Au Revoir


Both Maia and Isabelle gave us looks of suspicion when we arrived back to the apartment.

Jonathan was still very pissed at me. He proceeded straight to Isabelle's room and slammed the door. I flinched.

I went to the living room with the girls.

"Jonathan looks angry, what happened?" Maia asked.

I showed them to my right hand. It took them a few moments to realize what I showed them. I placed my hand back on my lap.


"No," I said, surprised to hear exhaustion in my voice.

"That's his Mom's ring, I mean his biological mother's. Why is it with you?" Isabelle asked.

"This is Jonathan's idea. He made a deal that if this ring fits me, I could make him do anything I wanted and if it doesn't I'll be his slave," I explained.

Isabelle laughed. "You won! He's pissed because he hates losing. Finally, he found his match." She sounded so happy. "You should make him wear makeup in school or maybe he could be your personal assistant. He could carry your things around."

"Or you can ask him to play the piano for you, that's so romantic! He never did that to anyone before," Maia said excitedly.

That was nice, I'd consider it. I remained silent as they talked.

"Hey, how did you discover that?" Isabelle asked Maia.

"Discover what?"

"That he never played for a girl before and that he knows how to play the piano?"

"If he did, all the other girls he'd been with would've bragged about it. I simply assumed he hadn't. The dean mentioned once that Jonathan plays it."

"But it's true. He had never played the piano for someone. He used to practice playing all day, but stopped when he was fifteen. We never knew why. That instrument has a special spot in his heart because his biological father taught him how to play it.

"Many things happened when he turned fifteen. He's changed a lot since then. He became the person he is now. He broke the rules, talked back to our parents, and got into trouble. One night when he was seventeen, he got home drunk and beaten up. I asked him what happened, he said that he kissed a girl who was taken and her boyfriend saw them that was why he was bruised and bleeding.

"I told him to stop switching from girl to girl to avoid trouble, but he said that being with other girls made him forget about her, even for just a short period of time. He kept mentioning this girl who had flaming red hair, that she wouldn't leave his mind and dreams. When he was sober the next day, he didn't remember telling me those things, so I pretended I didn't know anything."

I didn't know that Jonathan also had the dreams. Did he also have them in his other lives? It was because of me that he was acting like that. I felt guilty and Isabelle saw it.

She looked at me and my hair, realization flooded her face.

She should be distracted from her thoughts. She was thinking that I could be the girl because of my red hair.

"Actually, Jonathan isn't angry he lost. He's angry because I can't take off the ring from my finger. It's stuck and I need to give this back to him or he'll never forgive me," I stated.

After I said those words, we went to the kitchen to try different methods to get the ring off my finger.

As of the moment, we tried soap, olive oil, lotion, and even butter. Still, nothing worked.

Having the band on my finger felt natural. It was like a part of my skin. I never removed this before when Jace gave it to me.

"What should I do to you?" I mumbled to the inanimate object.

And then the doorbell rang. We weren't expecting anyone tonight. I looked at the girls and they shrugged.

"I'm a hundred percent sure that it's not for me so I'm off to bed, I have early classes. Night, girls." Maia left Isabelle and I alone in the kitchen.

The doorbell rang again. Isabelle and I decided that we would answer it together. I was behind her as she looked in the peephole.

She was smiling when she turned back to me. "It's my brother with his boyfriend."

Her other brother, Alexander was, gay? She never mentioned that before.

She opened the door and let them in. She was in her brother's arms in a flash and I was left to see who his boyfriend was.

"Magnus? Why are you in New York? I thought you are in Bangkok." Magnus Bane, my friend who was a warlock was Alexander's boyfriend.

He was the one who helped me with Jace all through the years. He was immortal like me. A couple of times, we even travelled together. No, we were never involved. He was fun, sparkly, and gay.


"It's Clary," I prompted him.

Luckily, the siblings were catching up, heading to the living room to talk. They pretty much ignored us.

"I'm sorry, Clary," he said, emphasizing my new nickname. "I was in Thailand for weeks, so I went to India and that's where I met Alec. That boy is adorable. Acts tough, but he's a total softie."

He had black hair with different colors of highlights. He was thin, but not skin and bones. As usual, he was wearing something ludicrous. He was in a sparkly green coat, blue floral shirt, and skinny jeans. He looked about twenty-five.

Sparkly things always caught his eyes. He easily spotted the ring on my finger.

"Getting married, huh? Have you finally moved on?" He asked with a sly smile. Gah, why did they think I was getting married just because I had a ring.

And then an idea popped to my mind. "You can actually help me with this. Can you take it off from my finger? Use just a bit of magic?" I almost sounded like I was begging.

"Of course. Easy peasy. Give me your hand." I handed him my right hand immediately.

I watched as he worked his magic on me. His slim fingers made small movements all over my hand. Something like blue fairy dust came off his fingertips tickled my skin.

Magnus nodded at me, signalling that I could now remove the ring. Surprisingly, it came of easily. My finger was red and it stung from all the pulling that happened earlier.

"Thanks," I told Magnus gratefully.

"That ring is reeking of your essence. That belongs to you so why do you want to remove it?" He asked.

"I'll tell you next time, I really have to do something." I hugged him briefly, he gave me a pat on th back and pulled away.

That was when Alec decided to walk in on us. He had an eyebrow raised. He shared the same raven hair and blue eyes as Isabelle.

"I didn't know you knew each other," he said, sounding incredibly jealous.

"He's used to be my neighbor, an old friend. But you know, he doesn't stay in one place for too long. I haven't seen him in a while," I lied, but I sounded pretty convincing. Ugh, how to deal with a jealous gay boyfriend?

"Yeah. Don't look at her like that. She loves someone too much to even think of me as more than a friend," Magnus told Alec.

I heard Alec mutter he didn't like me. Magnus shook his head, he suggested that they go back to the hotel. Alec agreed.

I noticed that Alec wasn't as confident as Isabelle and Jonathan. He was more reserved, but also more blunt.

Isabelle bid farewell to her brother and Magnus. Jonathan didn't even come out. Did Alec even know he was here? Did he know what his father did to Jonathan?

Magnus promised to meet me on Saturday which was in two days. I need his help because I didn't know what to do with Jonathan anymore. Time was running and I couldn't be around him after his birthday.

Two hours later everyone was in bed and I was still finishing a watercolor painting. The ring was safe in my shorts' pocket. I wanted to wear it again, but I wouldn't risk it after what happened earlier. Thank goodness Magnus came to the rescue.

Just a few more strokes and I'm done. This was a simple three-dimensional painting of flowers. I intended to return the ring to Jonathan after this.

In ten minutes, I was done. I went to the bathroom to clean myself up. When I looked presentable enough, I went to Isabelle's room where Jonathan was staying. I knocked three times, only he didn't open the door.

Okay, I would barge in and leave the ring on the nightstand. Pretty simple, right? He wouldn't even know I went here.


The door was unlocked. I went in, the door closing behind me. The window was opened and cool air filled the room. The only thing that illuminated the place was the faint moonlight. It took my eyes few seconds to adjust to the dark.

Jonathan was tangled in the sheets, only wearing his boxers. Damn, I already saw him half-naked last night and now he was almost naked. The sight was pretty distracting.

I had to stop myself from staring at him or else I wouldn't accomplish anything. Walking as soundless as possible, I went beside the bed and placed the ring beside where his phone rested.

I was about to leave when I felt a hand on my wrist. It was him. His gold eyes met my green ones.

I expected him to ask me why I was here or get angrier at me for breaking in, but he didn't even speak.

He pulled me into the bed with him and I was lying there beside him. Our faces only inches away from each other.

"I didn't wake up from sleep walking last night when I hit my head on the floor. I woke up when you kissed me," he admitted.

I'd never seen him this vulnerable before. He was supposed to be the tough guy. He looked like an angel.

"You kissed me," I said.

"But you kissed me back, you even deepened it. You could've pushed me back in the from the start, but you didn't."

I honestly didn't know what to say.

We were silent for a while until I spoke, not meeting his eyes. "I'm not here to talk about that. I just want to return your ring. Now, please, let go of my wrist."

"You're making her come back. I'm dreaming about her again," he whispered harshly.

I was about to ask who she was when I remembered what Isabelle said earlier. A girl with flaming red hair.

I found myself asking, "Are they nightmares?"

"She was burning and I couldn't save her. I'm the one who set her on fire, the one who killed her."

"You didn't, it's just a dream. You didn't kill her."

"I did, just like what I did to my parents." I'm here, alive and kicking.

"No, it was an accident."

"No, it's my fault," he said, more like convincing himself.

His hand that held my wrist intertwined with my hand, it was warm and sent sensations straight to my heart. His hands were calloused not because of long days in the farm but because of playing the guitar. His other hand rested on the back of my head, slowly playing with my red curls. Jace used do those things to me.

It gave me a feeling of completion.

"You look like her. You have the same emerald eyes and red hair. I'm dreaming of her because you remind me of her. You triggered something that made her come back." Because it's me.

"I'm sorry."

"You make me want to protect you. It's the only way you won't end up like her."

I wanted to tell him not to worry of me dying because I'd live forever, just to ease his worry and the shaking of his voice.

I understood now why he messed with me, and why he wanted to drive me to school and back home. At first he hated my guts for bringing back his nightmares and later he wanted to protect me so I wouldn't die like in his dreams.

He still kept his promise to protect me after all.

"I promise, you don't have to protect me. I can do it myself. Sleep now, Jonathan." I said gently, tightening my grip on his hand.

He nodded and closed his eyes. His hands remained where they were as he fell back to sleep.

I slowly got up from the bed, . to wake him. I ran to my room and got one of the small bags of dust that Magnus gave me a long time ago. It came from him so they weren't just a simple sparkly dust.

Isabelle as usual, was sleeping peacefully.

I returned to Jonathan and placed a very tiny amount of the purple dust on his forehead. It could temporarily make someone forget or make them think that what happened was only a dream.

I whispered into his ear, "I didn't come to your room. The conversation we had about your dreams is just a dream. Not real."

The dust seeped into Jonathan's forehead until it was completely gone.

Isabelle and Maia were fetched by Simon this morning, leaving me and Jonathan alone in the apartment.

It was awfully silent and awkward. I knew he didn't remember anything about last night, but I couldn't get it off my mind.

It was lunch time, still an hour before we had to go to school. He hadn't eaten breakfast so he must be starving.

I knocked on his door and he opened it sooner than I expected. Again, he was only in his jeans. His blonde hair was still wet from the shower. He was wearing the necklace again. Good.

During the times that I saw him shirtless it was dark. It was just now that I noticed that he also had the star-shaped scar like mine on his shoulder-blade.

He didn't have that in all his other lifetimes.

It was impossible. She was dead. Someone like her must have done a spell to him. But Magnus mentioned that different witches had different marks.

"See something you like, midget?" He said and smiled smugly.

I blushed and rolled my eyes. "Where'd you get that scar on your shoulder."

His face instantly turned sour. "In an accident when I was four." Oh, he thought it was from the car crash.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring that up. By the way, I made lunch."

"You didn't let Isabelle help you make it?"


"Okay, I'm hungry."

While we were eating the spaghetti with meatballs that I made, I started discussing the deal that we had last night.

"You owe me because I won last night," I reminded him.

"What do you want me to do?" he through a mouthful of pasta.

"Ew Jonathan, that's disgusting!"

He chewed and swallowed his food before talking again. "What? Just tell me."

"I want you to grant me three wishes."

"What am I, a genie? Don't ask for expensive things, you know I'm broke."

"Shut up for a moment, please? So my first wish is..."


Can you guess Clary's three wishes? One of them is mentioned in the chap. :)

Thank you for reading!


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