular body.

I watched as he got nearer and nearer until he was in front of me.

"Jonathan, I swear if you are pretending to sleep walk just to creep me out, I will kick you in the guts," I warned him.

His expression remained the same, face calm like he was really sleeping.

"Open your eyes. This isn't funny." He stayed still.

His voice was faint, but I still heard it. "Clarissa." Only people from five hundred years ago called me that name. I shivered.

I placed the cup that I was holding on the counter and went to him.

"Why do you know that name?" I asked him, hearing frustration in my voice. He shouldn't know anything about me and my past.

Again, he only said, "Clarissa." This time, he said it with emotion, pain and longing.

"Jace," I whispered.

"Clarissa." His voice broke, a tear fell from his right eye.

Without thinking, I ran to him, wrapped my arms around his waist and buried my face on his chest.

"Why did you leave me?" The way he said those words made me feel incredibly guilty. The pain was very clear in his voice.

"Because I love you," I answered, feeling my own tears escape from my eyes.

"Don't cry, my love," he whispered soothingly, running his long fingers through my tangled bed hair.

"Jace, I'm so tired of this. I don't want to watch you love another woman. I don't want to attend another funeral of yours. I just want this to end," I confessed through my tears.

"Then don't leave, I love you." He removed my head from his chest and leaned down to me.

I was aware that Jonathan was unconscious and didn't know what he was doing. He was probably dreaming and would forget this in the morning, but I still let him do it.

His hands cupped my cheeks and I looked up at him, seeing his closed eyes and long blonde lashes. His face was inching closer to mine and I closed my eyes.

His lips ever so softly touched mine and my heart was soaring. I put more pressure to the kiss and moved my lips. It had been so long since I last felt his lips. The kiss was slow and lingering. I was trying my best on reacquainting myself with the feeling of being in his arms because I knew this wouldn't last and eventually end.

We were lost in our own universe, but not for long.

I heard the sound of a door opening and instinctively pulled away from Jonathan. I kind of pushed him away from me in panic. He fell on the floor, his head hitting the ground with a low thump.

His eyes slowly opened, looking confused.

"I'm thirsty," Maia said as she entered the kitchen. Her eyes were half closed.

I leaned on the wall, trying to even my breathing.

"I'm going back to bed," I said.

But before I could take a step away from the kitchen, Maia spoke again. "What is Jonathan doing on the floor? Did I interrupt something?" she asked, sounding more awake.

Yes you did.

"I'm here for a glass of milk because I can't sleep and then I saw Jonathan sleep walking. It's creepy so I tried waking him up," I explained.

"Yeah, by banging my head on the floor. I haven't slept walk in years," Jonathan said, annoyed. He stood up from the floor, rubbing the side of his head.

"I didn't mean to, I freaked out. You-"

"Night lovebirds," Maia chirped before going back to her room.

The following day, Jonathan offered me a ride to school. I told him I had a car and I could go there on my own, but he was stubborn. He practically carried me to his motorcycle, not even giving me a moment to apply moisturizer on my face and brush my hair. Thankfully, I always had a hair tie in my bag. This was a messy-bun-kinda day. Thanks to the wind and Jonathan's stupidity.

People stared at us as Jonathan helped me go down from his motorcycle. He was wearing a brown band shirt inside his black jacket, and black jeans. He bought them before we went to school.

I could hear the whispers that surrounded us as we entered the school. I spotted Breanne and she walked to our direction.

"Thanks for the ride, I'll be meeting with Simon in the cafeteria," I told Jonathan.

He simply nodded. "I'll see you later in the parking lot."

"Simon will be driving me home."

"I will and I insist."

"You don't have the right and the responsibility. I don't want people seeing me with you and thinking I'm flavor of the week. Goodbye." That was a bit harsh, but he was too bossy and stubborn for his own good.

He grabbed my elbow, making me turn back and look at him.

"Later, midget. I will wait and I'm telling you I'm not patient." This was the way he talked when he was bullying or scaring someone. The way he acted was far from the man who I kissed last night.

Breanne came and he freed my elbow. She gave us a weird look. I walked away before she could talk to me.

News spread like wildfire around the school.

Jonathan broke up with Breanne and everyone thought it was because of me. Many girls were scowling and glaring at me. Now they were probably thinking that I was a skank and I took away their chance of getting Jonathan.

Speaking of the devil, he was really waiting for me in the parking lot. He stood beside his silver motorcycle.

I walked to him and he actually smiled when he saw me. It was a smile with no bad intention, it was a genuine one.

I could feel the stares around us again, I just wanted to leave this place.

As years passed, the way people think changed. They became too judgemental. The modern society made many people feel insecure. They changed the true essence and meaning of beauty.

Like the girls who were giving me a look of disgust, they think they were pretty under those layers of foundation, mascara and lipstick. Their beauty was as fake as the cosmetics they were wearing.

Just to annoy them more, I wrapped my arms around Jonathan's waist, looked at the girls, and smirked. They looked like they were about to explode in any moment.

A few minutes later, I noticed that we were in a different road and not the way home.

"Where are we going? You said we're going home," I said loudly through the harsh wind.

"I changed my mind, I'm hungry."

"Jonathan, I have to finish a project tonight and Isabelle said she'll cook dinner."

He stopped in front of a small, but expensive looking restaurant. I thought he didn't have money.

"Trust me, Isabelle's cooking equals food poisoning."

I followed him inside the posh place. We were obviously underdressed. All the customers were either dressed formal or semi-formal while Jace and I wore casual clothes.

"How are you going to pay for the food here?" I asked when we were seated.

He flashed me a golden card and smirked. "Isabelle let me borrow one of her cards."

"You know, there are many good places to eat without spending much."

"Like what? Mcdonald's? I don't think so Clary, food there tastes like crap."

"I think their food tastes just fine. I like their fries."

"But they aren't real food, what we are having tonight is."

No point in arguing with him.

A middle-aged waiter took our order and it was served fifteen minutes later. Jonathan ordered a massive slab of steak with vegetables while I opted for spicy pumpkin soup with slices of garlic bread.

There were battery operated candles and red and white rose petals on the table. Soft and slow music was playing in the background. This place was too romantic for us. We weren't even friends and he technically brought me here without permission.

We looked like we were having a date.

Was he just really hungry that was why he brought me here? He would've gone alone or maybe with Isabelle, but he brought me.

I shoved away my thoughts and finished my food.

"Do you want dessert? My treat." I offered Jonathan.

"Sure, I'm still kind of hungry," he answered, wiping the sides of his mouth with a table napkin.

He was still hungry after what he ate?! I couldn't even finish half of that steak.

I gave him a look of disbelief. "You aren't full yet?"

He nodded.

"I know a place not far from here."

When the waiter returned the credit card, he took my hand and dragged me out. What a gentleman.

Jonathan and I had frozen yogurt. Our cups were overflowing with strawberries and chocolates.

There weren't any other customers except from us and two girls across our table.

"It belonged to our family for ages," he said.

"What?" I asked, totally confused about what he was saying.

"The ring. It's a family heirloom. I remember my mother saying that it belonged to someone in the family hundreds of years ago. It never fit anyone's finger so they just made it a pendant," he explained.

It fits me perfectly. I thought.

"What if it fits me?" I challenged.

He laughed and said, "It won't. Your fingers are fat."

"They aren't!" I argued, showing him my tiny skinny fingers.

His eyes lit up as if he just thought of brilliant idea. "Let's have a deal. If the ring doesn't fit, you will become my slave for three days."

"And if it does?"

"Then you can make me do whatever you want."

"Anything I want? Are you sure?"


"Then it's a deal."

We even shook hands.

He unclasped the necklace from his neck and let the ring slid out of the chain, just like the last time. He handed it to me. He looked so sure that it wouldn't fit me.

The odds weren't in his favor. This ring was made for me.

I raised my hand in front him and slowly wore the ring with ease. I feel like I was back in the past when I first wore this ring.

For a moment, I was Clarissa Fairchild and he was Jace Herondale. He stared at my ring finger in disbelief.

"Remove it," he commanded and even sounded a little angry.

I tried removing the ring, but it wouldn't come off my finger. I gave him a panicked expression. "It won't come off."

"Give it back, it belongs to my mother," he said, his voice rising. The girls across us gave us a look.

He took my hand and forcefully tried to remove the ring, but still, it remained in place. He cursed and tried again.

"Don't pull too hard or you'll break my finger. I need them to paint, you know?" I said, growing irritated.

He let go of my hand and went out.

I thought he was going to leave me alone here, but he still gave me a ride home. I promised him that I'd do something to make the ring come off my finger when we get home. He nodded, but he was angry.

If you ask me if I wanted to give him back the ring, of course I'd say no because it was a piece of the old Jace. But this was important to him, and he was also important to me so I'd return to him if it made him happy.


If you were Clary, what would you ask Jace to do for you?

Thanks you so much for reading!


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