Secrets in camp - avalance


River Ivy Matthews is a normal thirteen year old girl going to camp with her best friend. Little did she know that the legends had a mission at that camp and she would come into contact with her biological mom. Sara Lance lived a normal life. Except for one thing, she had a daughter. She put her up for adoption while she was in the league of assassins. What will happen when they finally meet?

Action / Adventure
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River. She is a normal thirteen year old girl with one downfall. Her mom, she was adopted at the age of three. She loves dance, literacy, and to sing. She is treated well by her adoptive parents but always known she has someone else out there that wants to take her to a better place. Camp was going to change that all

Sara. She grew up in a small house in Starling City with her mom, dad, and sister Laurel. That all changed when she had a baby. A girl. Her name was River. Sara gave river up for adoption while she was in the league of assassins. Coming back was hard. Finding who she was before the league. Sara Lance. She then joined the legends. Helping to stop an immortal psychopath, a time devil, and any other anachronisms. Along the way she found love. A beautiful woman named Ava Sharpe. Camp was going to change her life forever

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