Au Revoir


"My first wish is to see you wear a penguin onesie around the school and dance like the ones in Happy Feet in the cafeteria during our free period. You will wear it until you get back here later this evening." All his friends and girls would be there. I also wanted Isabelle to see him because she studied in a different college.

Ha! That's what you get for slashing my tire.

"No f*cking way in hell I'll do that!" He said, dismayed. "Do I look like a penguin? This face?" He pointed his handsome self. How arrogant.

"No, you look more of a platypus," I joked.

"Midget, don't you have any other thing in mind?" He sounded exasperated and it made me want to laugh, but I held it in.

"I've already made up my mind and penguins are cute."

"I'm not cute, I'm manly," he argued.

"Well not for today." I threw him a sarcastic smile which irritated him.

"This is a stupid idea," he mumbled.

"If you forget, you are the one who offered me this deal. Now, go get dressed because we still need to pick up your costume."

"Fine, but we'll use your car. I don't need more humiliation from people in the streets. You are ruining my reputation, midget."

I might be little, but I could do things you could never imagine.

We got the onesie immediately when we arrived in the store because I already ordered it online and paid for it using my credit card this morning.

Jonathan wore it in the store's fitting room. While he looked pissed, he actually looked good in it.

"Why do you look so glum?" I asked him while I'm driving us to school. "It's not far from the clothes you always wear." I smiled, feeling him getting more annoyed.

"Are you crazy?"

"It's dark, just like most of your wardrobe. I thought you liked that color that's why I got the black one and not the bluish one."

"My usual clothes make me look badass, this thing makes me look stupid."

I laughed. "It doesn't. Today, you're a badass penguin."

"Just drive," he said dismissively. He put on the hood of the onesie and it covered almost half of his face.

Talking to him felt comfortable and normal. Even the silence that surrounded us for the following ten minutes wasn't awkward. Music was playing in the background and Jonathan was tapping his fingers on the window while I was trying to focus on the road.

We arrived at school. Jonathan huffed as he went out of the car. I followed behind him.

The reaction of the people was priceless when we walked inside the building. Some girls were giggling, his "friends" were laughing, some were shocked and the others shook their heads.

'He's cute!'

'I'd love to do him in that onesie. Hot.' Uhm, ew.

'Totally not Jonathan.'

'Dude, he must have gone insane!'

Those were just some of the words we heard as we walked.

An old woman professor passed by, eyed Jonathan from head to toe and rolled her eyes. I could almost read her mind. 'Teenagers these days.'

Fake blondie bitch, the girl Jonathan was hooking up a few weeks ago, the one with the fake boobies approached us with her minions.

Aside from her thick makeup, she was wearing a super tight pink sweater, a grey fitted skirt that almost showed her behind, black stockings and black high heels. Her companions had the same taste in clothing.

People stared again, all attention on us. I should really leave, I could feel something bad was about to happen.

"What are you wearing?" Blondie asked, she crinkled her nose in disgust.

"Are you blind?" Jonathan said, agitated.

Blondie fake smiled. "Still so amusing."

"I wore this because of my girlfriend's fascination with penguins. She likes them so much and I think this will make her happy." He looked at me and gave me a smile that said 'I got the last laugh'.

I heard students talking from my back.

'That's so sweet!'

'I wish my boyfriend does that for me. She's so lucky.'

'Who knew Jonathan could be so sweet. He must really like that girl to do that for her.'

Jonathan who was in front of me, pulled me to him and placed a small kiss on the side of my mouth. I gasped both at surprise and the feel of his lips on my skin. It happened only for a moment, but my heart was hammering in my chest.

He just confirmed the rumors that we were dating though we really weren't. I wanted to protest, tell everyone that it was a lie, but I couldn't speak.

He placed his hand on my shoulder and we walked through the sea of people. They were whispering as we went away.

I should be the one having fun, not him. He was clever to think of that.

I was angry and I rarely got angry at Jace. He never did anything to make my blood boil like this.

He brought us to the elevator and pressed the button to the top floor.

"Hey, why are we heading there? I'm running late to class," I said angrily.

"Skip. I don't feel like going to my History class."

"First, you tell everyone that we're together, now you want me to skip class? What should I tell them later? That we broke up? They'll probably think that I'm just one of your flings and you got bored with me so you disposed me."

"Then tell them that you're the one who broke up with me."

"Do you really have a pea-sized brain? Do you suppose they'll think differently of me than all your other girls? And I'm not coming with you, you can't tell me what to do! I'm not wasting my time in unimportant things." That came out harsher than I intended. Contrary to what I said, he was the most important person to me. He was the only man I loved.

For the first time, I saw Jonathan look guilty. He actually looked like he wanted to apologize to me. But the elevator doors opened and he left.

His apologetic eyes were on mine as the doors closed again.

"Clary, you seem distracted," Simon said, touching my arm. "Are you alright?"


"You're awfully quiet. Did you have an argument with your boyfriend?" Why did Simon sound jealous. I thought he was over me and he had Isabelle now.

"He's not my boyfriend, Simon. It's not true."

"But I heard he was wearing that because of you," he pointed at Jonathan in the onesie. He was seated with his friends and some girls. Honestly, I was surprised to see him still wearing that.

He had the decency to wave at me when he saw me looking. What the hell. I rolled my eyes on him and turned back to Simon.

I was still mad and frustrated, too because things weren't going my way. Jonathan and I weren't even supposed to talk. He wasn't supposed to touch me or kiss me. He wasn't supposed to tell everyone I was his girlfriend.

He was making it harder for me because inside, I liked what was happening. I liked it when I wrap my arms around his waist when we were in his motorcycle, when he kissed me earlier, when he teased me, and even when we argued. The night he slept walk, it felt like my Jace was back. I kept running, but he kept going after me.

"We had a deal. He lost our bet so he had to wear that. I was going to embarrass him by making him wear that in school but he turned things around. He said he was doing it for me. He's the stupidest person I know. He just wants the girls to think he's sweet and romantic. I can't believe he did that! That conceited jerk," I ranted.

Simon just stared at me, his face had an are-you-done expression.

"Clary, look behind you," Simon said hurriedly, it sounded more of a warning.

Jonathan stood a few feet behind me. The noise coming from the students died down.

They all watched Jace as his feet started moving. I told him I wanted to see him dance during our free period, but I was only messing with him. I didn't think he'd actually do it. Wow. He was really unpredictable.

He was doing a poor tap dance. He looked like a fool, but he was still smiling. Girls were cheering for him as he danced.

It made me smile. He stopped when he noticed that I was smiling, no I was grinning.

"Am I forgiven now?" he asked with a crooked smile that made the girls squeal. I also heard 'awe's' and cheers.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't make it easy for him. It was payback time. This situation that he got himself into made my second wish possible. I thought I would be having a hard time convincing him to do it.

"No," I said flatly.

I kept receiving glares from girls all throughout the day. They couldn't believe that I didn't accept Jonathan's apology. They were probably thinking that I had a heart of stone to turn down a sweet act like that.

I humiliated Jonathan and I kind of felt bad about it. I hadn't seen him since the break time. He must be staying in the greenhouse again.

I was surprised to see him by my car, still in the onesie. I didn't realize that all day, I'd been waiting for him to change into his normal clothes. I was waiting for him to give up, but he didn't. He was behaving better than I expected.

"What took you so long?" he asked impatiently as I unlocked the doors. I didn't answer him, instead, I placed back my art materials in the compartment.

"I'm sorry, okay?" Wow, he was apologizing. What happened to his pride?

I ignored him again.

"Clary, I will tell them tomorrow that you broke up with me and it's my fault."


"What do you want me to do?"

"Do my second wish without complaints."

"What is it? What do you want me to wear or do tomorrow?"

"I want you to wear your normal clothes tomorrow and act nicer, but that isn't my wish. I'll tell you tomorrow."

"Why can't you tell me now?"

"Stop asking questions, let's go home."

For the second time, there was a note on my doorstep. I forgot to tell Magnus about the one I got the other day. I should make him examine it.

I read it.

Stay away while you still have time. Just accept that you can't be together. You are a poison to him.

"A note again?" Jonathan asked. He was trying to take a peak from my shoulder, but I was fast enough to keep it in my pocket.

"It's just a lame flier," I lied.

Who was sending these notes? Magnus was the only one who knew about the curse. He wouldn't do that and he had no reason to.

"Clary, nobody's home. The lights are off and no one's answering the door," Jonathan said, pointing at our living room window. It was dark inside.

I got my keys from my purse and opened the door. It was cold and pitch dark inside, so I turned on the lights. Everything was the same.

"Isabelle just texted me. She said they're in a club and she was asking if we wanted to come," Jonathan said.

"Go there if you want. I'm gonna rest, I'm tired," I responded.

"Fine, then I'm staying if you are."

"Do what you want, I'm going to my room."

"Don't you want to watch a movie or something fun?"

"I told you, if you want to have fun, you can head there with them."

"I can't leave you alone here."

Why did he sound so concerned? Did he dreamed of my fake death again last night? Was he still afraid that I'm going to die?

I really wished I could tell him it was me and he didn't need to worry.

The note was right, I was poison to him.


Guess the two other wishes? Who do think is sending the notes to Clary?

Until next time and thank you for reading!


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