Dragonball AP Season 2

Chapter 10: Oasis :Part 2

*The 11th Hour*

The blinding light and energy shook the spacecraft so violently; Bulma could feel it all the way in the other ship. It was such a terrible ordeal that she had no other option, but to disconnect the two vehicles for fears that the link would collapse and expose them to the vacuum of space. Whatever was going on in the other capsule corporation ship, she knew was intense. With her fingers to her lips, she bit her nails with anxiety. Hopefully her friends and family would all escape unscathed.

Vegeta watched as his finishing move collided with the fading shadow known as Hemofear. Her screech was shrill as a small, yet powerful explosion rattled everyone's eardrums. Lucky for Gohan, Vegeta had saved his hide from becoming a host. Gohan looked to his father Goku in the clearing smoke. His father had his arms crossed in front of his face and his eyes burrowed into the crease of his arms. All the while, Vegeta remained in a threatening stance. His arms were out in front of him and his eye lids were half open in a glare. His nose was curled and his lips were pulled down into a nasty frown. He was waiting, waiting for the terror to continue. There had been so many instances where everyone thought the trouble was over, but it almost always went on and drug out.

When at last the smoke had cleared, the dark spaceship lit up. Over head lights came on one after another. With the use of switches, Piccolo was making sure that all the possible places for a shadow to hide were eliminated. Although he couldn't get all of them, he just wanted to be safe by using his Ki to light up the other dark places. Regardless, the negative energy that they had all felt had finally vanished. It was no longer present. Piccolo floated over to Vegeta in the spaceship with no gravity and looked him right in his onyx eyes.

"I've never seen you take something that powerful down with a single blast like that." Piccolo complemented him. It was almost hard to believe that that was all they had needed. They both knew from their own experiences and battle knowledge that Vegeta had actually summoned such strength from fighting with his emotions and his will to save his son. At the thought of Trunks, everyone turned to face the floating boy. His eyes were shut and he appeared to be lifeless. Vegeta took off one of his white gloves and went to his boy's side to place a hand on his neck to check for his pulse. His skin had cooled from its earlier raging fever and his pulse was absent…

"Damn." Vegeta cursed. He closed his eyes tight and placed his hand on his forehead.

All was quiet.

Suddenly, Goku spoke up. "Vegeta, while Gohan and I were away, we helped the others find the Dragonballs. They're on the lookout tower now with Goten. If we hurry back, we might be able to save him."

Vegeta appeared doubtful, but it was worth a shot. "Fine, as for the rest of you, stay with Bulma and see to it that she gets these two spaceships back home safely." Vegeta ordered Piccolo, Yamcha, and Krillin around. They didn't say anything back to him for they could sense his emotional distress. "And don't you dare tell Bulma a word of this." He stared at Yamcha and Krillin especially. The three men then stood around Trunks- Gohan, Goku and Vegeta -and in one second they were teleported to the lookout tower.

Goten stood in blue jeans and a purple shirt. His short black hair whipped around him in the breeze. "Dad! Is it over?" He asked. Preteen Dende stood beside him along with Tien, Chiaotsu, and Puar.

"Hemofear is gone, yes. Now Dende, we need you to summon the dragon!" Goku prompted the little green man. Dende nodded and his antennae bounced. With haste he spoke in Namekian and brought forth the eternal dragon of Earth. Its large green scales filled their sight and he poured into the atmosphere. He appeared endless in the black sky that emitted lightning bolts greater than any natural storm.

"Vegeta," Goku looked at the Prince. It was his son; therefore he had the right to make the wishes.

"Alright Dende," Vegeta looked down at the green boy. His robe was billowing around him. It reminded them of old times, when Vegeta had him in his grasp, demanding for immortality. Although official apologies had never been made, Vegeta had saved his ass enough to make up for it. "Ask the dragon to bring my son back to life!" He demanded.

Dende nodded his head and then asked the dragon in Namekian.

"Your wish cannot be granted! The one called Trunks is still alive!" The dragon's deep voice boomed over the tower.

Vegeta looked at his son who was at his feet. "What?" He drew his brows together. "He's, he's not breathing, he's dead! Tell that dragon to stop talking nonsense!"

Dende began to reason with the Earth's dragon. "But Shinlon, Trunks is dead."

Quickly the dragon argued his case. He was all knowing and extremely powerful. Therefore he was annoyed that a little man like Dende would question him. "Trunks's body is dead, but his soul is still alive inside. It is a strange case indeed." The dragon's red eyes were glowing red. "Whatever power accomplished this was extremely masterful."

Hemofear had been a very talented foe. Hopefully the dragon could undo what she had done. Dende looked at Vegeta again. They had three wishes, so apparently they were going to have to be more specific. "Fine!" Vegeta shouted. "Tell him to wish Trunks's body back to life again."

Dende spoke in Namekian again and then the dragon replied, "It has been done."

His boy was breathing again, but he was still unconscious.

"Now tell him to return my boy's soul to full health." Thus, the dragon made the second wish and Vegeta followed it up with one last request. "I wish for Trunks's soul to be fused with his body again."

With that one last wish, the dragon retreated back into the seven balls and then they took off in opposite directions to be scattered across the Earth. The sky lit back up again and the lightning subsided. All was tranquil again. Vegeta then knelt on one knee beside his son. He was relieved to see his boy's eyes fluttering open. Their blue irises reminded him of Bulma. "Father?" Trunks questioned.

"Yeah son?"

"She's gone."

"Yes, Hemofear is dead." Vegeta assured him the Living Nightmare was officially done and over.

Still in space, 600 miles away from Earth, Krillin walked over to the link where the two spaceships had once been connected. For whatever reason, Bulma had launched the disconnect and there was absolutely no way to transfer.

"Hey guys, we can reach Bulma if we use the transmitter." Yamcha suggested. He held what looked like a walkie-talkie in his hand, but it was far to advanced for that. He pressed the large black button on the side and the device beeped.

"Hello?" Bulma's voice came over the intercom in their spaceship.

"Bulma, it's over!" Yamcha told her happily. Her chanting and happiness filled the room.

"I'll connect our ships again! I want to see Trunks and give him a big hug!"

Suddenly Yamcha grew quiet. "Bulma, Vegeta, Goku, and Gohan teleported him back to Earth already."

"What? And they didn't bring me? What's going on! Something is wrong…" Bulma sounded worried instantly.

"N, no, nothing is wrong."

"If you don't tell me, I'm going to leave you stranded in that broken spaceship!" She threatened.

Yamcha looked to Piccolo and Krillin. They didn't want to be stuck out there. Besides, that was Trunks's mother, she deserved to know or so they thought. She was going to worry if they told her and she was going to worry if they didn't tell her. Either way, they had to explain Trunks's condition.

"Bulma… Trunks was dead when the fight was over. The others teleported him back to Earth to see if the dragon would bring him back to life." Yamcha explained to her.

Suddenly they heard sobbing on the other end of the line. "But… He's already been brought back to life once with the Dragonballs once, hasn't he?" Bulma was completely hysterical. "How could you let this happen to my boy!" She was screaming at them at the top of her lungs. "I'm coming over there and you guys are going to be sorry for this!"

They could hear the link system kicking into gear again and they braced themselves for her anger. She had reacted in a way that none of them had thought of.

Bulma hunched over so that she could fit in the narrow tunnel, with the absence of gravity in the other spaceship she began to float and had to use the walls to propel herself forward. With tears in her eyes it was difficult to see what was in front of her. In fact, she had been so upset she had failed to see what was in front of her completely as she ran into what felt like a wall.

As she looked up, she could feel Vegeta's warm breath on her face and see his black eyes peering down at her in her moment of hysteria. "Stop that!" He demanded.

"How could you Vegeta!" She shouted in his face. "You were supposed to protect our precious boy."

"He's not a boy anymore, woman." Vegeta put his thumb up in the air and pointed behind himself. Beyond him was her lavender haired Trunks. His cheeks were bright red and his left hand was brushing through his hair.

"Oh Trunks!" She ran to him like Chichi ran to Goku whenever he was back from his long adventures.

"Mom, it's so good to see you again." He told her. Although he didn't hug her or show much affection on the account of his father being in the room, his words made up for it. Bulma kept her arms around his torso and rested her head against his chest. Goku, Gohan, and Goten were smiling from ear to ear. They had been the ones to suggest going back into space so that Bulma could see her son as soon as possible.

"Let's get back home." Goku told everyone. The trip wasn't so long back to Earth. On board the working spacecraft was Bulma, Goku, Gohan, Goten, and Yamcha. On the other spaceship, Krillin, Piccolo, and Vegeta remained. As much as the Prince hated wearing the space suit Bulma had made him, he wore it once more so that he could blast them back home. He blasted them close enough to the Earth's atmosphere so that its gravity pulled them in before they fell to Earth. This allowed for him to get safely back into the craft without being burned up.

Once in the yard of Capsule Corporation, everyone exited and rejoiced in the yard. Young Bulla and the others who had been left at home to stay out of the dangerous rescue mission came back into view and welcomed their loved ones back home. There was so much happiness to be felt. Trunks looked around himself. He was surrounded by people who loved and cared for him so much that they had actually risked their own lives to save him. His little sister came up to him and gave his leg a hug and although his father stayed far away from him, what he had done for him earlier that day spoke louder than words. As for his mother, she had tears of joy. Piccolo, Gohan, Goten, Krillin, everyone was smiling for him and he couldn't feel happier.

Everyone was here and finally they could enjoy the celebration meal that they desired to eat so long ago, before Trunks passed out, before he realized he was trapped with Belia… He tilted his head up to the blue sky. He could remember her laugh, her beauty, her witty humor, but most of all what she stood for. On the same platform as all the other advanced Saiyans, she was also a being who had been misused and misplaced. And Planet Vegeta may have left an empty void in space, but their home resided on Earth with the Prince of Saiyans now.

Just as home equated to Earth, Belia had left a hole in Trunks's heart, more so, an oasis in his mind. He could escape to it whenever he wanted. It was a place of freedom, a place of tranquility, and a place where he could always call his own. Though he would never see her there again, he knew she was not illusion for she had left her handprint in the soft ground where she had once patted for him to take a seat beside her. Each time he visited the oasis, he never wanted to leave. Unfortunately for him, life did go on in the outside world and he couldn't let the realm of unconsciousness deter his path from its natural course. He was the son of a Prince and according to Belia, there was still much for him to accomplish in the future...


Never waver in the face of your greatest fears, because you yourself may become that which causes your own source of trepidation. Fears are only illusions.

Wishing you all sweet dreams tonight,


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